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  1. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for this one. Big fan of 1950's B-movie campy sci-fi, hoping this delivers!! Can't wait to see what the aliens/creatures look like.
  2. They do have the Monsters Cafe and of course the "Horror Make-Up Show" so there is some representation year-round but I agree I wish there was more. Personally, I love the humor and campiness of the Horror Make-up show but I wouldn't complain at all about an update. Truthfully, it needs it so I feel like, if done right, that could really be the key to making horror fans happy year-round. That and maybe some costumed classic monster meet and greets from the Frankenstein monster, Gill-man, the Mummy. It would be easy to have them stationed outside the Monsters Cafe for photos/autographs. Highly unlikely to happen but a fan can dream.
  3. Umm...not sure what you're seeing on your end, but I'm seeing 37 minutes left on the countdown, so there's still hope. Note: I'm in Eastern time.
  4. I don't really think you're giving either film enough credit. Just because "Get Out" and "Split" didn't have "traditionally" terrifying villains doesn't mean they weren't scary...plenty of people found them to be frightening hence why they were such successes. I think there are plenty of other factors that go into creating successful houses than simply having "traditionally" terrifying villains, for example, I think atmosphere can go a long, long way and both films were successful in establishing unsettling, creepy atmospheres. In the past, we've had a few really solid houses that relied more on creepy atmosphere than "traditionally terrifying" villains. In any case, I totally agree that a standalone "Get Out" or standalone "Split" house would be super difficult if not nearly impossible but one of the great benefits of being in a mashup house means they would really only have to figure out how to make them work in a single scene. I think the concept of "The Sunken Place" in "Get Out" could have some potential...I'm not going to deny that it would be challenging...but I wouldn't write it off the table just yet.
  5. My mistake on The Conjuring not being a part of Blumhouse. Not sure why I thought it was for a moment. Personally, I wasn't a fan of "Split" but I can still see why the HHN team would want to find some way to tie it in...not saying I want that to happen...but just saying that I can see them wanting to capitalize on a recent, popular film. Same reason why I see them including "Get Out" although I *would* be excited for that. I know everybody is saying that they don't think it would work but I have faith that they're creative enough to find ways to make it work even if we can't imagine how. We've gotta remember they do this for a living and have made seemingly impossible houses work really well in the past. It just doesn't make sense why they wouldn't want to capitalize on the most popular horror film of the year... Personally, I hope they don't include "The Purge" because I find those movies to be incredibly stupid/not scary but they're super popular somehow lol so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw it milked for another go round. I guess time will tell...
  6. Even if it might be a little difficult to conceptualize, "Get Out" was such a huge critical and box office hit, to not use as part of the Blumhouse compilation house would be an INCREDIBLY foolish move. My guess? They'll use Get Out, The Conjuring, Split (another success at the box office this year, I'd be really surprised if they didn't utilize it) and The Purge (since they've already used this property before, it would be pretty easy to slide in.) We've already seen Insidious so that's another easy one to already use existing props in but I'm thinking that might be getting a standalone house in order to tie and promote the upcoming sequel. I wouldn't be surprised if they used Paranormal Activity either. Personally, the one I'd like to see the most would be "Sinister." Aside from "Get Out" I think it's the best and most pleasant surprise I've seen from Blumhouse. "The Belko Experiment" also came out from Blumhouse this year but it didn't really do so hot so I'd be a little bit surprised if that one made it in but who knows. Bottom line though: if they don't utilize "Get Out" that would be *the* very definition of a "missed opportunity."
  7. I've also been trying to figure out how they're going to do this. I'm with deliciousoatmeal in regards to some sort of projection mapping/hologram. I can easily see them using the Musion Eyeliner technology that we've seen before in the old Disaster! attraction with Christopher Walken's Frank Kindcaid character, the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey queue, and the Fast and The Furious: Supercharged in Hollywood.
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