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  1. I’m not the biggest fan of Killer Klowns (the film is garbage), but I think it could be quite a fun and surprising house. A&D usually do a fantastic job and I’m sure this house will be no different. My motto is to at least give everything a go once. If you don’t like it then fine, but you may be pleasantly surprised.
  2. Does anyone watch Legion? Last weeks episode had “time demons”, creatures that control time and play with you like a cat does with its prey. You couldn’t see them move, just every now and again they’d appear closer (think the door in the extending hallway in Poltergeist last year, or the weeping angels from Doctor Who). They looked like shadows with bright blue eyes, with a really creepy laugh. It was a really well done, unsettling episode and I’d love to see A&D tackle something similar. Appreciate it would be extremely difficult, but some kind of effect where all of a sudden something from far away is right in your face without looking like it moved at all would scare the crap out of me haha
  3. Think it’s been hinted at that may be the case. One of the tent houses apparently has a “moat”, which could be simply drainage. And completely agree with shutting the IU thread. Was only a couple weeks after the GoT incident and it’s all happening again. People have very short memories it seems. Speculation is fun, but do we REALLY need to know everything before it’s announced? We all know that, typically, A&D do an awesome job, and we are all going if we can regardless of what’s announced. So chill out, enjoy the ride, and count down to the fog and screams
  4. I’m also from the UK and do have some sympathy for this. It would be good to have alternatives such as a 14 day pass, whereby you can go as many times as you want during a 14 day period (similar to theme park tickets). Would help international visitors who currently either have to buy individual night tickets or multi-night tickets where they realistically could only attend a small number of nights anyway.
  5. If the drop tower comes the next question will be “can we ride it?”. Given the logistics it would need to be out in the park throughout spooky season. It can’t be wheeled in for HHN as part of the park changeover. Makes me think of they do it it’ll have to be a temporary daytime attraction, or they won’t do it at all.
  6. Only two I’m not fussed about are KKFOS and Ho1C. I didn’t really enjoy either film (for very different reasons), but will give them a go at HHN and hopefully will change my mind after experiencing them in person.
  7. Actually scrap Holst. Try “The Battle” from the Gladiator soundtrack. That’s got some bits which would be absolutely perfect (even if just used in the queue and for the facade)
  8. HHN Twitter is on it again. Announcement incoming?
  9. From memory Dead Exposure was announced the day before Infinity War was released in the US. So perfectly reasonable for there to be some announcement tomorrow as they have prior history of this. I only remember this as it was the same day we got Infinity War in the UK, and we get Endgame tomorrow also (which I’m seeing in the morning).
  10. That was seriously disturbing, but great concept for a house. Will be a great addition to the lineup!
  11. I assumed this was an IP, but what if it’s an original? Underwater base under attack kinda deal?
  12. Guessing you’re getting at “The Abyss”. Apart from it being a James Cameron sci fi film, I’m still not getting the connection. I’m very slow today
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