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  1. When I first went through it in 23 I was in line with these 3 guys (never met them before). There was one scene where the wolf popped out by maybe some trash cans. They screamed and leapt into the next scene only to be scared by another wolf and then screamed and jumped back towards the first wolf. Great house and one of my favorites.
  2. ok I will just link my pic. I see no choose file link, and dragging the pic isn't doing anything. This is my posing with my furry friend in AWIL at HHN 25. https://i.imgur.com/wrpoXrb.jpg
  3. Ok please help me out. How do I post my pic? I wish to share lol
  4. So does this mean a few of the IPs were delayed due to word getting out about them? Like how The Shining was leaked early or how AvED was leaked that it would be based on the 1st 2 movies not the show.
  5. My rankings: 1-Harvest of Souls 2-Shining 3-Angel/Demons 4-Bayou of Blood 5-AHS 6-Vampires that may be children that's not a comedy house set inside the old Conjuring house...house 7-Ash vs Evil Dead (if it turns out to be the movies it will move up list) 8- Blumhouse 9-Jigsaw *Also I'm going 1st week in Oct...or at least that's my plan. I haven't bought my tickets yet because I do not like buying before I have really anything to go on.
  6. hmm favorite scareactor moments.........one that comes to mind was in the 1st Halloween house in the room with all the Michaels. 1st Michael lunged a knife at my face and it came close. I jumped then the next 2 did the same and the 1st one I guess wanted to have another go so he ran across the room to the exit and lunged his knife back at my face. 2nd moment actually happened to my mom on her first HHN trip back in '13. We were walking toward central park SZ and they had stilt walkers (as they usually do). I suddenly hear her scream my name and goes bolting past me as like 2/3 stilt walkers came chasing after her. Honorable mention: same year we both were waiting at the gate to go in and watching the zombies all bombard the gate. Well when they opened the gate the girl with the teddy bear was waiting a little ways back. Well my mom started walking in and of course the teddy bear zombie came up to her and my mom ran.....in a big circle. Next thing I know there is a line of zombies chasing my mom round and round till she runs off towards NY. Somewhere out there on is a video of this as many ppl were recording.
  7. I read this and my mind went straight to a Humanoids from the Deep house, and how awesome it would be! .
  8. I say yes! I only made it part way into season1 so I'm in need of a little binging.
  9. If the ED house focuses mainly on #2 I may walk through it going dead by dawn!! Side note: I do see the annoyance of having essentially the same house as the one in '13 only with more humor. The thing that is making me excited for this potential house is just how much I love ED 1&2 (2 being my fav). Just seeing Ash with his chainsaw arm and hopefully telling me to shop smart shop S-Mart will make me smile so much. So I see the negatives but I see the positives too. Now if will just get officially announced already.
  10. So all this talk about vampires and having to invite them in reminds me of one of my favorite 80's horror movies which I would love to experience as a house one year... Fright Night!
  11. I would love a Carey, Ohio mashup. So many good stories are set there within HHN lore.
  12. yeah it was in '15 he and Eddie were waiting outside the house.
  13. That house gets a lot of hate, and it might be because it was my 1st year officially attending HHN after 2 previous failed attempts in '07 & '09, but I liked that house a great deal. The little kids reaching out at you from the walls and the fire effects were all top notch.
  14. I'm just going to sit back and let my excitement for HHN fade. I am usually super pumped for HHN around this time because its so close, but this year...meh. We're in July now and have 2 houses announced. I will say I am enjoying the rebirth of speculation that's been happening lately. So please keep it up, its all I have to keep me going regarding HHN.
  15. well the 4th is a tuesday. so they would drop it weds. not saying they will... just something I heard someone mention.
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