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  1. At 25, the icon zone and anni zone were the same. That said, I would prefer a focus on new things.
  2. Which is why I think the originals and Brides are the surest things to be kept, since they have to negotiate for the others. Of the four licensed ones, Billie will likely be their top priority.
  3. I adore Mary, so gotta disagree with you there. But yes, I would love for Crowe to be an icon for 30 instead of Jack, especially since we might still have Beetlejuice (not as likely to be kept as Brides and Billie, but likelier than HoHH and TC3D in my best guess)--those two are just much too similar for my tastes.
  4. I was not excited at all at the thought of how toned back the event would have been.
  5. For the next few years, possibly the next half-decade, they’re going to be relying on locals.
  6. I think they might need to lower the price, hence the lower house count.
  7. I feel like there's a couple of IPs that could've been executed way better, so I could be open to it. I do think (could be wrong) that the house count will be cut 1-2, which I would be okay with as long as it didn't come at the expense of originals. I could see a 3/5 or 4/5 in favor of originals for the following few years.
  8. One thought I've had that's kept me going through all this is that for the next few years the event may go somewhat back in the direction that the fans want--between IPs becoming too expensive, rarer with productions shut down, and having to appeal to a local crowd.
  9. Well, I’m betting they’re glad they used three merch powerhouses (ST, UCM and GB) last year. (And I wanted them to save UCM for this year lol)
  10. Tooth Fairy, your party is ready. I feel like they missed such a huge opportunity with Deadly Ever After. Snow Queen should've been the main villain IMO. Bonus points for a guy impaled on an ice pick, bonus bonus points for him to be wearing a viking helmet.
  11. Legacy saying that they're going to be relying on the event to carry the resort. I'll say it once again, I think Critical Analysis found himself a monkey's paw late last year.
  12. Ringwraith says there’s a couple things on that list that are wrong and that fans would be very happy with the things that were. (He now says that it’s a 5/5 split counting Brides as an IP.) TCM is a good way to respond to the family friendly complaints, since unlike HoTC it’s big enough a property to put on marketing.
  13. Gonna take a guess at the IPs: -Beetlejuice -Brides (w/ Billie) -Haunting of Hill House -TCM -Invisible Man
  14. If true might be for the best. But hopefully the "Fall Festival" isn't such a success that they basically decide to make the event much more like it when it returns. Ironically, Fright Nights seemed very much like this. Like, I think if Fright Nights were to happen in the modern era as it was it would get sooooo many family friendly complaints.
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