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  1. well Hollywood did confirm that aside from eleven being portrayed by someone wearing a mask , you will just hear Dustin and the other kids on the radio chatter,
  2. When? Or am I alluding to Hollywood. Cause from the walkthrough videos I've seen of the Orlando maze. He wasn't seen. Wait nvm. He's a static figure in the hallway scene.
  3. Knowing horror nights. They might just either do static figures for this. And just cast people for the other roles. Sheriff Hopper being a example. Or they might go the route The Shining did last year where Danny wasn't seen in the house. But it was alluded to that you were supposed to be him walking through the maze
  4. Kinda curious to how they are going to do it, but I know it’s illegal to put child actors in horror nights mazes, but how are they going to accomplish the characters from stranger things in the maze?
  5. So this means any chances of the predator coming back to event are slim now?
  6. Hoping it isn’t like a static figure and more like a full character cameo.
  7. This may sound stupid, but should we expect to see any nods to Jack in this maze? idk probably Eddie as well?
  8. Any chance on this being the last time we see this type of maze? or will it come back for 2019?...kinda wishing they do Get out and split next.
  9. One thing kinda confuses me, so when guests enter through the main entrance, that being Frankenstein’s lair. Do they immediately enter through the film vault portion? Or is that in the gauntlet section of the beginning of the maze?
  10. are they bringing back the vault? i have heard of it but never got to see the site.
  11. Here’s another one. Halloween Horror Nights 2020: The Director has reamerged Clive Barker’s Damnation (Parsian Courtyard) Soundstage 28: Lon Chaney’s Revenge! (soundstage 21) All Nite Die in Volume 1 (Soundstage 747) George Romero’s Day Of The Dead (Metro Sets) Horror Nights: Hallowed Past (Metro Sets) Motel HELL (Mummy Queue) Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash (Water World Queue) The Walking Dead Attraction: Living Nightmare. Scare Zones The Drive-In (Backlot) The Director’s Revenge (Front Gate) The Catacombs of Death (French Street) Zombie Infestation (Backlot Tunnel) Killer Klowns From OuterSpace (NY Facade) Terror Tram: The Director’s Revenge. Couldn’t think of a show.
  12. Here’s personally a dream line up of mine. Halloween Horror Nights: 2019 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (Water world Queue) The Predator: Jungle of Death. ( Metro Sets) Scream: Ghostface’s Revenge ( Mummy Queue) The Thing (Metro Sets) George Romero’s Night of the living dead (Parisian Courtyard) Stranger Things (Based on the second season) (Soundstage 21) The Walking Dead: Total Darkness. Scare Zones 80s Madness (Front Gate) Predator 2 (Backlot) Hellraiser (French Street) HHN: Hallowed Ground (Backlot Tunnel) Leatherface’s Revenge (NY facade) Shows: The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs (Animal Actors Stage) Chucky's Insult Emporium Fangoria’s Horror movie Kill Compilation. Terror Tram: All Night DIE in Hosted By Joe Briggs.
  13. Upgrade Clive Barker’s Bloody Double Feature in 3D IT: Pennywise’s Funhouse of Madness Rob Zombie’s 3 from Hell Psycho: The Madness of Norman Bates Dark Christmas: Hell on Earth The Predator Scare Zones Freddy's Revenge Nightmares Killerz Dark Christmas Killer Klowns from outerspace Terror Tram: Invasion Of The Predators (Only good title I could think of.)
  14. Here's hoping Hell-o-ween might get tweaked to be somehow good,
  15. Inside universal ended up posting a update for universal Hollywood, they did a sorta new update for HHN https://www.insideuniversal.net/2017/09/photo-update-september-1-2017-universal-studios-hollywood/
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