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  1. i was so sure we were gonna get one today. Maybe tomorrow? John said on twitter we should expect it by the end of the week, but hes said that before and it never came sooooo
  2. It's looking like this year we might actually get a few unique scares, particularly in the saw maze where murdy hinted on twitter we might have to crawl a few times, or at least duck.
  3. as much as i want to say it'll probably be the shining, i cant help but feel that AHS Roanoke might be the best. If i'm being honest Roanoke is one of my favorite seasons of AHS, its definitely not the best, but the fact that it did something different and was actually kinda scary in parts puts it up there for me, and i'm even more hype for the maze considering john said there's a surprise ending that we wont expect. (i guess technically all the mazes have surprise endings since we don't know whats in them, but john made it a thing to announce that this maze specifically would have a twist ending.)
  4. just a general question, how does one even get into a test screening? is it just a thing that happens in LA?
  5. I see a lot of people saying split is gonna be in the maze, but out of all the properties i reaaaaallly hope it doesnt. I get that the end is sort of scary but theres really not that much maze material. I hope Get Out is in the maze. I think it'd be really cool to see some scenes from the end of the movie and having a section like the end of Halloween 2 last year, except its in the sunken place.
  6. While this is a really, really good argument, the only thing i see wrong with it is murdy didnt have to watch the movie. He gets the scripts to the movies if they havent come out yet, and in the hint he said he looked at 20,000 pictures. If it was IT he'd probably be able to see at least a rough cut of the film, but since insidious was pushed back they only had pictures to give him.
  7. True, i guess we'll just have to wait and see when they announce it.
  8. Looks like we could, anything can happen at this point honestly, im still holding out for The Thing though. What im wondering is, in the initial leak for this year the titans of terror was there from the beginning, but chucky's name didnt surface until just recently. So if chucky was supposed to be the terror tram from the beginning (murdy on twitter said there was no changes to terror tram this year) why wasnt chucky in the leak?
  9. looks like we're getting a chucky terror tram this year (although it could also be billy from saw)
  10. oh right, totally forgot about that tweet. So does that mean we're speculating the waterworld que to be announced at scarela??
  11. hoping that the announcement is insidious, i just want confirmation for the jp que
  12. So this is the progress on the parisian courtyard, and i have a few questions. The first picture looks like thats the hhn tent, but it looks super small, since last year was my first year ive never seen a maze in the parisian courtyard. Are they usually that small? Or is that even the house tent?
  13. I was really hoping that we would get it next year, but mike dougherty is filming the new godzilla movie right now, so i dont know if we're gonna be seeing it soon
  14. looks like it could be in the same vein, but i hope they go with something more original. But who knows, maybe if it does turn out to be like the purge we could get a ahs s7 scare zone in the future
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