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  1. This is the best post every single year I look forward to it. Thank you to all who take the time out of their visits to get the track tracklistings.
  2. Can I just say how beautiful this post is?! Thank you so much for providing this.
  3. Is their a discussion on this year's music yet throughout the event? The music is amazing this year.
  4. I was hoping that Stranger Things would be one of the options for this year!
  5. Bassnectar - Bass Head plays in Chance's scare zone. Also in AHS She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart. Academy Of Villans has Party Thieves & Lazy Boys - No Gravity
  6. Hope For The Dying - Trancend was playing!
  7. Love the music in the area. Kraddy - Android Porn!
  8. I was starting to think they forgot about a game this year...who am I kidding.
  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. I know in Tokyo they do scary stuff right?I remember seeing a commercial for it a couple years ago it was scary!
  11. So a friend of mine told me that they were supposed to have michonne's walkers in this area. Universal just hasn't gotten them in yet? Anyone hear about this.
  12. I was actually one of the people apart of the YouTube meetup. We were allowed to film only if we didn't use external lighting. This is the second year now that we have been allowed to film all the houses. Most of us had GoPro's so it didn't really turn out. :/
  13. Yeah he said even the guides didn't know about it.
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