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  1. I appreciate both casts of Saws N Steam. The scareactors in this zone have made it by far my favorite zone! I do want to give a special mention to the spokesman-person on Cast B, thank you! You made this whole event for me memorable! I'll post more appreciation mentions later. I have a paper to continue writing. x.x
  2. Oh, hello there. Yes. I am still scared of going into Hades. I'll go in, but I'll be shitting brix along the way.
  3. That is me on the left. Yes, I dress like Doug. Every. Single. Day. And my friend dresses like Olive Oyl, also every single day. Feel free to scare me! I'm sure for those scareactors that already have, I'm sure I've offered a chuckle or two. For, I, am a wuss. I will be there most Fridays, and hopefully most Sundays. Depending on my shhhhedule.
  4. This is WAY too funny! "Shake that weight!"
  5. Hallowed Past : 7 Catacombs : 6 Havoc : 9 The Orfanage : 3 Zombiegeddon : 4 Hades : 3 PsychoScareapy : 5 Legendary Truth : 6 Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure : 0 Brian Brushwood (Menace) : 0 Brian Brushwood (Malice) : 0 Total Nights : 3
  6. I just wanted to inform you..that I should be seeing you very soon.. I know you are excited =p

  7. loves living in Orlando. :)

  8. Where have you been, my darling?

    I do miss you.

  9. You're too awesome for South Florida. Can't wait till we have some fun regularly :)

  10. This will be my first time going Opening Weekend! I'll be doing whatever Stephanie and Liz are doing. I just tend to follow their lead. But, I do hope part of our path is swinging by Bob Marley!
  11. Lemme get somma dat, sista.

  12. Yo, brotha. was good?

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