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  1. Hi! I know that there is less information available for this period of HHN Hollywood then any other, but I would just like to know if anyone could give an over view of the events prior to 2006? (1992, 1997-2000). It doesn't have to be super detailed information, just anything that would be useful for getting a 'feel' for the old events. Thanks!
  2. I know all the past websites are up, but did anyone manage to save any of the other content off of Horrornights.be: radio ads, news segments etc.?
  3. hi! I don't know if you remember your thread about the House of 1000 Corpses from 2015, but I would just like to know whether it would be possible to post any screenshots of the section of the DVD dealing with The Mummy maze from 1999? It's just that very little info on that maze (and many other Hollywood mazes) is available on the internet and I'm interested in learning about those earlier years.

  4. I thought that the earlier line of thought was that Bill & Ted were cancelled because of the third movie being in development? It's not a good reason mind you, but it's how Universal might think (I have no better way to end this post)
  5. Sorry if this is too off topic, but the generation after the Millennials is called Generation Z and I too am in it. The more you know. Carry on.
  6. Thanks. To finish this, my persistent acquaintance wanted me to include this image, by Mike Black.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I've been asked though, by a very insistent user of the HHN Wiki, if you knew where it came from and if there are any more of them (HD or not) I'm just the messenger here.
  8. I’ve been told that someone known as MZ might know more about this?
  9. Sorry to start so many forum posts, but a very insistent user on the wiki by the name of MapCap Falcon insists that I do. What I'm looking this time, is to simply ask if anyone had any detailed information on Fright Nights Dungeon of Terror. Images, video, layout etc. Any and all information would be appreciated.
  10. Hi. While on the wiki I found this image: https://scontent.fmia1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/10428083_933460343352277_4413906085977062892_n.png?_nc_eui2=v1%3AAeGNctTSAvR5QpDgV-HWYtbaix_wNqIYI5B3cm_Km0oSgmgzhZpD9ypZwyJW7NG8SKq3rd0WuWA1kd5ivhZW0tBvx48GpRLCo1eGsAK1EZvtuQ&oh=9d9087444d4de920a51ba223a61c128a&oe=5B3EC3C9 I would just like to know if anyone here knew where it came from? Also, if anyone could get it in a higher quality? Edited Sunday at 08:54 PM by Ozian16
  11. I think that the first house and the dates (officially) will be announced at the same time at this point.
  12. The only thing that Universal said when they shut down T2 was that it was being replaced with a "high energy" Universal franchise. AHS is owned by FOX, and soon Disney. So I think AHS is a no go. Could still be a permanent haunt of something else though.
  13. 20 tweets (not counting the reply to Dr. Jimmy) and only 19 bars. The numbers match the dates too perfectly though. Somthing strange is going on here.
  14. I believe the numbers in the grid image refer to dates. January 19th and May 16th. The account's first tweet was on January 19th and the image was posted May 16th. 119 and 516 respectively. The account has made 19 tweets, corresponding to the number of cells. I believe the coloured cells are connected tweets, teasing the same thing.
  15. Personally I really, really, really want to see The Ring come to HHN this year. At both Hollywood and Orlando, and maybe Japan too if they somehow get the original movie. With how much the sequel tanked though, it may seem not as good as an idea as before.
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