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  1. There are two different cups. I asked guest services before making the purchase. The one with Killer Klowns is $16 and costs $8 to reactivate every night. The one with the pumpkin is $30 and is good for the entire event. They also do a switch at 6:30, so if you got your cup prior to park opening they probably sold you the Killer Klowns.
  2. One stood out as borderline. Chucky asked where a guy was from and the man said Puerto Rico. Chucky then asked if he swam or took a boat. Another time he called someone a douchebag.
  3. I think September 12, but I could be mistaken.
  4. I promised Cast B in the Purge tonight that I would upload some photos. However, I am having trouble posting images. I am only seeing to post a link to an external site like Photobucket. Can somebody refresh my memory, because I know I did this before. EDIT: I hope this link works. This (hopefully) shares an album, but please let me know how to upload individual pictures. https://www.flickr.com/photos/159128146@N07/shares/5n4oh6
  5. I'm not sure, but based on a youtube video I saw from Horror Nights Junkie, you could hear . The video was outside the stadium at night and the only thing you see is the roof. But you could hear audio. This was a rehearsal and is probably a dance number.
  6. Awkward. I just watched Election Year to refresh my memory and the mercenaries wore confederate flag patches and swastikas. Even though Universal will not have these characters, I wonder how long before complaints are filed and Purge is cancelled.
  7. I watched it on either Showbox or Cinemabox app on my Android phone. These apps are ways to get torrents of shows and movies. They aren't in the Google Play store, so you'd have to download it to your phone off the internet. Also, I've been told by people with Iphones that they are having a hard time downloading the apps.
  8. I'm confident there will be at least one Linkin Park song in the finale. Also, I wonder if they will make fun of the Michael Phelps vs the shark swim race. I still remember the line from the 2012 Bill and Ted show when a character asked "where the hell is Jaws?" and Ted said "chasing Michael Phelps."
  9. Thought about two more items for now: Baywatch movie coming out with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. La La Land
  10. I'll add to the list. Rogue One A tribute to Carrie Fisher Maria Carey's audio problem from New Year's Eve Fifty Shades Darker Logan Power Rangers Beauty and the Beast Fate and the Furious Chips Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (not sure when that's coming out in theaters) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (not sure when that's coming out) Any of the countless superhero comic book movies coming out this year
  11. To be fair, I noticed that there is a downward trend in discussion around this time every year. Many people discuss permits, construction, rumors, speculation in the early portion of the year. Hype builds up but it always seems that after opening weekend people post reviews and check out for a few months.
  12. I understand that the actress playing Chance uses improv and there really isn't a set script, but does anybody know if some of the material might be repeatedly used? There were some jokes and I hung around for two of them. I wasn't sure if they would get used again. For what it's worth they were: What has more blood than a dead baby? The wall behind it. What has two legs and is red all over? A dog with with half its legs cut off.
  13. Please watch your step. The moving walkway is about to exit.
  14. I was wondering if anybody knows how many Leatherfaces there are in the house. My friend and I went through the house and tried to keep count and then compare numbers. I came up with 10 and my friend came up with 7.
  15. I was wondering if anybody knows how many Mike Myers there are in the house. My friend and I went through the house and tried to keep count and then compare numbers. The caveat is that we still counted mannequins if they had the mask on. I came up with 20 and my friend came up with 18.
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