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  1. Agree with you @hunnylvr on the T-shirt’s but I get frowned on if I wear them in the office. So to get around that I wear them under a shirt in summer haha. Honestly, it’s great to have so many black T-shirt’s to wear under a shirt. It helps me have a mini-rebellion at work without getting into trouble
  2. Hi All, As I’m bored waiting for my flight back to Blighty, thought I’d add my thoughts on this years event. Please comment, discuss, and argue against my rankings. I love the banter and discussion! Overall I feel houses were great with no proper duds, scarezones were ok (but I feel scarezones no longer work at HHN due to crowds), and the lagoon show was fantastic. In summary, overall rankings for me are as follows: ‪1. Universal Monsters‬ ‪2. ‬Graveyard Games ‪3. Ghostbusters‬ ‪4. Yeti Terror of the Yukon‬ ‪5. ‬Nightingales Blood Pit ‪6. House of 1000 Corpses 7. Depths of Fear ‬ ‪8. ‬Stranger Things‬ ‪9. Killer Klowns From Outer Space‬ ‪10. Us‬ 10. Us Very true to the film, and a couple of fun scares, but after doing this once it just fell flat on its face for me. Love the film, but for me this was boring. They may have been better doing half film, half original to ramp up the scares. Didn’t work for me, but sets were great and some good ideas means it wasn’t a total flop. 9. Killer Klowns I’ll be honest. I hate the film, and didn’t have much hope for this house. However it did grow on me during the event and having a few fun interactions with the scareactors really made it for me. The second Klownzilla puppet never worked for me which is such a shame, as the first was incredible! Overall a fun feel good house with plenty laughs and gags, just not my thing. 8. stranger things only had one decent run through out of 4, which is a shame as some of this house is fantastic (the large, larger, and even larger mindflayer puppets are stunning and brilliantly done). Suffers from season 2 being light on scares/iconic scenes, but season 3 is represented really well. Was always going to be tough to pull off and make it an incredible house, but I feel they did a great job. Other years this would have placed much higher but the overall house quality was fantastic this year. 7. Depths Was really looking forward to this one, and was very disappointed with the creatures. Very bulky costumes, and bit cartoony. However, the crew were aggressive, and this does have the best scare of the event (hand puppet from above got me every time, and I did see two people fall over on their arses because of it). Great concept, gorgeous sets, and I think a little better creature design would have propelled this much higher in the list. 6. Corpses Again not a fan of the film, but could see the HHN potential (Fun fact - this was a house in Hollywood BEFORE it was turned into a film). It’s a very true representation of the film, and some of the scareactor interactions were the best I’ve ever had (yes Captain Spaulding, I promise to take some chicken home to Mama, I don’t want your boot up my ass!). The catacombs were brilliantly done, and the scareactors here were mean and wouldn’t let me go. Loved it! Watch out for Thunder in the “who’s your Daddy” room! Scary, fun, and plenty of guest interaction makes this house much much better than I thought. 5. Nightingales This house STUNK. And was aggressive, claustrophobic, dark, and unfortunately inconsistent. When it was on point, it was incredible. When it was off it was dull and smelly. Big points to the scareactor who swings out to get you. He/she seemed to be in my face pretty much every time and such a great scare that seemed reluctant to let me pass. Also loved the lion with gladiator puppeteer. The last night I swear the lion almost kept off the platform and I nearly sh!t myself. It was also fairly historically accurate which shows the amount of research and dedication that goes into the original houses. I wanted this to be Scarecrow level, and while it has potential it’s inconsistent performances means it won’t reach that level. 4. Yeti Love this house and wish I had more chances to do it again. The yeti outfits are great, and the scenic elements are stunning. It’s the dark comedy house of the year for sure, with comedic deaths which are some of my fave scares this year (“door”, and “Alien” hand). Gorgeous sets, fun set ups for Yeti encounters, and again the final yeti scare with the full swing out like nightingales is a personal fave of mine. Great scareactor interactions, but I’m sick of being shot in this house. I must have a big target on my back as I seem to be shot by everyone, and the air blasts are powerful! Definitely did not expect this house to be as fun or as good as it is. 3. Ghostbusters I cannot do this house without a goofy smile on my face. It is everything I wanted and more, even if I missed the props reacting to Janine every time. I mean yes, it’s not scary, but it’s just fun and makes everyone smile. It’s the only house I’ve ever seen where the staff working it are still smiling and dancing to the same song playing over and over again for 8 hours a night throughout the run. Great effects, great scareactor interactions (special call out to Dan Ackroyd in the Slimer hallway, and Bill Murray at the end - high five!), and reminds me so much of the Ghostbusters show Universal used to have back in the day. Also nice nods to Ghostbusters II, and a sneak peak at next years Ghostbusters film too. 2. Graveyard Games This house is gorgeous. The most immersive, well designed, and stunning house I think I’ve ever seen in my 3 years going to HHN. The backstory is brilliant, and sets the scene for a very creepy, scary, and inventive house. There’s so many great scenes here, from the hallway with the candles being blown out, to the playground scene (creepy ghost kids), and the pitch black, soundproof room which is my fave effect this year. There’s so much in this house to see and follow it needs multiple run throughs. My fave original this year, and probably fave original I’ve ever done. Just do it. Then do it again. You won’t regret it. 1. Universal monsters Wow. Just WOW. This house is gorgeous, and coupled with incredible scareactor interactions this is my absolute fave this year. I thought this would be a good house, but never did I dare hope it would be as good as it is. It’s scary, aggressive, beautiful, surprising, fun, and allows for fantastic scareactor interactions (special kudos to creature, the mummy’s, and Frankenstein’s monster who is this years MVP). It is missing the invisible man (or is it?), but that is a minor criticism. I really hope they come back next year bigger and better. Scarezones Not much to say - they’re ok. I don’t think scarezones work in the current format due to crowds. Either do away with them or do something new and unique with them. Stop them becoming selfie zones! Shows Lagoon show is amazing. Please see it and make sure it’s back next year! AoV - good at what they do, one and done for me
  3. I’m not the biggest fan of Killer Klowns (the film is garbage), but I think it could be quite a fun and surprising house. A&D usually do a fantastic job and I’m sure this house will be no different. My motto is to at least give everything a go once. If you don’t like it then fine, but you may be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Does anyone watch Legion? Last weeks episode had “time demons”, creatures that control time and play with you like a cat does with its prey. You couldn’t see them move, just every now and again they’d appear closer (think the door in the extending hallway in Poltergeist last year, or the weeping angels from Doctor Who). They looked like shadows with bright blue eyes, with a really creepy laugh. It was a really well done, unsettling episode and I’d love to see A&D tackle something similar. Appreciate it would be extremely difficult, but some kind of effect where all of a sudden something from far away is right in your face without looking like it moved at all would scare the crap out of me haha
  5. Think it’s been hinted at that may be the case. One of the tent houses apparently has a “moat”, which could be simply drainage. And completely agree with shutting the IU thread. Was only a couple weeks after the GoT incident and it’s all happening again. People have very short memories it seems. Speculation is fun, but do we REALLY need to know everything before it’s announced? We all know that, typically, A&D do an awesome job, and we are all going if we can regardless of what’s announced. So chill out, enjoy the ride, and count down to the fog and screams
  6. I’m also from the UK and do have some sympathy for this. It would be good to have alternatives such as a 14 day pass, whereby you can go as many times as you want during a 14 day period (similar to theme park tickets). Would help international visitors who currently either have to buy individual night tickets or multi-night tickets where they realistically could only attend a small number of nights anyway.
  7. If the drop tower comes the next question will be “can we ride it?”. Given the logistics it would need to be out in the park throughout spooky season. It can’t be wheeled in for HHN as part of the park changeover. Makes me think of they do it it’ll have to be a temporary daytime attraction, or they won’t do it at all.
  8. Only two I’m not fussed about are KKFOS and Ho1C. I didn’t really enjoy either film (for very different reasons), but will give them a go at HHN and hopefully will change my mind after experiencing them in person.
  9. Actually scrap Holst. Try “The Battle” from the Gladiator soundtrack. That’s got some bits which would be absolutely perfect (even if just used in the queue and for the facade)
  10. HHN Twitter is on it again. Announcement incoming?
  11. From memory Dead Exposure was announced the day before Infinity War was released in the US. So perfectly reasonable for there to be some announcement tomorrow as they have prior history of this. I only remember this as it was the same day we got Infinity War in the UK, and we get Endgame tomorrow also (which I’m seeing in the morning).
  12. That was seriously disturbing, but great concept for a house. Will be a great addition to the lineup!
  13. I assumed this was an IP, but what if it’s an original? Underwater base under attack kinda deal?
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