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  1. I agree zombieman. I have traveling to Florida for years to kick off my Halloween adventures and both HHN and HOS are our main stops, but without HHN and zero mazes/haunted houses, this just isn't worth the effort or money unfortunately. As always, thank you brother.
  2. I'm on the fence. I love that they are doing something but I don't know if it's enough for me to travel this year from Las Vegas to attend. I really would like to know more details though.
  3. I agree Badge, I think there is an element of wishing thinking occurring. I don't see the events happening this year and you likely correct about the future. I'm not saying this to stir the pot as I am someone who has attended every Knott's Haunt since year one and have been traveling to Florida for years to attend Universal and Busch Garden haunts. There is no-one that wants to see these events open more than I do, but I just can't see them happening, especially this year.
  4. Agreed 100%. It's not looking good at all. I am not seeing HHN, Knott's or any of the other major haunts happening this year. Hopefully I'm wrong.
  5. Does anyone have an idea of how crowded it will be this weekend? I have a Scary pass and always buy the Fright and Fast Lane add-on, but was thinking of forgoing that if the weekend after Halloween isn't as crowded? I was also thinking of taking in the Boo-fet to get early access to the park and some of the mazes as another alternative. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as always. Thank you.
  6. Have any of you ever attended this tour in Orlando? If so, do they let you into the park after the tour is complete? The reason I ask is I am debating between this and the early ticket options. As always, thank you.
  7. Thank you again Zombieman, I'll post a review of this year's event and will be sure to take your advice good sir!
  8. Thanks again Zombieman. My wife and I are seriously considering checking out the Haunted Hayride as it looks like it is open on Wednesdays. We start our So. Cal trip with Knott's Scary Farm on Thursday and Friday. We usually drive down from Las Vegas on Thursday morning every year to start our weekend Haunts, but I have to admit driving for 4+ hours takes a little wind out of my sails for our first night of the Haunt. Being able to take in something like this and get a decent amount fo rest before Knott's is extremely appealing.
  9. Zombieman thanks for the tips! We live in Las Vegas and always take the local events in sprinkled throughout the month and Freakling Brothers and Hotel Fear/Asylum always make for a great time. My youngest son worked at Hotel Fear/Asylum for several years. I still can't figure out why the boy would be interested in such a thing? I agree about Fright Dome. I'm not sure why they discontinued it as it always seemed to have decent crowds, but I agree the content was usually "so-so." That said, I still enjoy even the mediocre events a lot. To me they have allows been part of the over all spirit and celebration of all things fun about Halloween.
  10. Now I have at three houses/mazes I am skipping this year in favor of a couple of others. I realize and respect others may feel differently, but GhostBusters, Stranger Things and extraterrestrial clowns are a hard pass for me. Not my cup of tea but if other's are excited I'll raise a toast them and be happy for them. I'm personally excited about the Universal Monster's maze. I know that may surprise some based upon my avatar.
  11. Right now I am starting out the last weekend of September with two of my sons at Knott's and Queen Mary. The following week my wife and I are headed off to our annual Florida trip where we will we have two nights of Howl O Scream Tampa (Friday and Saturday) and Universal Orlando on Sunday. Earlier this year I recently found my biological father and his family (it only took 54 years ) so my wife and I will be spending time with them in October in the New Jersey area. There we will be taking in Six Flags and Shocktoberfest for starters. If anyone has any other thoughts for that region please let me know. The third week of October my wife and I are headed back to So. Cal for a couple of nights of Knott's, one more night of Universal and Queen Mary on Sunday. The last weekend we are going to wing it. We may end up in Wisconsin where my wife is from originally. There are a few Halloween events there I wouldn't mind checking out this year.
  12. Headed back that way from Las Vegas again this year. Howl O Scream always marks the start of my Halloween fright fest tour. Starting on the East coast and heading West by the end of October.
  13. Brother, I apologize for placing that response here. I go to both Orlando and Hollywood every year so I should have thought about that before responding.
  14. Frankenstein Meets The Werewolf. I absolutely LOVE the classic Universal monsters. The Werewolf being my all time favorite monster, so much so that he is tattooed on my arm. That, and my wife is terrified of him. (-;
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