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  1. For me, it's gotten to the point where I enjoy the majority of the original houses so much that I don't really care what I.P's they bring, I'm still gonna go as much as I can every year (unless they completely ruin the event).
  2. I’ve seen one survey, it had listed: Halloween The Ring Gremlins The Purge Ghostbusters Poltergeist Stranger Things There were also questions asking what we thought about having an American Horror Story House open during the day in HHN season.
  3. I haven’t paid attention to every detail on every forum, but is the current speculation for IP’s the ones below? Stranger Things Ghostbusters House Of 1000 Corpses Pumpkin Head Killer Klowns
  4. lol the board is cursed. I'm excited for this, Killer Klowns is going to be so stupid and hilarious I can't wait. And nice to see the spec map is filling out nicely with more confirmations.
  5. From what I gather there is no 2nd show anymore, they decided to give us a 10th house instead, (which I'd prefer anyway).
  6. I was told earlier today AOV is definitely going in FFL. It's gonna take them longer to load the place than the length of the show lol. On the upside, at least it won't be jam-packed in there.
  7. Dammit I shoulda downloaded it lol. For those that missed it, Trick R Treat is coming to both coasts.
  8. Yep, the food is an absolute joke. I have enjoyed some of the things in the past but after seeing the sorry little pile of mess that was supposed to be pizza fries I couldn't help but laugh.
  9. I went all 3 nights so far. Opening night with the new scanner system for Express was so terrible and caused so many complaints that they had to switch back to the old tablets for the weekend. I don't drink so the alcohol situation didn't effect me, but I'm not happy that there are barely any food tents now, the only ones left are the snack ones like donuts and twisted taters. The 'HHN exclusive' food is just the same crap and a complete ripoff, not worth it. Plus you have to go to specific restaurants to get each individual thing, like Mel's for the onion ring burger, Louie's for the calzone etc. The wall people are talking about blocking Blumhouse from the right side is temporary they don't leave it up all night, it's just to stop the area getting so cluttered. As as far as B&T and the houses..... I didn't like the B&T show this year, if it wasn't for the skinny kid who was playing with himself in the Na'vi costume I probably wouldn't have laughed more than a couple times. It was nice seeing Jason come back as Ted for the last time, that needed to happen. I do like a lot of the previous shows, I just wasn't digging the set, the music selection, or half of the purposely terrible jokes which I usually enjoy. I hope that they have a new show in future HHN's with some of the same actors, there are some very talented people. The houses...... I will just round it up as a summary overall and not spoil much, I am very impressed with the original houses this year, more than the IP's. Last year I was very disappointed that Hollywood went all out with the details inside the houses and we got 'slapdash with no love' versions (like The Exorcist). But this year, damn, there's some amazing stuff to look at and I can't wait to do the Unmasking tour. The detail in some of the houses is exactly what I wanted to see. But, of course they can't all be great, like 'Bumhouse', it's cramped in that dodgy tent so it's all very condensed I can't blame them for not being able to do a whole lot with that, plus the fact they had to change things twice before it came to be what it is now. I'm surprised that people like the Saw or Ash houses a lot as they were my least favorite. But this is a good thing as it goes to show that the houses aren't all the same crap and appeal to a lot of different tastes. Overall, definitely a solid job with the houses, but I'm not impressed with all the changes to the event.
  10. Can someone please tell me what the smell is at the end of the house? I need it in my life!
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