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  1. I’m really interested in seeing how Seeds of Extinction turns out because that just doesn’t seem like that scary of a concept.
  2. @TimothyJ I strongly recommend doing Stay and Scream. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 4 years and I’ve been able to hit every house and at least 1 show before the end of the night. Depending on the layout and where you decide to go for Stay and Scream, it’s possible to do 4 houses in the first hour. Once the lines start to get long is a good time to go hang out in the scarezones or go see a show. Do the 2 nights without express.
  3. Ehhhh can we not have a Chucky scarezone that would be great thanks. Not a whole lot scares me anymore but I’m still traumatized by Chucky from childhood. I avoided him at all costs during 25 Carnival Graveyard sounds like it has the potential to be pretty cool. I think the originals are going to have a lot of Easter eggs in them due to using props from HHN past.
  4. The Cult of the Beast Baby section is 100% going to use props from Dollhouse.
  5. I want to pretend/predict that snack is IT. All Penny wanted was a snack.
  6. Icon? Please let this be an icon year! HHNUnofficial posted a blurry photo on Facebook that I interpreted to be the Director.
  7. The friendly neighborhood old grump. Complete with "back in the old days" and "keep out the riff raff"
  8. Wait so question: is the 80's theme a "confirmed" rumor or did the whole forum just take an idea and run with it really far? While I agree an 80's theme would be awesome, I don't remember really seeing anything about it other than "STRANGER THINGS WHAT IF EVERYTHING WAS 80'S" and everyone else going "YEAH 80'S".
  9. I mean, there were also pole dancing demons last year. And a Bill and Ted show was never complete without dancers in underwear. He's not being disrespectful, it really is HHN tradition to have half dressed scareactors, both men and women, running around.
  10. As soon as Stranger Things was announced, I knew HHN would be getting a significantly younger crowd this year. Put ST in the very back, and fill the park with terrifying scarezones. Filter out the weak children. And then pray for all the Event Guides that will have to constantly tell parents "this is a horror event, the monsters aren't going to ignore little Jayden just because he's a kid" I really really hope HHN isn't crawling with children this year, except for the few kids that actually ARE horror fans and are just baby versions of all of us.
  11. Now the question is "pretty funny" as in "shit you guys got it" or "pretty funny" as in "lol that's never going to happen". But thank you guys for now adding Lost Boys to my list of "must watch" movies on Netflix. That movie was before my time but I love a good 80's movie. I'll be watching it ASAP.
  12. Hi yes hello I know it's been a minute since I posted in here. I'm joining the denial club but honestly, I think having IT along with Stranger Things would be great for dispersing the crowd. Now that Bill and Ted is gone (RIP), they'll need something to that will take that amount of people or more off the streets. Having both ST and IT would definitely do that.
  13. While it will probably never happen, I would love to see a year where all of the houses are previous "House of the Year" winners.
  14. Halloween at 24. Me and my friends were the second set of people to go in and it scared the shit out of me.
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