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  1. Lemon Demon Presents: SPIRIT PHONE (I apologize I don't know how to hype this up.) Instead of taking the time to add every track to Monster Music, I'm just going to dedicate a house to Lemon Demon's Spirit Phone. Which is appropriate, considering the album is inspired by CreepyPastas, urban legends, existential crises, and other horror mediums. ROOMS: Facade: Guests walk into the house under a replica of the album cover, with Neil holding his cat. Every so often, like on the artwork, Neil and the cat's left eyes light up, followed by a third light behind them. Various Lemon Demon songs play. Lifetime Achievement Award: Guests enter a basement-turned-laboratory, where body parts are in various containers, and a corpse lies on a table, aware, looking around, but unable to quite move his stitched-up body. The scientist, a Cicierega-ish man, will attack with a hacksaw. Touch-Tone Telephone: Guests then enter a room that is cluttered with junk, conspiracy paraphernalia, corded telephones, yeah. A conspiracy theorist paces back and forth, rambling (lipsynching). Occasionally, he'll attack guests. Cabinet Man: Guests enter a 90's arcade, where maddened children hide between the cabinets. At the end of the room is the Cabinet Man, an arcade machine whose front panel is opened, revealing a visceral maw that is trying to devour a maintenance man. The victim struggles, but cannot escape the machine. No-Eyed Girl: Turning a corner, guests see the silhouette of a man being reduced to dust. As they venture further, they see, illuminated in a halo of light, a woman with no eyes. From the other side of the room, visceral eyeless men attack. When He Died: Guests then enter the mansion of the guy who died. The song goes into detail about all the crap that goes on, the corpse is charred, mangled, decapitated, covered in crawling scorpions, there's skulls everywhere, statues are crying blood... a detective bleeding from the eyes stumbles upon guests, before vomiting. In the next room, guests are in the charred remains of a shed, where the only surviving item is a creepy painting of a clown. At times, the clown disappears, and appears in front of guests, clawing at them, with piercing red eyes. Sweet Bod: In an apothecary, various mellified men are strewn out, and a Neil Cicierega-ish pharmacist is hawking products made from them between verses. One of the candied cadavers is an actor, and will lunge at guests. Eighth Wonder: Guests enter a barn, scattered with pillars of salt that have an uncanny resemblance to agonized people. You can't see it, but a small creature dashes about, making noise, rattling chains, and running against people's legs. (The leg thing is achieved with air. I know this is effective because I once mistook the blast from a fan at a restaurant for a small dog, and was disappointed when it wasn't.) Ancient Aliens: In a cave, covered with paintings, a caveman panics and attacks guests. Outside the cave, guests are approached by a group of extraterrestrial beings that are simply more curious than anything. Another caveman will attack. Soft Fuzzy Man: In a dark cave (again), guests find various skeletons of women, their possessions strewn about. A shadowy figure will attack guests. Guests then enter a fog, where the figure attacks again, but with visibly inhuman facial figures. As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It: A suburban kitchen, where the mother toils away at a stove making macaroni, and an old man's corpse sits at the table. A silhouette of a man berating his child is visible in the hall, and when the shadow goes in to attack, the father lunges towards guests with a belt. I Earn My Life: In an office, a salaryman paces from his cubicle to the water cooler to his dead boss. The man has a manic look on his face and is covered in blood, and the boss is not his only visible victim - just the only one in full view. The man, using a letter opener, threatens guests and makes sure his boss is dead. Reaganomics: One wall of the room is taken up by a giant screen, showing a news report on economic turmoil. From the ceiling hang various corpses of businessmen. A man in a Reagan mask will rush guests. Man-Made Object: Then guests step into a construction site, kinda like the higher floors of Nakatomi Plaza but WAY higher - you can see the city below it. A construction worker falls off, and the guy who is funding the building sits in a corner, covering the entire wall with runes made of blood and threatening guests. Spiral Of Ants: As the last track on the album, guests find themselves surrounded by ant people wearing suits. And there's a lot - the walls are mirrors, to give the illusion of there being even more. Many of the ants are bopping their heads to the music, with some attacking. As guests exit the maze, a giant ant queen attacks. (Puppet)
  2. If wearing a mask at night is a deal breaker, man are you going to hate this thing called Halloween... I already regret posting this.
  3. So there's a chance there's not really going to be a Halloween to begin with this year, is there. huh.
  4. ORCZ: LEGION OF SAVAGES The Kingdom of Farala hasn't been attacked by the creatures of the Wastelands in centuries. In fact, it's been so old that the kingdom has been replaced with a democracy, and Capital Farala is a 1920's utopian city. ...Until the Orcs came back. Overrun by these beasts, Capital Farala is in for trouble - can you escape the carnage, or will you become fresh meat? A scarezone that combines WarHammer 40K, Mad Max, and the wastes of the Roaring 20's, ORCZ: Legion of Savages is set in an urban section of the park. Posters for Farala businesses and events, such as a wizard that offers his services, or a lute concert, are hung, and there's an oldsmobile in the scarezone - shame that the driver has been slaughtered. Along with their army, the orcs brought along a few Wasteland-esque vehicles. There's a "Larder Truck", which is basically a truck with various humanoid meats hung over the bed. If the scarezone has the size for it, some of the Orcs can ride motorcycles. And as the crown jewel of the Orc Forces, is the giant Siege Wagon. The Siege Wagon is a large truck, coated with spikes, it can act like a battering ram and a portable barracks, and there's a gunner on top operating a machine gun. (The Purge's Big Daddy animatronic.) The music is a lot of drums and horns. SCARACTERS: Orc Leader: The guy in command, the Orc Leader is a big guy wearing a dirty, torn trenchcoat, military pants, huge boots, and a pair of goggles. Nine horns jut out of his head, three on each side and three down the middle, and his lower jaw is a piece of scrap metal. His voice can be heard over the soundtrack, barking orders, rallying his men, and insulting the weak, mortal men that make up the majority of guests. He carries a battleaxe made from a human's arm bones and scrap metal. Gruntz: The basic soldiers of the army, the gruntz wear scrap armor and carry weapons such as battleaxes, great swords, clubs, maces, and hammers. Since Orc Culture values strength over gender, the cast of soldiers can include female orcs. Boomerz: Okay, these guys wear scavenged, ragged clothes, lighter scrap armor, and carry boomsticks. Big-barreled shotguns made from salvaged materials. Preferably, the gun props will be able to "fire" (loud boom and flash in the muzzle.) Cookz: Fat orcs in skin aprons that carry body parts and cleavers. Berserkerz: Skinnier orcs that wear flayed humanoid pelts, run around, and attack with one-handed weapons. Destroyerz: Orcs that carry chainsaws.
  5. Well at this point, Five Nights At Freddy's might as well be nostalgia for some! And that would be a cool promotional idea.
  6. Okay, semi-brightside here, could that mean DOUBLE HHN in one year?
  7. Interesting! Personally, I see Mortis as an adventurer hero type, so the idea to make him the icon is interesting - though it could work, if we focus on his many studies. Also I'm looking into the God is Dead comics on TV Tropes - a frightening concept.
  8. SATURDAY MORNING CARNAGE Few things bring to mind the freedom of the weekend like wearing your PJs, fixing a bowl of cereal, and sitting down in front of the TV for a morning of cartoons. But nothing's sacred, is it? Trying to relive some nostalgia with streaming services, your TV kinda blew a fuse... and the rest of the room with it. Remember wishing that you'd be able to enter the worlds of your favorite cartoons? Yeah, about that... Inspired by Knott's Terrorvision, Saturday Morning Carnage is a take on classic cartoons of yesteryear with a twisted, sadistic turn. But let's be real here. We've got cartoons with mutagenic oozes, world-threatening terrorists, geniuses with a chip on their shoulder taking it out on their fellow man, giant alien robots, and little blue gnomes. Scary stuff. Anyways, the maze would be blacklight, possibly 3D, with a medley of the various theme songs playing. Possibly with more whimsy than the Terrorvision medley. ROOMS: Facade: Guests enter through the broken front of a TV, with static playing. (Yeah real original, Doc) Mountain Lair (He-Man): A purple-tinted layer. A blue man with a skeletal face stands above a barbarian with a sword impaled through his chest, ranting and raving about his ultimate victory. A giant beast of a man will lunge out at guests. Large Woods (Winnie the Pooh): A large, green wooded area. The carcasses of a piglet, kangaroo, donkey, and rabbit are strewn about, and a young boy hides from a giant yellow bear. From a tree, a tiger attacks. Battlefield (G.I. Joe): A dusty desert covered in a layer of fog. Various eclectic warriors are fighting, shouting orders, and often firing their weapons into the walk line. A white ninja, a man with a metallic face, and a man in blue armor AND a faceless, chrome mask attack guests. NY Street (The Real Ghostbusters): A streetlamp-lit street. A cartoonish red ghost attacks from the road, and a green blob jumps out of the window. Two guys in brightly-colored jumpsuits will attack the ghosts. Backstage (JEM): A brightly-lit, neon backstage for an upcoming concert - except the pink-haired singer is dead, from bludgeoning. A yellow-green haired rival will jump out at guests, threatening to beat them with a guitar. Kaiju Fight (Power Rangers): A miniature city set with a walkway made from carnage. A giant mecha and an evil sorceress hide in the carnage. Warlock's Shack (The Smurfs): A dark, medieval wizard's hut, swarming with little blue gnomish-creatures. Some of the creatures have caught and killed a cat, with one of them popping out of the carcass with a splash. The wizard will rush out, coated with the gnomes. All the while, they sing their song of madness. Race Track (Speed Racer): The track between the stands on a race track. A stylized race car has crashed into the wall, its racer stumbling about deliriously, bruised and bloodied, still holding onto the wheel. As guests go around the car, into the next scene, they encounter a TRUNK MONKEY with a wrench, and a black race car with buzz saws on the front rushes forward. Mad Scientist's Lair (TAoSonic The Hedgehog): A cartoonishly lit scene, one of the first things guests notice is a blue splat on the wall. A raspy-voiced, obese mustachioed man in a red coat rants and threatens guests. From a boo-hole, a giant, humanoid Rooster Robot attacks. Sewers (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles): A sewer hangout littered in... well, there's pizza, pizza boxes, skateboards, weapons, magazines of varying topics, some loose machinery, rat fur, green gunk's all over the place. Warped voices shout slang, and four grotesquely mutated turtles jump out at guests, one IN a pool of the gunk. A reporter with a camera ushers guests into the next scene. Happy Meadow (Strawberry Shortcake/My Little Pony): A fruit-scented field of flowers. Fruit-scented goblin girls are huddled over a pastel-colored horse, eating its entrails. The Strawberry goblin will attack guests. Arena (Pokemon): A grassy field surrounded by stands. A boy is electrocuted by his thunder rodent, and a human-sized dragon breathes a jet of fire at guests. (Again, Stranger Things flamethrower effect.) In the ground, are three impact silhouettes of a man, a woman, and their bipedal feline. The Van (Scooby-Doo): A dark area, with purple ground surrounded by a black void, filled with glaring cartoon eyes. Three teenagers have been slaughtered, with the fourth and his dog on top of the van, begging for help. Three men in costume (a ghost, a clown, and a werewolf) will attack, one with a chainsaw. FINALE: Alien Warzone (Transformers): A barren, rocky warzone where lazers can be heard firing. Guests pass by the giant scraps of what was once a robot/18-wheeler. As they leave the maze, a GIANT puppet of an evil robot overlord looms forward, reaching out at them.
  9. UNCLE KRANKY'S FUNHOUSE In life, Karl Raynkler was a sincerely good clown. Under the name Uncle Karl, he entertained at birthday parties, charity events, and business openings in his small town of Carey, Ohio. Sadly, his life was cut short when a group of teenage thugs beat him to death outside his own house. His last hours were spent in agony. You never admitted it, but you were one of those teens. Today, you head back to Raynkler's house, because they're investigating it and you may have left incriminating evidence. But something seems... off. Like... something's there. Something that should have left decades ago. Something... angry. Angry at you, in particular. Welcome to Uncle Kranky's Funhouse. ~~~ CLOWNS! I never liked them until recently, and for reasons I will not elaborate on I cannot use them in my Halloween stuff. But I still have a fascination with Halloween, and Clowns are... Halloweenish nowadays. Anyways, On a whim, I've been listening to the instrumental of Breakfast in America, which sounds like an evil clown song. Anyways, I'd try to work that into this house. Maybe an instrumental of House of Fun, The Logical Song, some Uncle Bobo's style Mr. Bungle (Quote Unquote, Stubb-a-Dub, and Carousel) instrumentals, maybe some Primus (Say, Farewell Wonkites, Mr. Krinkle, and Wynona's Big Brown Beaver), Happy Happy Joy Joy, oh if only I knew how to make mixes. ROOMS: Facade: Walk up to the ruins of Mr. Raynkler's house. You can still see the blood on the sidewalk, under the streetlight. (The streetlight also hides a speaker playing audio of the beating. All foley artistry and voice acting.) For split seconds, Karl's face flashes in the window. Ominous circus music can be heard. WELCOME TO THE FUNHOUSE!: Once you enter the front door, the room inside is decaying and falling apart - oh, and Karl, now Uncle Kranky, is a giant head above a portal. "EAHAHAHAHA! WELCOME TO THE FUNHOUSE, YOU LYING SNAKE! I'M UNCLE KRANKY, AND YOU'RE IN FOR THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE! BWAHAHAHAHA!" He'll snarl between loops. And the head is part projection, probably onto a face-like mold above the portal. Inside the room, red and white stripes are projected onto the walls, spinning around. Spinning Tunnel: Enter a Red-and-White spinning tunnel. At the end, a clown with a Rictus Grin attacks with a mallet. From this point on, BLACK LIGHT! But not 3D. WELCOME TO HELL!: The portal drops guests off at a ghostly carnival of sorts. They pass under a giant clown-faced archway, into a circus tent. Hanging in the arch is a banner with WELCOME TO HELL! written on it. Puppets: Inside the tents are several clown marionettes, hanging from the ceiling. Many are in the walkway, forcing guests to push through them. Off to the side, is a scaracter disguised as a clown marionette. Doggies: Guests then pass a clown being mauled by two dogs in little dog clown costumes. The clown can only laugh as he's ripped apart. A puppet Clown Rottweiler will jump at guests. Mirrors: The next corner is a hall of mirrors. Clown statues are inside two-way mirrors, exposed as the lights flicker with the music. One clown is a scaracter, and he will lunge at the guests. Between the Clown's Legs: Guests are then forced to walk between Kranky's legs. It's easier than that sounds, the legs are a giant arch covered in Raynkey's Clown Pants' pattern, with an actor who's legs are hidden in the pants. Kranky will mock guests, and his extra-long arms will lunge out from the walls. One side has a cream pie. The other has a knife. Karma: Guests then find themselves on a black lit sidewalk, attacked by a gang of clowns. Carnevil Ride: Guests then step onto a piece of track. A piece of rollercoaster track, specifically. As you make your way across, a roller coaster car barrels forward from the darkness. Shooting Gallery: Guests then enter a shooting gallery. From the no-man's zone. Three clowns, armed with bb-shooting tommyguns (that fire air), hoot, holler, and insult guests. Meanwhile, on the other side, balloons "pop", while multi-colored strobes flicker. Four Horsies: Guests then pass a carousel with four horses, ridden by four clowns, each to go with a horseman of the apocalypse. Famine is a fat, L4D-style Boomer-ish clown with gobs of cotton candy and popcorn. Pestilence is extremely thin, and throws up to the side. Death wears all black, and carries a balloon scythe that he swings at guests. War is a medieval jester who carries a brightly-colored mace that he also swings at guests. Prize Corner: Guests then pass through an assortment of stuffed animals. A few human-sized teddybears, but what really get guests is the actor covered in regular-sized plushies, who pops out of the wall. GUILTY AS CHARGED!: Guests pass by a judge's podium, manned by none other than Kranky himself. He damns guests to Hell for their sins. Guests then walk through a giant "flame", to... FINALE: Big Bobby: A giant clown's gaping maw. Think the Underworld Clown from this year's Halloween Decoration Expo, the giant, black-and-green clown with arms long enough to walk through. You're heading straight for this thing's razor-filled maw. His giant, clawed hands swing at guests. Once in his mouth, Uncle Kranky attacks one last time.
  10. DRUIDS AND DEMONS: THE SWAMPLANDS Prepare for another Druids and Demons journey! Tonight, our heroes have to brave The Swamplands, a ragged wetland filled with vile, wretched beings, to get to Fort Noctus, where they will provide relief from a recent disaster. But it's not all fun and games - as always, danger lurks around every corner! Hope you have another character ready... Admittedly, my Druids and Demons house inspiration has shifted from D&D to Pathfinder. I mean, look at PF's Monsters! Bloodybones! Calacas! Krampus! Chupacabra! You can have a goblin gunslinger team up with an orc samurai, a kitsune investigator, and a changeling skald to investigate The Skinsaw Murders! And... I admit that the Swamps came from my PF Research. Because what lives in the Swamps in Pathfinder? Hideous, inbred ogres. (And if you want, you can play a Leatherface Ogre - complete with Chainsaw! - with a slasher archetype in the Slayer class (Bloody Jake), technology (the aforementioned chainsaw), and mask (it's a magical item).) ROOMS: Facade: Lining the path is a large tabletop map setup, with figurines standing for the party, some NPCs, and the monsters. (One will be an actor, and attack guests.) The entrance is a large DM's screen, with Mitch Wooster above it (an actor who interacts with guests, hyping everything in-character as a loremaster). Enter the Swamps: Lit by moonlight, guests enter a swamp. A sign warns guests to "TURN BAK NOU", written in crude bloody writing, and guarded by a scarecrow made out of an elf. Ogre Territory: Further in the swamp, is a trio of ogres huddled around a dead horse, picking it apart and eating it. One will threaten guests. Leatherworks: Guests enter a section of trees, where the branches are covered with flayed corpses and hides. An ogre lady has split open a still-living dwarf, and is removing his guts. Across from her, a masked ogre attacks with a giant hook. RUN: Guests then find a ranger, armed with a crossbow, who pressures guests to make haste and get to safety. She then takes aim, and fires at a charging ogre. He still appears, bolt stuck through his eye, and attacks guests with a giant cleaver. The ranger shoots again, driving him off. Trophies: Guests then go through two rows of spikes, displaying severed heads of freshness ranging from Still Moving to Rotten Skull. An ogre attacks through the spikes using a hook on a pole. Fort Noctus Facade: Guests are then led through the entrance of Fort Noctus. Training Grounds: Various corpses are laid in the training grounds, both of the soldiers who protected the fort and of the Ogre invaders. A tiefling with a blunderbuss attacks guests. Demonic Force: As guests walk down the fortress, a soldier begs for help, unaware that a demon is walking up behind him. When the demon reaches him, the infernal creature plunges his hand through his victim's chest, ripping out his heart. (Taken from a scene from YETI: Terror of the Yukon.) Barracks: As guests enter the barracks, they spot a man, his eyeballs ripped out but one still dangling, wandering aimlessly, madly babbling about how he didn't mean to do this and it's all his fault. His forehead is marked with an unholy symbol. A demon rips his way through the wall. Cafeteria: In the mess hall, various corpses are strewn about, all with giant chunks ripped out of them. A couple of demons feast on their still-living prey, using giant, toothy maws to chomp down. Powerless: Exiting the mess hall, guests find a cleric dangling from a noose of thorned vines and a paladin impaled on a brimstone spike. The cleric struggles to breathe, and the paladin occasionally lurches alive and deleriously asks for help. A demon mocks the cleric. Finale: In the Captain's Office, a giant, towering demon in a robe mocks guests and launches a fireball at them (The Stranger Things Flamethrower Effect, with the light and smoke pipes hidden in the scaracter's sleeves). He goes on about how he's going to take over the world, and that nothing can stop him. The captain will rush in with an axe, only to be challenged by a demonic trooper.
  11. I hope you had a lot of fun making that, I had a lot of fun reading it.
  12. Also this wound up happening in the comic last year.
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