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  1. Ringwraith says there’s a couple things on that list that are wrong and that fans would be very happy with the things that were. (He now says that it’s a 5/5 split counting Brides as an IP.) TCM is a good way to respond to the family friendly complaints, since unlike HoTC it’s big enough a property to put on marketing.
  2. Gonna take a guess at the IPs: -Beetlejuice -Brides (w/ Billie) -Haunting of Hill House -TCM -Invisible Man
  3. If true might be for the best. But hopefully the "Fall Festival" isn't such a success that they basically decide to make the event much more like it when it returns. Ironically, Fright Nights seemed very much like this. Like, I think if Fright Nights were to happen in the modern era as it was it would get sooooo many family friendly complaints.
  4. Do you have a legit sauce? Or just gut feeling? And do you see that changing?
  5. Once again... "Don't do that. Don't give me hope." (Both for the event being able to happen at this level of operational normalcy, and for the content to be fanservice heavy.)
  6. Do you think this means it won’t happen? I had been holding out hope for five originals whenever the event happens next. I could see them doing a more abstract approach as a way around the subject matter.
  7. This is a major reason why I don't want any more houses. Because it feels like more and more things are becoming "problematic." The more houses they have to make, the more topics they have to cover, which works directly in opposition with fewer topics that won't offend someone. That said, Invisible Man has been considered by some as too offensive and that's being floated as a possibility now. I think people aren't giving it enough credit for potential as a house, depending on how creative they're allowed to get with it (it IS a Universal property after all)--imagine an entire house that relies on sensory effects, similar to the Graveyard Games tunnel. Can we agree that that would at least be something new and unique?
  8. If we have to have those measures, the event won't happen period. See ya in '21.
  9. I liked 29 a lot better than 28. Yeah some of the IPs were *really* bad, but the originals more than made up for it. Better the IPs be the duds and the originals be the stars than the other way around. If the event happens, I see the changes being more logistic in nature than content-wise. But right now to spare myself the pain I'm the event doesn't happen and comes roaring back with a GOAT-contender of a year in 2021.
  10. You said that they were still trying to negotiate Sabrina. What about Gremlins? I'm at the point where I'm assuming this year won't happen, sadly. Trying to look ahead to next year at this point, though I expect much of what was planned this year to appear if so.
  11. H5 is a possibility. Not the most exciting, but Mike Myers is a pretty sure bet in bring people in.
  12. As someone who's always struggled with my facial expressions I am perfectly okay with wearing face masks.
  13. Say what? How stupid do you have to be? As badly as I and everyone else want this year to happen, I'll feel really bad for you if you're unable to go.
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