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  1. I know it's too early, but are they really putting Death Eaters on the table for next year?
  2. Doesn't change the fact that there's less time they can take without using certain scare tactics. Also means they're going to have to streamline/simplify house design. More than 10 houses is a BAD idea, guys.
  3. Hard, HARD pass. More houses = fewer scareactors per house, as well as a reduction in time they can take off from using certain scares, making the event feel more "samey." If you wish to spread out the crowds keep more rides open. Aside from which, it sounds like crowds are *somewhat* better this year, granted it's still early. Quality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Quantity
  4. For the IP houses, I'd say yes. For the originals, heck no!
  5. I was never expecting to go in the actual arena in Nightingales because of its location, but you're right, it and Us should've swapped locations.
  6. I'm glad marketing is actually embracing the '80s "theme" this year. Makes it feel closer to...you know, a theme.
  7. “DEADtime Stories” If not traditional fairy tales, I wonder what other bedtime stories would’ve been in it?
  8. 2 weeks. We didn’t get one last week for obvious reasons.
  9. Now to be fair, I don't think the entrance was really decorated until 17-23. I know for a fact that 16 was no more decorated than 24-present. So on the subject of Stranger Things, I highly doubt season 4 comes before 2021. Would they take a year off of the property at 30 and allow maybe Haunting of Hill House to take its place for a year (and likely TWD for the movie)?
  10. I do think this year will be scarier than last year—the originals look like they will be played VERY straight.
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