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  1. Until it gets hit by Hurricane Guest...
  2. FFP people can still go on the last night, so don't expect Halloween to open up.
  3. You may not like the arguably unsupportive approach some actors are taking to this issue, but they are right. Just like with any other profession, if you can't handle being a scareactor, don't be a scareactor. It's really that simple, because the nature of the event, ugly side included, is NOT going to change in order to accommodate the newbies. Yeah, it sucks, but it's been like this for 25 years. ALL haunted attractions have these same problems, albeit on different scales. And some of the suggestions I'm seeing to try to "fix" the event are, quite frankly, completely inane and just bad business acumen. You can't always make everything perfect. If there were some magic bullet that could make HHN all rainbows and unicorns for everyone involved, Universal would have already used it. Also, many newer guests don't seem to realize how much the event has already been affected (for the worse) by increased security measures and policies. They can only do so much. Just be thankful Fox News doesn't get a hold of this story, or the scareactors will be rolling around in protective bubbles next year.
  4. Marketing has too much creative control. Is Aiello guilty of doing pet projects when he could be using his imagination instead? Yeah, but he's the lesser of two evils.
  5. He was indeed at the end of the house.
  6. The saws are outside due to their fumes. The only time you can have saws indoors is when they're not actually running and sound effects are used instead. I would have liked to have seen them continue the house up until the actual stage exit, like they used to, but I'm guessing there's a reason they always leave an empty space at the end now. I personally would have removed Forsaken, Havoc and Bloodengutz and replaced them with Winter's Night, Catacombs and The Thing. I also would've scrapped the rather jumbled homage to Screamhouse/LT/Dead End and just made it a more recognizable Screamhouse scene. Not really sure what they were thinking there. Also, I think they should have tried to include the other icons as well. The entrance is themed around them, yet you only see 4 of those characters in the actual house.
  7. There are already cameras all over the park. You can hardly go anywhere without being on camera, except the bathrooms... maybe.
  8. I've done what more than once? That sounds awfully accusatory. I guess the B&T staff can do no wrong, so it must be my fault.
  9. You clearly know nothing about me, much less what my "habits" are. But everyone's an expert.
  10. A note to Universal: Kick me out of an ADA section entirely "reserved" for seemingly random people one more time and see what happens. Do it.
  11. Picture Freddy and Jason engaged in battle via a 2D fighting game from the early 90's.
  12. Okay, Freddy vs Jason, listen. I know I didn't like you. Thought you were a pretty big disappointment filled with dumb mannequins and corny video displays in lieu of scareactors. But that's no reason to try to strangle me to death. Seriously, someone in the safety department should look into those hanging plant-like things towards the end. If not, I'm bringing a damn weed wacker to the park next week, and you can't stop me.
  13. That entire setup is being suspended from a permanent roof, a luxury our park doesn't have.
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