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  1. I hate to be pedantic, but what was Patrick’s first year? But can we please not have this discussion for the 19203042048545453984209482nd time?
  2. ESPECIALLY if they increase the house count I don't see all IPs happening LOL. But yeah something like this would do the trick.
  3. I’d argue all but three were for horror fans--all of those three being in soundstages (yes I consider Klownz to be for horror fans, very Bloodengutz-y). It didn't help that those were the ones featured on the marketing, of course. That said, it's a bit more acceptable for 29 to have a relatively high amount of non-horror. Because 29 wasn't the year that matters. That's this year. Oh, and is IU down right now?
  4. Nah. Not til 3/28. Driving me INSANE. But at the same time it gives a feeling of greater satisfaction when they're finally announced.
  5. Well, wouldn't change much from her first appearance--she wasn't even on the marketing in her own year! Completely agree with the last part of your statement; it's why I'm so against another anniversary house.
  6. Updated list: Houses -Stranger Things -Ghostbusters: Afterlife -5 other IPs, none of them scary -Anniversary house that just retreads Monsters and Mayhem/throws in a whole bunch of past originals, some of which would be much better served with sequels instead -Lunatic’s Playground 4-D: You Still Won’t Stand A Chance (see what I did there?) -Scarecrow: The Repeat (again, see what I did there?) -Some comedy original
  7. Do you have an idea of IP/original ratio? Right now doesn’t sound like there’s a house or zone we can be confident in. I...sort of love it?
  8. I'm skeptical on Conjuring--from a marketing standpoint, the two most recognizable characters from the franchise are from the spinoffs. And rumor is that that they're just focusing on the main movies. Would marketing feel that it would be worthwhile without those two characters, especially in terms of selling merch? The most profitable thing at the event might be a lagoon show--how weird would that be?! Once again, I wish they had waited to do Monsters this year. (I'm assuming that IT doesn't happen. IDK how much power King has over it getting licensed out. If IT does then consider everything I just wrote null and void lol.)
  9. Please oh please oh please let this happen (even with Eilish this sounds too good to be true).
  10. I would happily take this. Marketing would be happy, newcomers would be happy, and fans would be happy. Everyone wins.
  11. She isn't "taking over Universal," that's for sure. But I see no reason they can't give us a house-zone combo, the zone being Iron Bone Gorge (in NY this time).
  12. Everyone talked about how bad Nightingales smelled--which it did, and it was glorious.
  13. Uh...we JUST had a house that some people complained smelled terrible.
  14. Billie Eilish is supposedly getting her very own lagoon show.
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