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  1. Does anyone happen to know where I can find the Clowns 3D soundtrack or at least the music file that plays throughout the maze?
  2. No, I don't think so. That would be injustice to all AHS and HHN fans. Orlando got away with Lunatics playground so I'm sure that Hollywood and even Orlando (if they share IP again) will get away with it.
  3. Kinda like how Horrornightsfan13 said, I don't think Murdy would cram properties in. I know I said it would work out with smaller King IP'S but it still applies to that aspect.
  4. That's a little too ballsy for Murdy to do, even if he is a kinda carny guy.
  5. I see what you mean but I can still see this happening with smaller King properties like Cujo, Christine, Tommyknockers and Misery. Not under the title of "best of Stephen King" though.
  6. Said this on USH Forums and I'll say it here. A bit of a hunch but I feel like this is somehow connected with FT13. It might be just a coincidence that Murdy is redesigning house #1 at the same time FT13 cancelled but hey who knows. Maybe maze #1 was the reboot and it's getting changed to an older FT13.
  7. So "writers block" will be at the JP Overflow huh?
  8. What are the chances of a Phantasm and a RE-animator maze showing up?
  9. That sounds like a neat idea. It would make sense too.
  10. Anyone see Murdy's tweets recently? They are worth a head scratch but it all applies to the second maze.
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