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  1. Hi Luke!  It's Amanda Marie from Facebook, thought I'd give you a follow on here.  

  2. Thanks for the follow!  :D

    1. SadBones


      No, thank you!

    2. BloodyMaryX3


      You're welcome!  

  3. Cindy in Dollhouse of the Damned that would be awesome! I don't know how Cindy can age if she's already a dead girl. I agree with your statement about Eddie. I hope we get our Lost Icons that should've happened. I saw Alien Covenant and it was good, I don't know how it would work as a house.
  4. I'm praying that Cindy becomes the Icon of this year. We need a year where Eddie makes his appearance as well. I'll be happy when we get the Lost Icons of HHN.
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