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  1. Disney ain't budging folks. As mentioned on the IU thread, they're running dry on IPs.
  2. Give him a more fleshed (heheh) out story and sure.
  3. I'm as big a Potter fan as you'll come across (strongly prefer it to Star Wars) and I still miss Lost Continent. (The Hobbit trilogy was still seven years away--I'd like to pretend it never happened though.) Anyway, I'm envisioning Iron Bone Gorge in New York, and a house in SS25, that would basically go clockwise through the world map covering the cycle of the blade, ending with the Throne.
  4. I do think it would have served them well to save the appearance of the monster for the finale (and I wish the waterfall effect had worked), but once again the subject matter of Depths scares me very, very much. I squirm just thinking about the eel coming down from the ceiling. Short, narrow hallways with tight turns combined with the countdown created panic. And yeah, Helix crying was so chilling.
  5. Guessing it will be more like 20. That doesn't HAVE to be a bad thing, mind you.
  6. The headlining IPs. I've fervently argued the originals are as scary as anything they've ever done. But the headlining IPs are coloring people's opinion, especially when you see them on the marketing.
  7. I feel like this year was a good one to do experimental stuff with. Year before anni, what’s to lose?
  8. I’d love to see a haunted pizzeria original (keyword on original and not...you know) soon. “Fun Time: Ghosts of Lizzie Lemming’s”
  9. Nice read Jim, even if I disagree with a lot of it. SotD would make more sense as a Universal property, but I prefer Zombieland personally. I get the angst over the loss of B&T, but man oh man I thought the show was abysmal in 2016. Not that I care at all about AoV either, mind you.
  10. When are you going this year? I always anticipate your really long review.
  11. Let me be clear and say that I do not think the event is at all perfect. That disclaimer out of the way... ...there’s seven other houses. And back in the day there would still be one lighter house. So same number of straight houses this year as, say, 18 and 21. Still, I definitely prefer the originals this year over the IPs (sans Killer Klownz). I present Nightingales Blood Pit to argue that they still do complex stories. Also, IU has as active a discussion each year as Vault did, IIRC.
  12. See, I found IT and DoF scarier than both DEs. Gritty, tight, industrial, futuristic disasters are my horror niche, I guess.
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