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  1. Alright guys so I think it's a good time to start speculation for HHN 2020! Hopefully we still have an event this year, some things I've heard is Haunting of Hill House, Candyman 2020, and Stranger Things season 3, and of course the Walking Dead which was already announced a few weeks back
  2. He DID say Figure would be featured throughout the park this year, so maybe! That would be pretty cool I love his horror remixes
  3. Oh they always do a great job at making the scenes incredible, the scenes in Ash V Evil Dead were great (besides the black walls) the details in AHS last year we're insane!
  4. Yes same!! I would love to see some original content mazes, I am stoked for Poltergiest I know alot of people complained about Shining and Exorcist but honestly I thought they both were great In my opinion Ash V Evil Dead and SAW we're disappointing, SAW especially, I had almost no scares, it just felt very last minute and slapped together
  5. @themazethinker oh yes, you are TOTALLY the cocky and arogant one here...
  6. My thoughts exactly! Both of those movies looked like utter garbage but now I'll have to watch them because I like knowing what's going on in the mazes, I tell ya that maze is a total just sellout, like Blumhouse forced Murdys hand
  7. @Hanniel hmm well I guess we can speculate on the quality of the mazes and how crowded we think it will be, did anybody buy their tickets yet??
  8. @zombieman oh no I didn't mean like it was Murdys fault at all, I just meant I'm sure he's unhappy and I wonder if HE will do something about it, like cancel his ScareLA appearance or something idk @themazethinker yeah that's stupid, literally after you posted it on here it was all over Twitter! And Instagram!
  9. @zombieman I was just thinking that as well I wonder what the repercussions from this will be, or also the repercussions from Murdy, I noticed he has gone MIA from Twitter ever since either of the leaks
  10. @themazethinker I don't know if I should be excited or confused but I think I'm both
  11. @HorrorNightsFan13 oh wow I would have loved to seen that, I can't believe it's August 7th, the event is almost a month away, and we still have no new information
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