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  1. I hate vegan food, I eat meat, while I like rice, I don't get why you'd make it gluten free
  2. The house was like JJ from friday the 13th part 8, the best part about this year/film besides ash vs evil dead/Kane hodder, the only difference is that JJ is hot
  3. Blumhouse, too much insidious garbage, ash vs evil dead was so much better
  4. yea we just need to speculate right now not leak it
  5. roanoke in hollywood would still be very good, and besides, i think that in florida (the side of the fandom i am in) is probably getting the rest of the seasons done luckily
  6. even though i am a floridian, i would like my bloody valentine be here in orlando, but it'd be in the mib queue the layout would be a bit different, even though i like that maze and i like that movie, it is awesome
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