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  1. I agree. I didnt get as many scares. not even threats to die or anything. I think they hired a lot of new people
  2. the lagoon show is close to 20 mins and aov is something like 40 mins 10 mins preshow and 30 min show. according to the showtimes, during the waiting times, around showtimes its like 30 min difference. yet the data doesnt count for people leaving or taking a break. usually it's easy to see the difference cause once a show lets out usually tents get more business.
  3. https://www.darkhorizonorlando.com/ Is anyone going to this West coast invades Orlando? From the Team of Dark Harbor starts this new haunt this year! I can't wait for it. Hopefully, it last the hurricane.
  4. I don't like these cheap buttons. I rather have special pin or anything else. I think it cost them what 75cents to make the 4 pack and making 1000% profit of it. I don't care for most of the merch. Also, Plan for Us Funko line to be there. They are releasing them soon.
  5. Us is decent film. The house will be odd. Cheap and easy costumes, it's just jumpsuits from macy's parade. that why we got another year of myers last year and those other chainsaw gang by F&F. I personally think they could kept the original house, but the cost was too high. On the record, I think Jordan Peele is great, but he is becoming like M. Night" Shyamalan with the twist, it's boxing himself to be one type director. He won't do a Slasher film because he stated that he doesn't get scare or like them. I would like him to redefine the genre of slashers without making it twist ending where it was a mental person and he accidentally stabbed a bunny. Also, Ghost Busters and Stranger things 2? Do we know if it's a two year deal for Busters? or will it just be the 1st film? Also, why wasn't this reveal during the Ghost buster con in Cali? I think they could sold a lot of tickets if they did that..
  6. I think they will bump up the lighting during the run. I can't wait for this. I am still hopefully that I get a call from someone.
  7. I feel like Blumhouse was pretty good. Remember how much Loved Insidious was as Stand alone house. I feel sometimes that house count could bad but in the end personal prefers of horror is why house count is good I think we need to do reboot of Chainsaw. I think It's not scary anymore. Cool icon of horror but not scary. I think because the Orion nabbin new horror it will be hard to get some new horror.
  8. I didn't know that Black Christmas is getting rebooted. I think Jason Blum wants more creative control of his house or whats in the maze. I think he did a contract, but the contract had over all creative clause or special verbal about certain properties. I.e No whiplash house..
  9. I rather be enjoy a show or scarezone will waiting an hour in virtual line. If they could test the waters of A virtual line for one house even for a weekend. Granted, Virtual lines aren't much different, it shaves off maybe 30 mins of waiting. I think it would be different. Imagine instead of express it would be virtual line? You pay 135 bucks to skip 30 mins of the line and still got to wait another 45 mins? Somber note, I might be signing off for about a month. I am becoming homeless because rent is too high and Orlando doesn't believe in Affordable housing or Living wage. I am saving going to be saving money for housing. Sorry for breaking this speculation with this downer news.
  10. I hope King isn't involved because that ending is awful. Also, In the books they move to Florida for a bit. Yet it seems like it takes place in Main location of Maine. Side note, whats the likeliness that we get virtual line house?
  11. Like for reals, Why pay close to 200 bucks for half the dates, when you could pay for extra 70 bucks for all dates
  12. I still think they uncut their prices for their fear pass plus and everything pass without express. I don't know maybe when I wasn't working or didn't have any money back in 2008-2009 I was blessed with my birthday gift being Fear pass. I have taken things for granted.
  13. The FFP passes will always be a thing. They bank on people buying those tickets to be honest, the repeat guests are what they want. Repeat guess are 30% of over all merch sales. I think it will still be a thing, might be up in prices by maybe 15%. Anyone hoping for Ghost Buster reveal during the Ghost Buster Con in LA?
  14. There is few people saying this is last straw for them this year because no discounts for AP on Fear passes with express. I think is a slightly awkward thing. I knew it was going to happen to sooner. I mean once when they take stuff away from team members, you don't think the other benefits are going to remain.
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