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  1. Could anyone 'speculate' as to when tickets for HHN/Hollywood go on sale? This will be our first visit to the West Coast so don't have past year's dates to compare with. Thanks.
  2. Without a shadow of a doubt it would be HHN XVII. Carnival of Carnage. The website was amazing and the event itself is still my favorite.
  3. Thank you. We're hopefully attending 7 nights. We like to get as much of HHN as we possibly can.
  4. Probably a long-shot but does anyone know if you can still buy RoF Passes a couple of days into the event or do they stop being sold on Opening Night?
  5. ...back to the question. Lol. The WWoHP is being advertised quite heavily here on Satelite TV. Certainly more than the usual Universal advertisments. It could affect the influx of UK visitors to Orlando. I'm not taking any chances and booking a Uni hotel while I'm over.
  6. Most of the UK Theme Parks have Halloween events now (Thorpe Park-Fright Nights. Alton Towers-Scarefest). I attend an extremely good event in the North West called Farmegeddon. I don't frequent Night Clubs any more so I can't comment on those but the children living in my area definitely celebrate Halloween with Trick or Treating.
  7. We do celebrate Halloween quite extensively over here in the UK. Not quite as much or as well as over there in the US, though. HHN is becoming very popular over here. I meet many people who know of it, have been to it or visit every year. We, personally, love it and look forward to travelling over 'the pond' especially to take part every year.
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