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  1. Do you actually think they’ll bring the gogos back?
  2. Did they tell you guys you would start to hear back this coming week?
  3. Can anyone confirm that emails have actually already started going out?
  4. When's the first orientation date? Everyone's gotta post their locations!
  5. Do they cast people in walking dead or just use their normal performers that work year round?
  6. Do they give you options for your orientation date? Or do they just tell you, this is the date and time and you have to go? Also what time does it normally take place at?
  7. Hopefully they keep sending more over the next couple weeks.
  8. If anyone hears anything about casting emails going out, please post for us.
  9. Those who have been cast before, how long did it take to hear anything after your audition?
  10. Thats good then, I just could tell a few were really not paying attention and had a few close encounters.
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