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  1. SPIRIT HALLOWEEN: THE HALLOWEEN FACTORY The Dream Job becomes a Nightmare as you enter the Halloween factory! Overseen by Jack The Reaper, this is where Halloween begins to come to life. But be cautious, as the employees might use you to make the next big thing! I'm not updating Tricks and Threats. ~~~ ROOMS: FACADE: Guests make their way up to a factory with Jack The Reaper's visage on it. Jack can be heard shouting bonuses to working in the factory over a loudspeaker. In shadows on the factory walls, guests can see animations involving various animatronics. Factory Entrance: Entering the factory, guests are greeted by skeletal employees tending to conveyer belts moving Halloweenish things. Foreman Grim stands on a balcony, instructing the skeletons. "Powerhouse" can be heard playing in the early parts. Hallway: Guests enter a hallway, where various people in Ghostface disguises can be seen peeking out from the doorways. Many can be seen dragging body parts behind them. As guests exit the hallway room, another Ghostface runs out of an office. Card Room: Guests enter a room where a victim is strapped to a spinning wheel, cards lodged in the wheel and victim. Henry Hustle will walk out, pretending to rear up for a card toss, only to lift his head up, revealing that the clown face guests were seeing was a fake and his "Real" face is much scarier. Trapeze Room: Guests walk around Harriette Hustle, who is swinging on a trapeze. Whether in front of or behind, she'll threaten guests with her knife. Clown's Office: Guests see a clown hanging upside down behind a layer of plexiglass. When the plexiglass'd area goes dark, a scaracter playing a freed BBoJ will rush from an adjacent boo hole. Sewer Room: Guests enter a room filled with sewer pipes. The scent of gray water permeates the room, and water splashes from a few pipes. From a pipe not in commission, Pennywise lunges at guests. Cotton Candy Room: In a room full of dangling cotton candy cocoons, Shorty takes turns punching cocoons at guests and swinging at guests directly. Ice Cream Room: Guests see a giant vat of ice cream churning, mixing vanilla with chunky blood and body parts. Kids are seen trapped in waffle cones, trying to escape. A two-headed clown will rush guests. Resource Management: In a blacklit room, guests see Wacky pummeling a squirming man-sized bag with his hammer. As guests turn the corner, another Wacky will rush guests. Nice Effin' Model: In a dark room, the spotlight focuses on a model of the factory. A voice shakily says, "Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse, Betelgeuse", and from the Darkness, The Ghost with the Most jumps onto the table. From this point on, the music switches to horror movie themes. The Operating Room: In a room full of body parts, guests see the shadow of Bill Jackson cutting off his hands and replacing them with his buzzsaw and mallet. As the projection finishes, Buzzsaw himself will rush from the corner. Hallway 2: Guests see a ghost wander in the hall ahead of them, before being attacked by the same ghost. Cages: Exiting the hallway, guests find themselves between two tight rows of shaking cages. Some contain demon dogs, giant spiders, and kids. From one cage, a demonic hand lunges out. Candy Corn Field: Guests wander outside, to a field of corn that smells oddly sugary - and the field is littered with dead birds. From the stalks, Night Stalker rushes out. Spider Sanctuary: Guests wind up in a location littered with spiders of all sizes, including a few Jumping Spider animatronics. From a trailer covered in webs, jumps Mr. Howle. Resource Storage: In a graveyard with various dug and filled graves, the Grave-Grabbing Corpse grabs at guests from his grave. Factory Entrance 2: At the end of the graveyard is the factory side entrance. As guests enter the open doorway, the Caretaker rushes from a nearby mausoleum. Hallway 3: As guests make their way to the next room, a bride carrying her groom's head will lunge out from an open door. Daycare: Guest enter a room filled with toys that may or may not be haunted. Most of the kids are huddled in one corner, afraid of one girl. The one girl points at guests, and a shadowy spirit lunges at guests. Shipping: In a room filled with coffin-shaped crates, a reaper rises. (The reaper is played by a scaracter on a pulley.) After rising, the reaper lunges at guests, before returning to position. Sacrifice Room: In the center of a room with a pentagram on the floor, lit by candles, is a demon with a scythe and a ram's head. The candles will go out, and when they come back on, the Ram Demon attacks guests, before returning to the center. FINALE: Guests enter a breakroom. Pop music is playing, and a few animatronics from before (mainly Wacky) will jump out to scare guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack the Reaper will attack.
  2. I'm not that big on Trent Reznor's work, but I could try! I'm gonna edit the original post to feature Another Brick in the Wall Part 3.
  3. Unofficial Chainsaw Scarezone ideas: ~~~ CULT OF SAWIN' It's time for the Autumn Festival, and these druids have a secret to a bountiful harvest: SACRIFICE! Armed with chainsaws, the hills will turn red. Scaracters: Scaracters wear robes and facepaint, ranging from simple markings to patterns of the skull and of beasts. Sample of Music: Tribal (Nightwish), Nothing Else Matters (Gregorian), Great Grey Wolf Sif (Darksouls) ~~~ COLD WAR SAWS Dosvidanya, Capitalist Swine! These relics of the USSR are out for blood, and will kill you with Friendship! Note: Druzhba is the Russian word for Friendship, and also a popular model of Communist chainsaw. Scaracters: Scaracters wear overcoats. Many wear gas masks, skull masks, or goggles. Some wear ushankas, others commander caps. Sample of Music: USSR Anthem, Tetris (PowerGlove), Soldier of Dance (Team Fortress 2) ~~~ FURSAWS Tired of being the internet's punching bag, the furries are biting back! Don't trust their bright colors - they're baying for blood! Scaracters: Scaracters wear... well, they wear bloodied fursuits. The heads are designed for safety purposes, and the "Completeness" of the fursuit varies from scaracter to scaracter - one may be wearing a full costume (sans paws, replaced with gloves), others would be wearing sleeves and heads and tails under shirts and pants. One scaracter is a tough guy in a dollar store kitty mask. Sample of Music: Hungry like the Wolf (Duran Duran), Howling for You (The Black Keys), Animals (Maroon 5) ~~~ SAWCON It's time for the Serial Killers Expo! Make your way through the killers and you might get a reward! (Reward is getting to live.) Don't ask about the title Scaracters: All the scaracters wear cosplay costumes of varying quality. Probably of all-Universal properties. Sample of Music: Super Killer (Neil Cicierega), Floorcorn (Neil Cicierega), You're at the Party (Neil Cicierega's band Lemon Demon) ~~~ SAWBONES It's time for your operation. Watch out, however, for the mad doctors and nurses roaming the streets with chainsaws. Scaracters: Scaracters wear bloody scrubs, sometimes with bloody labcoats over them. Some wear glasses, goggles, head lamps, but all wear face masks. Sample of Music: Surgeon Simulator 2013 Theme, MEDIC! (Team Fortress 2), Archimedes (Team Fortress 2)
  4. PINK FLOYD: THE WALL: in 3D "Is this where we came in?" Floyd Pinkerton has had a rough life. He lost his father, was belittled at school by students and teacher alike, and was smothered by his overbearing mother. When the chance at fame knocks on his door, he takes it - but it's nowhere near the good life as Pink Floyd loses what little grip he had left and becomes a horrible monster. It took me too damn long to listen to the full album. But I checked it off my bucket list, and now I have an idea for a house. It's not based directly off the movie, though it would borrow some elements. And it'd be in 3D. ROOMS: FACADE: Guests put on 3D glasses and walk up to a giant recreation of the original album. As they approach, they see that the Wall has an opening, like how the entrance to CLOWNS 3D looked like the Clown's mouth, with the bottom fangs being in a recess. As they turn the corner, guests see PINK FLOYD: THE WALL on another segment of wall, and a scaracter disguised as the Wall jumps out at guests. Pink Floyd songs from other albums play until guests reach In the Flesh?: Guests see a large crowd of concert goers in the stands as they walk across a stage. A fan will rush towards guests. The Thin Ice/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1: Guests pass by a crib. During The Thin Ice, the child's parents can be seen watching the child, only for the father to leave for Another Brick in the Wall. As guests continue into the house, shadowy creatures with glowing red eyes will attack. The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2: Guests then end up in a British Schoolhouse, where various corpselike children sit in their tables. A scaracter playing the Teacher, taken from the movie, attacks guests with his ruler. Then guests find themselves walking above a meat grinder, on a platform that barely seems able to support them, red, visceral meat churning in the hopper. Guests then walk in front of the grinder, meat falling out of the grinding plate. A faceless child will rise from the bowl collecting meat, scaring guests. Mother: Guests see a pretty high wall, few holes along the length. Pink's mother, a grotesque caricature of a smothering matron, will grab out from one of the holes. Goodbye Blue Sky: Guests then walk into a graveyard where Pink is shown standing in front of a grave. No scares, just a somber moment of reflection. Empty Spaces/Young Lust: Along another section of wall, an older Pink stalks the hall. Guests can see another Pink, ahem, "engaging" in illicit activity with a woman, but said Pink is a scaracter, like the Sick Things in Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare. One of My Turns/Don't Leave Me Now: In a trashed hotel room, Pink will attack guests with a guitar. As the room transitions to the outside of the hotel room, through a busted window, a woman is seen thrown out of her room. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3/Goodbye Cruel World: Passing by the complete wall, guests see hands pressing against the other side of the wall. As guests enter the next room, a portion of the wall goes clear, revealing Pink bleeding from his orifices. Hey You/Is There Anybody Out There?: Along the wall, see Pink begging for help in an enclosed part of the wall. The guests' shadows line the wall, as Pink begs to be noticed. Comfortably Numb: Guests see doctors doping up Pink, some of which turn to the guests with giant syringes. As guests exit the room, they walk through a corridor, the walls disappearing to reveal a disorienting disappearing tunnel. In the Flesh: Before guests is a tall stage, a surrogate band standing above them. The leader gestures along to the song. When the song gets to the racist parts, it cuts to instrumental. A demented fan will attack guests. Run Like Hell: Guests exit under the stage into a street in chaos. As they wind their way through the wreckage, fans of Pink's music will attack. One resembles Doug Walker's character, The Nostalgia Critic, near the end of the scene. Waiting for the Worms: Guests find themselves in a maze of flags (unlike the actual Hammer Flags), depicting worms. More fans will attack from behind the curtains. Like in In The Flesh, the racist parts are covered with sirens. The Trial: Exiting the maze, guests find themselves in a giant courtroom. At times, giant puppet variations of The Schoolmaster, Pink's Mother, and Pink's Wife will reach for guests. At the final stretch, the Judge speaks up, revealing himself (a giant puppet as well), walking towards the guest line. The Judge is the same one from the movie. Outside the Wall: As guests exit the maze, the last track of the album plays. Art is drawn on the wall, and guests exit through a demolished section. As they leave, a withered Pink attacks.
  5. dammit where was that Fez when I was making Imhotep
  6. I hero-forged again, this time with a more classic theme. UNIVERSAL MONSTERS HORRORTHON DRACULA! FRANKENSTEIN! THE WOLF-MAN! Classics never go out of style, and we know it! So tonight, we've got a series of movies to commemorate the perennial favorites of horror fans everywhere, AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN THEM BEFORE! You'll be on the edge of your seats as you witness chaos, carnage, and sheer terror! ~~~ I've been thinking about a "Niktmarr spin" on Universal Classic Monsters, and after playing around in Heroforge I wound up designing some monsters. Maybe one day I'll draw my own designs for house scaracters. But not today. Anyways, I've taken some liberty with the monsters, some as my own take on the design, others as a limitation of the Hero Forge service. (I could have sworn that they had fezzes.) Anyways, ~~~ ROOMS: Queue: Guests line up and enter the Karloff Park Theater, a nice theater whose outside is covered in classic Horror Posters. Classic Halloween songs play, and the marquee reads UNIVERSAL MONSTERS HORRORTHON. Once inside, an usher leads guests to their theater. It is encouraged that the actors and actresses who play the usher interact with guests, acting as hypemen. Theater: Clips from classic monster movies can be seen on the silver screen as guests make their way to the exits at the front. From the seats, The Red Death will rise up and attack guests. Cemetery: Outside of the theatre, guests see a giant castle in the distance and a graveyard full of emptied graves. Fritz will emerge, threatening to brain guests with a shovel. Chemist's Lab: Guests enter a black-and-white lab cluttered with chemistry equipment. Jets of air fire at guests, while the unseen adversary taunts them. As guests leave, the Invisble Man emerges, attacking guests with a needle. Medical Lab: In the medical lab, Dr. Frankenstein is seen cutting open a cadaver and ranting about the process of creating life. Tomb: In a tomb, Rats are everywhere as Dracula lords over a captured and tied-up Van Helsing in a coffin. While ranting, he'll take the time to emphasize his vords with a jab of a stake, either towards guests or into Helsing's chest. The Lake: Guests go outside the tomb, into a downright beautiful lagoon covered with exotic plant life. While admiring the scenery, the Gill-Man (who would be more screen-accurate than seen here) will lunge at guests. Temple: As guests go from the Black Lagoon to a temple, they witness Imhotep attacking a woman, draining her of her youth. As he turns to guests, he swipes at them with his bone-dry hand. Backstage: In the backstage area of a theatre, Erik can be seen playing the organ, masked. He will lunge out at guests, before resuming his playing. Guests then find themselves in the aisles of the seats, when the chandelier swings towards them. As they exit the theater, the unmasked Phantom will attack. Pyramid: In the sandy remains of a desert pyramid, are the corpses of archeologists, strangled to death. As guests make their way around the bodies, the perpetrator, Kharis, lurches forward, threatening to choke THEM. Crypt: In a crypt covered with cobwebs and lit by lanterns, guests find the corpse of Fritz, his head caved in, and Dr. Frankenstein pleading for his life. Frankenstein's Monster will emerge, threatening to pound guests to a pulp. Romanian Village: As guests exit the crypt, they see a wagon, where the projected shadow of a man turning into a beast can be seen. In the deserted village, a werewolf's howl can be heard, and The Wolf-Man will attack. FINALE: Dracula's Dining Hall: Guests walk past a long table, filled with decaying body parts arranged into a ghastly buffet, and see the shadow of Dracula turning into a giant bat monster to attack a victim. Turning the corner, they see the bat monster in full detail. As guests exit the maze, they are attacked by Frankenstein's Monster and The Wolf Man.
  7. Great ideas. How the hell is the Spider Commercial supposed to sell a car? I mean, spiders are cool and all, but having your car be a giant demon spider? Scary. I did consider Baby Doll, but I forgot about it when I got around to posting. K-Fee... classic jumpscares. The Judderman was actually in the post. But considering what it is, a sequel giving some extra focus would be cool. Maybe the Judderman as an old woman peddling its "lovely metz". You Cannot Beat Us. If Nintendo signs off on it, sure. The uncanny valley, threats, recognizability! But it's Nintendo. The problem with Japanese Ronald McDonald is that I can't verify that they were used as actual commercials. And the Ronald McDonald Brand is something McDonalds is fiercely protective of. Trust me, I'd love to throw Ronald into the mix, but it's unlikely. Nose would definitely work. And Panda Cheese, definitely. Walk through the remains of the wreckage, when suddenly Panda appears to beat you over the head with a scene-related prop.
  8. HELL OF ADVERTISING Advertisements are sometimes annoying, sometimes funny, and sometimes scary. These commercials have haunted us for a good while, and now... they're back for blood. ~~~ I think I got bored and mentioned a haunted house based on commercials. You know, I don't even think this idea would be legal to pull off. Definitely a lot of red tape to get through. ~~~ ROOMS: FACADE: Guests walk through a wall covered in old print advertisements. Rooms can be in any order, except for the finale. Transitions are staticky curtains. NesTea Snowman: Guests walk through a dark convenience store, where a silhouetted skeletal figure can be seen, downing a drink and regaining mass. As he throws away the bottle, the skeletal snowman attacks with his carrot nose, accompanied by a blast of mist. Bud Ice Penguin: On a stormy highway, guests see a penguin sinisterly singing "Dooby-Dooby Doo". As he finishes up, a car barrels towards guests. The Judderman: In a forest, the rhyme of the Judderman can be heard and victims are shown freezing over. The Judderman attacks from the trees. Puppy Monkey Baby: As guests approach the next room, the silhouette of a jerkily dancing figure can be shown. As guests enter a living room, Puppy Monkey Baby will appear through a hidden door in the wall, approaching guests strangely. Krinkles the Clown: Guests pass by a clown sticking his head out of some kind of dog house. "Breakfast!", he shouts. As he ducks away, another Krinkles attacks from the other side. "I'm Hungry!" Snickers Lady: In a dark supermarket, guests wind their way through the aisles. A woman squarely in the uncanny valley will lunge at guests. Burger King: In a dark bedroom, a TV plays clips of the Subservient Chicken and Sneak King. As guests pass the bed, The Burger King will lunge out from under it. Wilkins Coffee: Guests step into a black-and-white zone covered in the mangled corpses of Wontkins'. From the corners of the room, Wilkins will lunge out, attacking guests in time with a snappy one-liner. Chocolate Monster: Live-Action Count Chocula stands on a stairway, narrating about a "little chocolate monster". Said monster, this hideous blob thing, will lunge out from a refrigerator. Little Baby's Ice Cream: The Narration from the commercial plays as guests stumble upon various corpses in a freezer, with scoop-sized chunks taken out of the heads. The Ice Cream Being will lunge out at guests with a bloody scoop. As guests go to the other room, another Ice Cream Being is seen eating the brain chunks. Kinder Surprise: Guests pass by a giant humpty dumpty puppet speaking gibberish and playing with a *gasp* Kinder Surprise Egg. At times, Humpty will fall towards guests, splashing them with water as he "breaks". FINALE: Halloween Horror Nights 25: Guests enter a dark, dingy warehouse. Chance winds a wheel, with Freddy, Jason, and a horde of zombies in the cages on the wheel. The wheel will stop on the zombies, and the cage will open, letting the zombies lunge at guests. As guests exit the maze, Jack and Krinkles will attack.
  9. ROCK AND ROLL: SHOCK YOUR SOUL: Rockpocalypse Rock. It's been called The Devil's Music, erroneously. Still, if you're going to bring the mortal world to its knees, you gotta do it in *style*. Hell is unleashed to the tracks of the ages, and the horns won't save you now. ~~~ The prodigal son returns ~~~ ROOMS: Facade: Guests walk into a church, whose stained glass windows flash with artwork of ominous album covers. News of the World, Bat Outta Hell, Metal Health, Rust in Peace, Dynasty, and Scary Monsters and Super Creeps line the sides, and Holy Diver sits above the walkway. Music from the albums play. The Old Man Down The Road (John Fogerty): In a swamplands outside a visible city, a storm brews and dogs bark at guests. A preacher is proselytizing about the end times, warning guests as they pass by that doom is approaching. From a shack, The Old Man Down The Road lunges at guests. He has eyes as black as pitch, from the sclera to the pupils, shocks of white hair, and a dirty old suit, and carries a rattlesnake-skin suitcase. Guests then see the suitcase lying in the ground, with volcanic cracks leading to... The Number of The Beast (Iron Maiden): The swamp turns to hellish viscera and rock as the devil from the cover of the album stands above guests. He'll attack with his pitchfork, and Eddie will attack guests. As guests approach the city, the Eddie from Legacy of the Beast jumps at guests, holding Satan's head in his hands. The End of the World as We Know It (REM): In the city, the people are in a frenzy. Cars are wrecked, corpses are strewn, and the shadows of demons are seen above. Looters, one of which resembles Michael Stipe, attack guests. Some are cannibals, some are just insane. Hell's Bells (AC/DC): Guests step into a church. The crosses are revolving and giant dragonlike demons are silhouetted in the stain-glass windows. From the Belfry leaps a stone gargoyle that attacks guests. Angus Young in his devil-horned uniform will attack as guests exit. Coming For You (The Offspring): Guests step into an alley where wanted posters are hung on the buildings, Days Of Futures Past-style. One of the wanted men will rush out of a building, begging for help, before being dragged back in by an unseen force. From the other side of the alley, a being that looks like Hell's Doomguy will attack guests with a chainsaw. The Thing That Should Not Be (Metallica): Guests then walk by a bayside street, where in the clouds in the distance, out over the ocean, giant entities can be seen. Demons, old ones, all manner of unpleasant and oversized nasties. Suddenly, a fishman lunges from the bay. Rats (GHOST): Cardinal Copia's shadow can be seen dancing on the walls of a street wrecked by a fallen plane. Rats are strewn about, and bodybags are littered across the street, some of them containing moving corpses. From the wreckage littering the streets, Nameless Ghouls will attack. Guests duck into a diner. Clowns Will Eat Me (Alice Cooper): The smell of burnt pork and a thick smoke emanates throughout the diner as demonic klowns torture, kill, and cook victims. Clowns are seen shoving shredded meat into their gobs, taking breaks to seek the fresher flesh of guests. Alice Cooper is roasting on a spit, still struggling to get off, and clown chefs attack with chainsaws. Black Smoke Rising (Greta Van Fleet): What can only be described as a Hellish furnace. The area is covered in a thick black smoke, with the scent of burning... well, everything. Charred corpses litter the walkway, some lunging to attack guests. War Pigs (Black Sabbath): Hellish hogknights roam the street as surviving soldiers try to fight back. A soldier gets impaled through with a war pig's sword, a boar feasts on the remains of a still-living soldier, and a soldier unloads an assault rifle onto a war pig, barely keeping the beast back. In the transition, a war pig attacks with a stolen M16. Do The Evolution (Pearl Jam): In a further ruined part of the city, men are morphing into demons. Misshapen, twisted, scabrous, agonized... Lady Death can be seen in shadow dancing on one of the walls, lunging forward with her skull face as guests walk by. Battleship Chains (Georgia Satellites): In a scene meant to feel like it's underwater, guests walk on a dead sea bed. Floating in the "Water" beside them are bloated corpses tied down with chain. One of the corpses will swing towards guests. FINALE: Holy Diver (DIO): As guests walk out of the water, they are splashed by a struggling priest tied up with chain. Above them, emerging like a mountain, is Satan himself, a giant puppet. Satan will grasp at guests.
  10. ABANDONLAND Adventureland used to be a cool place to go. Rides, games, normal staff. Then Ward Render bought it. And then Ward Render snapped. The park quickly decayed into a madhouse, not helped by Render attacking guests, throwing destructive tantrums, and generally failing to manage the park. Not long after, the park was closed, but Render still lives in the park with a horde of lunatics he calls his children. You shouldn't go near the park to begin with, but that's not going to stop you, is it? You've been warned... ~~~ ABANDONLAND is a scarezone inspired by the story of Funtown Mountain. Basically, the owner snapped and things went downhill. The buildings are broken, vandalized, busted windows and bloodstained. Barriers made from scraps are placed around the zone, and the food stalls reek of long-decayed food. All the structures are covered with scrap taken from rides, animatronic skeletons, and corpses. A mix of creepy circus music and pre-2000's pop plays over the loud speakers, skipping, stuttering, and warping. SCARACTERS: Ward Render: A crazy hillbilly-type man wearing the tattered remains of a suit. He is the one in charge, barking orders and threatening guests. Fuzzo's Funland: Men wearing the remains of the skins used by animal animatronics. These include a fox, a rabbit, and a bear. The Screamhouse: Men wearing the costumes and faces of damaged haunted house characters. These include a vampire, a werewolf, and a reaper. The Hall of Mirrors: Men wearing the shattered remains of funhouse mirrors over their clothes. Clowns: We all know what clowns are.
  11. I checked out a reply to one of my scarezone ideas today and found that the reply involved editing my original post to advertise, and link to, an online shop. I also found another post where, replying to a topic about HHN merchandise, the poster includes an amazon link for "T-Shirts for Boy". Is there anything that can be done about this?
  12. You edited my post to add a detail that would doesn't make sense, why would the Orc Leader be wearing pants with logos on them
  13. BOGGED DOWN: Swamp of Terror There are rumors about odd going-ons in the trees of Brackwater Swamp. Naturally, these rumors bring in thrill-seekers, but more often than the locals are comfortable admitting do explorers of the swamp go missing. Still, when has a little danger stopped you from adventure? Get ready to explore Brackwater, but keep an eye out for anything mysterious. Hero Forge has added color to the mix. That is all. ROOMS: FACADE: The entrance to the house is a shop, Grampa's Swamp Shack. Outside the shop are ads for food, supplies, and local businesses; some rocking chairs; and fairy lights. Country music plays as guests enter the shack. Grampa's Swamp Shack is a convenience store ran by "Grampa", a friendly old man. He'll tell guests about supposed sightings in the woods, and offer maps of the swamp trail, but he's ultimately harmless and well-meaning. Newspaper clippings of strange occurrences are on the wall behind him. Guests walk down an aisle of junk food, and past an ice cream freezer, into Brackwater. The ground beneath guests' feet turns soft as they step onto the grass. The music of the store has been replaced with an atmospheric soundtrack, accompanied by the sounds of frogs, mosquitos, and other swamp critters. From behind a chain link fence, a pale man with a hatchet scares guests, telling them to "get". Grampa will appear from the shop and scare him off with a shotgun blast. However, Grampa can't protect you forever. As guests walk past a decrepit shack, reeking of moonshine and piss, a guard dog lunges at guests. Passing a truck on cinderblocks, the Hatchet Man will attack again. Past the shack, the smell of rotten flesh hangs in the air. A corpse lies on the ground, rotting. The Bloodybones will rush from the trees and attack guests, protecting its quarry. In the next part of the swamp, are a lot of lightning bugs. The scene is almost beautiful, until a hulking Treeman attacks. Guests then approach the rusted, creaking gates of a cemetery. Before they enter, the Headless Horseman attacks, carrying a big-ass sword and swinging it in one hand like it's a knife. In the graveyard, many of the gravestones are askew, many of the occupants are visible and decaying, and there's a presence. Maybe it's the moving of the stones. Maybe it's the blacklight glow. Maybe it's the shadows of people who aren't seen. However, from a mausoleum, rushes the ghost of a Highwayman, a pistol in one hand and a rapier in the other. Guests exit the graveyard. Entering a clearing, where the full moon shines bright, guests see the carcass of a gator. From the opposite side of the line, a Werewolf attacks. Guests then pass a campground, where the tent is ravaged and the campers have been mauled. From the trees, a Sasquatch jumps at guests, howling and hollering. Guests then find themselves beside the water, in front of the rotted remains of a pirate ship. A rustling in the trees is revealed to be a zombie pirate, who chases guests onto the ship. In the ship's remains is a bearded hag, stirring a glowing green cauldron. As she recites her incantation, a large, zombified gator (puppet) attacks guests. Exiting the ship, guests find themselves in a swamp garden. Various flowers, weeds, and vines are growing, and many scarecrows, made of sticks arranged like skeletons and covered with rags, stand watch. One scarecrow will jump off his perch and chase guests. After that, guests find themselves on a bridge that probably should use some repairs. On a rock, a siren sings. From the other side of the bridge, another siren attacks with a blood-stained trident. After crossing the bridge, guests find themselves amongst several statues. Many have sunken into the swamp, all are mossy, and one will come to life and attack with its sword. After the statue graveyard is a mass of bushes. A "Swampling" (creature covered in leaves and moss, with a skeletal face) will attack with a rusted axe. The scent of rotted flesh comes back, stronger than ever, as guests enter the final room of the house. Corpses are strewn across the ground, with Bloodybones patrolling the area. A giant Rawhead will emerge and attack guests. Guests then see the exit. As they make their way down a final corridor, an inbred cannibal chases them out with a chainsaw.
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