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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. :) agreed! it was alot of fun talking to you :D
  3. Yes I'm leaving the boards, but I'll talk to you thru Facebook.. you seem like an awesome person :)

  4. It was nice chatting with you AIM tonight :D

  5. There was talk to have figures made in 07 but they ran out of money, so they didnt go into production.
  6. lol I'll say....when people started pointing out shapes in the lantern i was like "...i think i see a clown....i think" lol

    I have a feeling this year is gonna be HUGE :)

  7. Same here ;)

    I think some people are looking to much into the event.. step back and look.. you'll be surprise at what you see.

  8. Hah good point :P Thats why we're all here, after all. I'm lovin all the speculation flyinf around :]

  9. People have sworn they have seen stuff hidden since 05 and I herd A&D thinks its funny cause they never hide anything in the teaser. However this yr they could of for all we know. As I said I've only find Caretaker pocket watch and Storyteller glasses. The pocket watch says 8:40 which represents a sad face, compare to 11:10 which is always a happy face. I have a pair of the storyteller glasses from 15 and it the blood splatter on it looks the same as it does in the image.
  10. The more I think about it I dont think where going to visit Cary, Ohio this yr. However it could come back in the future.. it is one of those unfinished storylines. So now maybe that its a body shop, I dont forsee maybe PS coming back in that location. Also I've only found 2 icons in the lantern, I'll look some more but maybe as they update the site more will be shown.
  11. I think theres been probs with pm like you said? is it sorted now?

  12. Im pretty good...just woke up O_o I think I may be obsessed...I dreampt of HHN last night rofl

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