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  1. Do you "die" at the end of this house? Because the room before the finale is the tomb of 'Angeline Albright' (I think that's the name) but it goes straight back into dirt and roots like a grave. Then you veer off into the pitch black hallway where the children ask things like 'where did you go?' and 'play with us' with the final scene being gazing upon the Blue Woman. Either that or she let's you go/ protects you and that's why the children can't find you? Or I could just be over thinking things. I really like this house
  2. Please do share! Where you the one that dropped a bunch of fun facts at the end of last year?
  3. So one of my favorite things every year is all the insane details that are put into the event. A lot of times it seems there are pages of backstories and loads of interesting info that the average attendee misses. If you guys know of anything, I would seriously enjoy it. Every year it's always fun to learn just how detailed the event it
  4. Best use of this space since I've started attending in 23
  5. This house deserved a sound stage. I can see why people are polarized on it but I have full faith as the cast gets in to their groove this will quickly rise up everyone's lists. Intensity is needed to make up for the lack of settings but between the angles of attack and the creatures themselves it can be done. I just wish it had a better, open arena finale.
  6. I love this house and can't figure out if I like this or Graveyard Games as my favorite so far. It takes what you saw in 25 Years of Monsters and Mayhem and makes it into a knockout of a house. The queue is an awesome way to get you excited and combined with the opener it makes you feel like you're facing Titans. I don't think its possible to do this any better.
  7. This house is incredible and before you even enter you know you're in danger. Great sets and experience with a cool monster design. Little confused on the story (why are some people crazy?) but the chaos incarnate feel of the whole thing makes that irrelevant. In the room with the video screens showing the ocean, a hanging body and the guy trapped outside a porthole there's a lever on the right wall. Does anyone know if this is a GAT? I don't want to accidentally pull a fire alarm
  8. First house we did and I have to say it is wonderfully designed and perfectly captures the film. Any other year it would rank much higher but everything is just so solid this year. In my opinion, like AWIL, the house itself is a masterpiece but personally I prefer the more intense or original houses
  9. This was the house I was most excited for and got to do it tonight. Easily one of my favorite houses ever. I love the lore, atmosphere and its downright creepy when the scares aren't hitting you. Also weirdly comfy if that makes sense. Biggest scares of the night
  10. Nazi Vikings would be pretty sweet villains though Every scarezone looks wonderful this year. I'm loving Vanity Ball's concept and name
  11. My most anticipated list is: 1-9 - All of them. Every year HHN suprises me with what's my favorite You guys think that the ghosts in Graveyard Games will be tied to their lore like in Ghosttown? In Ghosttown you'd see a dead body and then the ghost tied too it. I hope we get some cool variety based upon the lore we get
  12. No point in discussing what could have been on a speculation forum? Bruh
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