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  1. Saying that all hotels doesnt count to at least 45 % of park cap is wild. There has to be at 120k rooms on site.
  2. I think those numbers are untrue. The hotel guest at universal makes up about 35%-45% of their guest volume. They have been increasing their volume of and Quality of the hotels. there is going to be a weird influx of people still looking for best deals which right now. But 40% is like 95k ? per park
  3. This Fall festival thing is to attract more people, Why limit the halloween to one park? This could be kicking the door open to Not so scary halloween money, or Spooktacter money. I doubt that it would be canceled but maybe We might get midnight closes again? double the time to clean the park, since the park opens at 7am for Early park admission. I mean we just adapting to Japan model for hhn? I did the same survey, they basically asked if I were likely to return to park for cheap tickets. I am like yes.
  4. I think Citywalk reopening is true test of if we will get hhn. I am praying that we get hhn this year, I need it badly. Strong rumor that we might get covid19 all still walkers streets would interesting with maybe few minions with chainsaws ? with stages for icon or photo zone. I already planned on this year being 80% photos streets like 25 was we had tight nest of scares in there, but if they redesigned it for 6 ft apart? It would be very interesting. Comcast is killing the stay at movies right now, I wouldn't doubt that we could get a stay at home film house? Unless they releasing Candy man or Halloween Kills Or Forever Purge in October
  5. Who thinks? that if for the crazy reason of hhn might not happen? then why waste construction costs? they could easily leave it up and maybe add Jurassic Discovery center and extend que for Spiderman?
  6. I can see the Shrek theater getting updated. Or replaced entirely. I wonder where this other tent is going to be?? Can we get a shared ip with Hollywood?
  7. Does anyone have the que music from the line? I want that background windy and dog barks and Trick r Treaters?
  8. Construction would had been visible when I left work few weeks ago. I work in the parks. I haven't seen anything. I saw a video that they are still doing work on the Jurassic park construction. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I mean they could be working on stuff, maybe changing the content? to less virus
  9. Well, The Auditions were supposed to be happening in 4 weeks. Mid April. Construction will be rushed if they are able to do it. Maybe we can get some HOLLYWOOD inspired mazes? BLACK WALLS EVERYWHERE! It will be great change for once. Usually right now they get an announcement right after the bogo deal. I think they will wait to see if the parks are going to reopen in April. I have faith in universal to think of something. Maybe Virtual lines or limited crowds. I think this HHN would great if you think about. Low crowds? Maybe bring back stranger things especially if the budget is cut? Why waste money on making new props? The movie delays don't effect hhn, I.e Dracula Untold got push back and altered leaving a deleted scene in the maze. 2009 Wolfman got push back also. We can still get candyman or the hunt? or anything really..
  10. I project some of the September dates to get canceled unless this virus gets better before then. Best case situation is empty park? Worse case scare actors get masks?
  11. How do we go from Rob Zombie to Billie Eyelash? I get it that we ran out of Stranger things? But we don't need vaping teenagers... I rather have an Original house or stuff. I would trade Aov or Dance shows for this Billie Eyelash show, I don't care for dance shows.
  12. I went thru that house like 2 times. Didn't care for it that much.
  13. which house? I don't recall any smells beside sweet 80s gimmick from last year. I think house of 1k corpses had a smell in the cave.
  14. Do you think HHN will bring back the smell of death? I enjoy their smells in their houses but if it's only sweet smells, then it gets boring.
  15. I was wondering when people would start revolting against this 80's theme. I was hoping that they would keep it going for another 3 years because why not ? I feel like they might down play the 80's theme to maybe one house or a street this year. I want to see a new icon again. Even if it's not announced till open night.
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