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  1. OCTOBER 31st Stingy Jack is back, with a new mix of terror to shock and horrify you! Using his magic to overtake an abandoned toy shop, he's arranged for a new set of terror to remind everyone of the true meaning of Halloween. Return to his world if you dare, but keep in mind: he's not messing around! Another set of Halloween-inspired scenes make up this journey to Stingy Jack's world. And to be honest, Jack's return is just an excuse for another set of Halloween scenes. I promise, while I might retread familiar ground I'll try to keep the scenes different. ROOMS: Facade: Guests find themselves walking up to an abandoned Toysaurus shop, overtaken with pumpkin vines bearing many Jack-O' Lanterns. The windows have the same swirl pattern as The House That Jack Built featured, and the vines hold the door open. Toysaurus: The building has been cleared out, even the shelves. However, standing upon a stage is Stingy Jack, who ushers guests into a world of terror! He's his old, wisecracking, charming self. Guests exit the scene through a giant wooden doorway decorated with old-time Halloween-themed signs, with the opening draped with black fringe curtain. Are You Ready?: The Halloween signs continue to appear in the dark hallway, lit with a black light. Stingy Jack can be heard, asking guests if they're prepared for the terror within. Guests pass through another fringe curtain, into... The Maize Part 2: Where guests find themselves in a moonlit cornfield. Like the original house, scarecrows lurk in the corn. Unlike the original house, as guests turn a corner they find a combine rushing towards them. The Sheet Maze: Exiting the corn, guests find themselves surrounded by white sheets hanging on clotheslines. A menacing silhouette can be seen behind one sheet, and he seems to be raising his knife... only for a clown to attack from an opposite sheet. (The shadowed killer is projected onto the sheet.) Masks: Guests enter a hallway covered with Halloween masks. A scaracter hides in the wall, wearing a suit covered with masks. Pumpkin Carving: Guests enter the gaping maw of a giant Jack-O' Lantern. Inside the gourd, pumpkin guts hang from the walls, over the walkway, and pumpkin creatures attack with giant pumpkin saws. (Steak knife sized saws.) As guests wind through the mazelike walls, the final turn hides a giant knife piercing the flesh of the squash, that will be lunged towards guests. The Coven: As guests exit the pumpkin, they find themselves in a witch's shack. The witches' song from MacBeth can be heard. (I may be taking that bit from All Hallow's Evil. Sorry.) A hag and a younger witch tend to a concoction, interacting with guests. This distracts from a crone on the other side of the room, who splashes the contents of her cauldron onto guests. (Water, fog, and lights.) Guests exit the shack through a giant, overturned cauldron, a green fire-and-ice light providing the spill, and into... Spinning Tunnel: A green-lit spinning tunnel. On the walls is the shroud of smoke, and skulls. Graveyard: Exiting the brew, guests wind up in a graveyard lit with orange, purple, and green stringlights. It's Halloween, and the dead are throwing a party. As guests make their way through the tombstones, Halloween party music plays and zombies and ghosts attack. One of the zombies is a man in a pumpkin suit. Guests then enter the mausoleum, the opening of which is a white fringe curtain coated with static.... Horror Film: Because it turns into a black-and-white vampire movie. Guests pass by a coffin, which will open... only for no one to be inside... until a vampire emerges from the false back of the coffin. Guests then enter a film studio archive, where Frankenstein's Monster, a mummy, and a killer doll lurk. Horrorthon: Guests exit the archives, and enter a theater through a tear in the movie screen playing scenes from Horror classics. Several horror fans are in the seats, dressed as monsters. Most are static props, but a few are scaracters. An usher (NOT Julian Browning. Unless they really want Browning.) forces guests out for not having a ticket. Trick Or Treat: Guests then enter a space made of candy. Lurking in this space is a giant monster made from various "loser candies". Those chalky disks, candy corn, razor apples, stuff that gets stuck in your teeth, all that fun. Distinctively different from the Summerween Trickster, of course. More Yeti-shaped. That said, a victim will burst out of his chest, begging for release before getting sucked back in. The Olden Days: Guests then enter Stonehenge, surrounded by druids in robes. A lead druid, face covered in markings and a long, grey beard, attacks guests with a scythe. FINALE: The Harvest Lords: Guests then find themselves in a valley of sacrificed animals and people, covered in fog. As guests navigate the walls of the dead, deer skull-headed stilt walkers attack.
  2. So we're not going to mention Sid Haig (Captain Spaulding)'s passing? Seeing as Spaulding plays a part in this year's event, I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up.
  3. Sounds like the music from the Halloween part of Holidayz in Hell. So it'd be Figure, probably. Which song, I don't know.
  4. 66.6 FM: The Damned Besides a few things, such as the fact that it plays metal, no one really knows that much about 66.6 FM The Damned. It just kinda... started broadcasting one day, and people stumbled upon it and kept listening. After a while, the DJ, Joss, announced a bit of a festival. You'd be able to meet the man behind The Damned... and win a t-shirt. There was a surprisingly high turnout - which, as it turned out, was a bad thing, as during the event, Joss played a cursed tone, driving participants mad. Now, as the festival goes on, blood will be spilled - and Joss can't be any more proud of himself. The scarezone smells of beer. There's probably a beer stand in it, actually, or at least within sight from an entrance. On both entrances, are a van with the scarezone's name on it, painted on in red blood font. Joss sits at a covered booth, interacting with other scaracters and guests, and "DJ-ing". (He'll announce the next song and make announcements/barbs, but the playlist changes on its own.) The spotlights move, change color, and flash with the music. At various times in the night, Joss gives away a freebie souvenir (something like a poster/t-shirt) that the winner can decline or accept. Said shirts and posters are also available in the gift shop, but hey, free shirt. SCARACTERS: Joss: The DJ. A sardonic asshole. Encourages his followers to cause chaos. The Damned Listeners: People who went mad from the tone. They look like metalheads, which is a varied look - but you can tell that they're scaracters, they're covered in blood. Some carry beer bottles. And some have that t-shirt. Chainsaws: Why are there chainsaws at a music festival? It's scary. These guys almost all wear black jackets. MUSIC SUGGESTIONS (in a different order, preferably): Cult of Personality (Living Colour) Square Hammer (Ghost) Dance Macabre (Ghost) Du Hast (Rammstein) Ich Will (Rammstein) Master Of Puppets (Metallica) Sad But True (Metallica) The Stage (Avenged Sevenfold) Hail to the King (Avenged Sevenfold) Animal I Have Become (Three Days Grace) I Am Machine (Three Days Grace) Cut The Cord (Shinedown) Mr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne) Iron Man (Black Sabbath) Monster (Skillet) Jesus Built My Hotrod (Ministry) N.W.O. (Ministry) Voodoo (Godsmack) Get Ready To Die (Andrew W.K.)
  5. I swear I heard Sweet Dreams are Made of These (though I can't place the artist) in a Vanity Ball video. Around :38, in fact.
  6. To be fair to them, Pennywise IS a killer clown from outer space.
  7. ROCK AND ROLL, SHOCK YOUR SOUL Set 2 Evil does not go down without a fight. We may have saved our music once, but the evil has returned to try again. And you may have survived its last onslaught, but this time, things are quite different.... yay music. Though I may have brought the majority of the best stuff out first. ROOMS: Facade: The entrance is set up like a giant record player, turned on its side, with a spinning tunnel as the entrance. The spinning tunnel looks like the record, with grooves and scratches. As guests reach the end of the tunnel and turn, a ghoulish hair metal musician attacks. (Rooms can be in any order, as per the last time.) House of the Rising Sun (The Animals): Guests enter The House of the Rising Sun, a squalid house of ill repute. Many of the men are passed out, and an organist plays the organ, occasionally swiping at guests. In the transition, the boss of the house bursts through the hall, telling guests to get out. Psycho Killer (Talking Heads): Guests walk into a warped representation of an apartment living room. The TV is on, playing various kills from slasher movies, someone's torn through the place, the windows are horribly cracked, and the kitchen is on fire. A madman will break through the busted window, brandishing a knife, and another hides in the kitchen, brandishing an axe. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Alice Cooper): Guests find themselves in a red-lit performer's vanity room, where Alice Cooper is huddled in the corner. The mirrors are busted, and one lights up to reveal a "mirror" Cooper (Alice Cooper, but flipped). When the light goes off, a scaracter Mirror Cooper will break through the other mirror. The transition has guests walk past Alice Cooper's dressing room, where an actor playing the man himself will kick down the door. Mr. Roboto (Styxx): Guests enter a futuristic dystopian prison, where various rock musicians are locked in cells, and beg for release. Two Mr. Robotos lurk within the halls, intimidating guests. In the transition, guests see Kilroy being forcefully turned into a Mr. Roboto. Video Killed The Radio Star (The Buggles): Guests find a crime scene in an electronics store, where a man has been bludgeoned to death, and all the TVs are set to music videos. A man with an old TV as a helmet (with the screen on, permanently static) appears, ready to bludgeon guests with either a VCR or an electric guitar. Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd): Guests walk down a set of school desks, occupied by ghoulish children (some will lunge at guests), as they make their way to the teacher's desk. The teacher, taken directly from the movie, rants at guests and threatens them with his ruler. In the transition, a giant teacher puppet attacks. Don't Pay The Ferryman (Chris De Burgh): The rain comes down, and guests find themselves walking beside a river. They see a soul of a man bargaining with Charon, who is having none of it. While this scene distracts guests, a shade attacks. In the transition, Charon emerges, threatening guests with an oar. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (The Beatles): Guests wander through the trail of Maxwell's carnage, where some of the victims reanimate and cry for help. In the transition, Maxwell brings his silver hammer down, aiming for a guest's head. The Final Countdown (Europe): Guests find themselves in a secret Soviet bunker, where a doomsday device counts down to annihilation. Armed soviets will attack.
  8. So, what do the scaracters look like?
  9. Sounds dark, do it. Don't follow Wrestling, but I do hear of Kane, Sting, The Wyatt Family... Golddust? And Goldberg played the evil Santa Claus in Santa's Slay, so that's something to consider.
  10. PLAYTIME Do you remember those old toys you used to play with? Action figures, dolls, stuffed animals... you had a lot of fun, right? Well so did the toys. But then you locked them in an attic for 30 frickin' years. And now the toys are mad... So, apparently, a surprise Blumhouse property appeared in last year's Revenge of Chucky Scarezone: Jem and the Holograms! No, seriously. Jem... she actually appeared, and so did Jerrica Benton, I know nothing about this franchise other than the Blumhouse movie sucked. But... what if we took a bunch of other classic, nostalgic toys (...even though I wasn't around for the majority of these) and made a scarezone based around it? The toys are in... decentish shape. Recognizable, but dirty, slightly broken, and faded. Boxes filled with toys line the zone, and music from the 80's and 90's plays. Despite their general animosity towards park guests, certain characters WILL fight their enemies, and team up with characters of similar good/evil alignment. SCARACTERS (Well, Character Inspiration): He-Man and Skeletor She-Ra and Hordak Jem and Jerrica Benton My Buddy Grumpy Bear Barbie and Ken Polly Pocket Optimus Prime and Megatron Cobra Commander Lion-O and Mumm-Ra Teddy Ruxpin Don't Free Freddy Troll Doll(s) Leonardo, Michealangelo, Donatello, Raphael, and Shredder
  11. THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN'S FOREST There are a lot of vile things in the forest. Mosquitoes. Coyotes. That one rabid bigfoot that attacked that camper - you remember that? However, one of the worst things to encounter is The Headless Horseman - the spirit of a Revolutionary War Hessian who got his head knocked off by a cannonball, yet still rides in search of victims. Though it was thought that he was looking for a head to replace his own, we've recently found out that he's been doing something worse to his victims, replacing their heads with Jack-O' Lanterns to make them his servants. Dare you enter the woods? ... ROOMS: FACADE: Guests enter the maze via a covered bridge. Warnings of the Headless Horseman's presence play as guests enter the bridge. As guests traverse the bridge, a pumpkin-headed ghoul appears in one of the windows, lunging at guests. First Encounter: Exiting the bridge, guests see a large white horse, ridden by the Horseman himself. The pumpkin he carries laughs and taunts guests, who are "FOOLS, for entering MY DOMAIN!", and swears to add their heads to his collection. Dense Brush: The Forest thickens, hiding the Horseman's Servants. Campsite: As the brush clears, guests find a campsite lit by a dying fire. The campers have been decapitated, with pumpkins replacing their heads. A servant attacks, holding a dagger and a head, and one of the slumped-over corpses lunges at guests. Hunter's Blind: As guests push through the woods, they encounter a hunter's blind. In silhouette, guests can see the hunter inside be attacked by a servant. Blood will splatter on the blind, and another servant will attack from the other side. Pumpkins: Guests then stumble into a patch of pumpkins. A dead hunter is now a scarecrow, and servants tend to the gourds. They will attack. Second Encounter: In the next patch of dense brush, guests can hear the clopping of hooves. Suddenly, The Horseman charges towards guests on his horse. Abandoned Manor: Guests then find the facade of a giant, crumbling Revolutionary War Manor. Inside the Manor: As guests head through the entrance, they see hundreds of heads, stuck in silent screams. A Servant will attack. Third Encounter: The horse can be seen outside the window, so... The Horseman kicks down a door opposite of the window, and swings his axe at guests. Stables: The Stables are full of horse bones. A Skeletal Horse neighs, rears up, and snorts. Fourth Encounter: Guests walk besides a short outcrop, where the stomping of boots can be heard. The Horseman will jump down (bungee stunt) from the rocks. Cemetery: Guests then walk into an abandoned graveyard. From the surrounding trees, servants attack. Finale: In a final encounter, the Horseman appears, chasing guests onto another covered bridge. Seeing that he can't cross it, he throws his Jack-O' Lantern at guests. (I have no idea how to do this. Maybe the thrown Jack-O' Lantern is a puff of smoke, illuminated orange and with the cackling carved face projected onto it?)
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