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  1. So it's 25 all over again. I enjoy 16 because each icon had a house.
  2. The Ip thing wont happen. They wont be spoiling their ip for next year? I think they have an agreement with the ip holders, basically using the ip rights for 3 years. I do believe the business model would support that. I don't think they would lose ip that was suppose to happen this year. Unless Warner Bros going to revisit haunted events again? Warner Bro has the corner of horror film.
  3. So The HHN Store is open and it's sure is glorious. It's a looking to what is could had been for HHN 30 2020. I don't think the store would had open this soon if they were going to do the event.
  4. Anyone want talk about how now they can do a fall festival now?
  5. I think that it had something to do with an few shared IP from Hollywood and Orlando. Ideally, they parks split the bill of the IP's. Why do you think Stranger Things 2018 was in Orlando, Singpore, and Hollywood? I think they did the math and saw the numbers still rising. I want to go so bad, I know that they cancelled it also due mainly to Covid 19. I just hope they recover. If they don't recover enough money, then even if they have 3 years. If the company doesn't have the budget to do extra stuff then we might get basic hhn again
  6. So I have a question, How is the whole lagoon show going to work if the current area is for relaxing area. ?
  7. I saw the Horror Night Store outside at night time, It looks pretty cool.
  8. sure, then why did his house ( Dead Expouse) that he originally wrote got a sequel. He wrote and worked on numerous of mazes and scare streets. Don't not say that he didn't work on the event.
  9. this promotion might be make or break for hhn. I project that they might loose up on black out dates? I heard from Twitter that Patrick from creative got let go as well. its a sad day.
  10. According to ZombieChris on youtube. He found a rip tour and unmasking the horror tour packages. I was thinking that both might be limited to 8 people or something. I think it would weird.
  11. Are you doubting that universal has the best in mind for hhn? I don't think they are cutting revenue, they are just scaling back overall. They will still have stuff to sell. They turn a profit off all merch, Think about the shirts, they buy them in bulk 100k at 0.75 and sell them for 28 bucks that's like 200% profit off each shirt alone. Thats them spending 75k to make 2 million from shirts alone. I do agree that the prints were cool and easier to make in house. They have a printing shop on site. They are just predicting that people won't buy as much currently, hence why they are having super discount sale for excess merch Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Why would they have a full merch team, if people aren't buying stuff from theme parks that are 30 bucks more than regular price? Just because some layoffs or downscaling doesn't mean it's going to be bad year. What is going to be a bad year is that Covid 19 virus, I wouldn't be surprised if there isn't Unmasking the horror tour this year, Picture this 3 or 4 tours going thru the house during the time walking through the house with lights on and TOUCHING EVERYTHING. I personally think they might scale back on that because they would have to have a sanitize team in each house location which mean extra team member. I think they will do it but limit number of groups or people per group. how many times have you walked through a house with holes in the spots. There are actually a lot of holes in a lot of houses. I recall in Carnival Graveyard, they actually had extra spots for an extra 5-7 people. Yet people didn't notice it, or didn't mind because they were having fun. I don't think it but its really quality vs quantity issue. Would you rather have 20 alright scareactors in a house or 10 Great scareactors in house?
  12. They cutting everything this year. They don't want to risk something even if on paper and numbers show that it's sold out in past and sold well enough to bring it back this year. They are predicting that people won't have money for merch? I mean they announced a tent super discounted merch for next week for team members and annual passholders. I want to see the merch like for this upcoming year. I don't think that it means that we won't see that art again? I mean who know they might bring her back in the future. Merch is risky, I mean look at the HHN 25 prints ? Those were heavily discounted towards the end of the run and at the tent sale. I believe they were thinking that those prints were going to be golden.
  13. This is weird, if true, second restaurant used for hhn. I think logistic It would be cool, but with the small space and no regular ride line. Unless this going to be a Virtual line. How many Virtual lines would you like to see at hhn 30? Do you think Virtual lines work? Some people found the loopholes for re rides, I think it could make or break hhn 30. I still think this going to be at Shrek because the vip tours go out of La Bamba for food and meet ups? I never have been lucky for a tour. I expect that tours size might be reduced to 5-6
  14. Why is Billie Ellish by the horror make show?
  15. I mean they didn't take away annual passes, Right now the dry parks haven't hit capacity since reopen. I think they might sell less fear passes?
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