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  1. Does it lend some help to the idea that Ghostbusters will be involved if you knew that they are using Stay Puft as a giveaway for games in the parks along side Frankenstein and, I think, the Wolfman? Source: Tim Tracker video
  2. Definitely scary! Then I can use my dad voice and tell them to stop running with scissors!
  3. There is absolutely nothing HHN about Get Out. I dont know what haunt would consider something that polarizing for a scare. 8 people sitting around a table eating dinner with brain scrambled servants standing nearby is not my definition of scary.
  4. I made a decision that I needed a bit of me time. But, as a mid 40s married man with 2 kids, yeah, its not easy. But I want to play Batman Arkham City dammit and I wish I could get into Red Dead 2, that looks fun.
  5. You are very correct. ST shifted the demographic age down. Adding anything HP would definitely drive it down further. Then comes the parental units of those HP kids screaming about the rest of the event being too scary and that's how we get UNSSHPH. That being said, it makes the argument for HHN becoming two tiered and in two parks. Scary to the left, not so scary to the right. But, I am sure there is not a return to be had in that method.
  6. Why would we need to freeze this thread for a week or two? This thread is doing just fine.
  7. Not even the vloggers, the people using them as flashlights to see their way through....
  8. Legitimately hate the losers who turn on their lights in a scarezone. Like, dude, its dark for a reason.
  9. Microsoft starts the week after HHN ends, this year.
  10. That October Wednesday (or Thursday) has been used by Microsoft corporate as their Ignite conference ended to provide a perk to their attendees. But Microsoft moved the conference to November this year. So, I wonder if they are holding the date back as a trade off for the 29th or to leave it open to another corporation to purchase?
  11. Someone has to pick up the torch. The landscape has consolidated so much that the mouse owns damn near everything and what they don't own is either irrelevant, owned by others looking to get in the game and keep it away from Universal, or - in the case of what Universal does own - getting very stale. They need to create new resources. I wouldnt mind if they went 8:2 OP:IP, but they will never go back to that because of the $$$.
  12. Brandon, If you enjoyed "The Wall" movie, you may find the Roger Waters: The Wall very enlightening and it does provide some great insight to the entire The Wall story.
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