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  1. Just wanted to say an Angels vs Demons house sounds amazing. If you travel from Heaven to Hell that would be visually stunning.
  2. Last year a lot more dates opened up all at once. Auditions even continued until August, mainly for Leatherface mostly. This year is very different because the sign up for auditions do not have more than one date at a time. I feel they are doing that this year so if they finalize a cast they can get to work on the next step and not scrambling for actors.
  3. Someone earlier asked would we see the voodoo part in AHS Coven removed. I believe we won't. Last year the attention to details, character moments, and music played into that house extremely well. Removing a key part of Season 3 I just don't see happening. I do see the "attic," being used to tie the third season into such as Season 1 tied into the basement.
  4. I'm looking only for the American Horror Story Poster from Halloween Horror Nights 26.
  5. After looking at the clues I'm thinking maybe the "she" clue is a clue inside of a clue. What if it refers to Cindy as an icon, but it's really Caretaker, or a Caretaker/Cindy duel icon for the event?
  6. Wanted to post a new reply so I could add my wishlist/speculation on Halloween Horror Nights 27. Hope you enjoy what I've come up with. Wishlist- Icon- The Caretaker IP's 1.Hellraiser 2. Phantasm 3.Pumpkinhead 4. The Conjuring A Hail Mary chance of happening 5. Last of Us 6. Puppet Master Original Houses- 7. Castle Vampyre sequel 8a. An Icon House 8b. Civil War House- Soldiers returning from the grave think the battle never ended, and you, the guests, are the current foreign enemy standing in the way between the new America or Confederacy. 9a. Vamp '56: "Come on Snake, Let's Rattle!" -Taking Prom to a whole new level at a bigger town. 9b. Vamp '56: "Far Out"/ Vamp'56: Nowheresville- Graduation turns deadly for some cool cats. Speculation- Halloween Horror Nights 27: The Halloween Heart Pumps Again Icon- The Caretaker (Dr. Albert Caine) Speculation- IP's American Horror Story (Seasons 2,3, & 6) (Confirmed) The Conjuring The Shining Ash vs. Evil Dead Saw: Legacy The Mummy (2017) Original Houses- 7. Castle Vampyre Sequel (I've had dreams about this house since late October 2016 and have never experienced this house) 8. Screamhouse sequel 3D House- 9. Zombies at a Football game (Just gave it a name and theme) Pay to Experience VR House- (Just giving it a name) 10. "What's under the Mansion's Stairs?"
  7. This is exciting. The tent houses last year were great, looking forward to seeing how they turn out this year. If Kids Zone closes before the event starts I am concern traffic would be cluttered in that area.
  8. Another late post in this thread, but was curious if anyone knew where to find Halloween Horror Nights 26 merchandise besides ebay? I'm on the hunt for a few items that I could not get last year, especially one in particular, since they sold out SO FAST!
  9. *slow clap to applause* WOW! This right here is so thought out I would be shocked if you were incorrect! Nicely done!! As for the code name "Brains" I have to agree with the ones who have said this may be a code name for an original house. Cobweb stumped a lot of people last year from what I remember until that leaked happened. I have to go with I believe it's an original house code name.
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