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  1. Walking Dead and FDTD were announced by the time Diagon opened.
  2. Nightingales? I'm not saying that the entire lineup screams "masterpiece" for me--I think it's best to go in with a blank mind. I'm just saying that there's nothing currently rumored that actively turns me off, like HDD last year.
  3. I can say that of the speculated house lineup, there isn't any one single house that makes me want to skip (Blumhouse). Obviously a lot of variables happen, though.
  4. It wasn’t quite as open as I had hoped.
  5. Seems similar to Dollhouse. Guessing this will be the flyer house?
  6. The Purge The Purge: Anarchy The Purge: Election Year The First Purge Look Who's Purging Now (with Tony Toni Tonne!)
  7. They had lost access to WB's properties by Christmas 2017, IIRC. We didn't really figure that out until around this time last year.
  8. Glad you responded. That said, I'll believe "It" when I see "It." (Not meaning to be rude. It's just that my skepticism is through the roof after last year's spec, when It was a "sure thing." I was also looking through the AHS v2 thread on IU recently, and insiders saying that barring major events, AHS would be back at 28. Well, major events happened alright.)
  9. The story, I believe, just said he went to "prison." Well, in the HHN mythos, why not Hellgate?
  10. As I've said, a good backstory for this would either be his ghost becoming a demi-god of sorts and haunting the old studio (like Gabriel from Supernatural), or him and other inmates escaping and holding a TV studio hostage. About a month ago now, I watched a little of Kitchen Nightmares (specifically the most infamous episode, Amy's Baking Company) and thought that concept could make a good comedy house. So that would work as a scene in your idea.
  11. By that, I meant from the first maze. As I've stated previously, it could be a good way to incorporate the UCMs, as well as a proper Hellgate crossover.
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