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  1. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark would be awesome...
  2. Looks like Pet Semetary is going to be a sleeper hit based on Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pet_sematary_2019 I honestly thought it was a formulaic cash grab on Stephen King IP from the trailers. Great reviews are a pleasant surprise. I know The Shining maze caused conflict with Stephen King. Could Pet Semetary be an IP maze through Paramount or could SK overrule that?
  3. I've been thinking of trying to same thing with weed at HHN Hollywood.. I would avoid hallucinogens, that's probably too much. Sometimes weed can make you paranoid about the wrong things, you might be too distracted worrying about things completely unrelated to the mazes like security at the park knowing your high, wondering if you forgot to lock your car door, or the North Korea arms race. I would recommend trying it before you watch a scary movie, if you get freaked out... then you know it works.
  4. Knott's Scary Farm maze live feed video announcement was pretty disappointing, they're too cheap to pay for more bandwidth and their live feed of the announcement crashed. Two new mazes consist of recycling and combining old maze concepts: Dark Entities (Alien Attack meets Fallout Shelter) The Depths (Dead Man's Wharf meets Cavern of Lost Souls) https://www.knotts.com/play/scary-farm/attractions Not sure why one of the top ten theme parks in North America (by attendance) needs to cut costs. They already lost their head designer to Queen Mary, def need to get their sh2t together.
  5. Stranger Things TWD Terror Tram Likely: First Purge AHS: Cult Halloween (2018) Maybes: The Strangers: Prey at Night It Hellfest Get Out Conjuring Franchise The House with a Clock in its Walls Truth or Dare
  6. Does this mean "Get Out" won't be featured in Horrors of Blumhouse? I'm kind of sick of The Purge and would take Get Out over it any day.
  7. There are 2 simple explanations to why there are only 3 scare zones announced: 1. They only have 3 Scare Zones announced 2. They only announced the Scare Zones that are original concepts and are not related to IPs/Franchises because this could spoil their maze lineup, which is all IPs/Franchises. I'm going to guess it's the second one.
  8. Surprised no one has brought up Happy Death Day yet as part of the Blumhouse mashup... it's getting released in October and I'm sure they'd love to promote it with HHN if possible:
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