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  1. To be honest, I didn't think the house was at all scary. When it was announced, I thought they were gonna make this house unbelievably terrifying. The sets were cool, the Yetis looked freaking amazing, and the cold really made this house awesome. This house is probably in my top 10 of all time. I think we need a Midnight Snack house in the future.
  2. With the success of Ghostbusters at this years Halloween Horror Nights, I believe it is time to give Beetlejuice the HHN treatment. Universal is trying to draw in the younger crowds( 11-13), and both Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice have been apart of Universal's history since its opening in 1990. ( Beetlejuice's show didn't open till 1992, but you get my point). Ghostbusters turned 35 years old this year and Universal decided to give it it's own haunted house. Universal is trying to branch out when it comes to horror, even if it means bringing more comedic or child friendly properties. I believe they will bring Beetlejuice to HHN due to the fact that its a classic, it was Universal's Fright Nights starter icon, and its not that scary, which means more of a diverse crowd will be brought into the park, which means more money. I hope anyone reading this understands what I'm getting at here. They better bring Jack and Beetlejuice or imma be pissed!
  3. Yes HHN will suffer due to the construction of Nintendo World.
  4. What is going to happen when the construction starts for Super Nintendo World? Well, the rumored date for the beginning of the construction is November 2017. Which is right after HHN 27. There was a leaked map of Super Nintendo World. The whole land will be taking up a huge chuck of land. Kid Zone, The Sprung Tents, and The Parade Building. So, we will be losing three house locations. What they might do is relocate those three houses just like how they relocated the house that sat in the Disaster queue. So, we would get three more tent houses in locations we've never seen before. All of this would happen before HHN 28 begins. So, Nintendo would change three house locations for HHN 28! Quite possibly HHN 29, 30, and even 31! But because of Nintendo, we won't have Sprung Tents and The Parade Building anymore. So the new house locations will stay. Now, this is all rumor and it might happen and it might not happen. The map might be fake! We don't know. The house locations might stay! After all, I can't wait for Super Nintendo World! Now it's suppose to open In 2021 which is a long time! But the longer it takes, the better it will be!
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