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  1. For whatever reason, it's currently a little difficult for me to get excited about "Graveyard: Hide and Seek." Is it just a generic graveyard ghost house? Kinda sounds like it could be this year's "Hive."
  2. Like I said, 2005 wasn't that well reviewed at the time--as hard as it is to believe.
  3. Yeah...marketing won't allow it. I do hope they give us a bigger dose of the non-Jack icons at the event itself, though. Basically, some contrast from 25.
  4. Probably for just one house and maybe an accompanying zone. But I’ll take it. What's funny is that 15 didn't receive very good reviews at the time. Time has been quite kind to that year: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/halloween-horror-nights-15-tales-of-terror.63502/
  5. The announcement said "you enter the fray just as the drought begins to break." Having the final room be the drought starting to break would be best--would fit with the story and would signify the end of a house, since one complaint the last few years has been the lack of proper finishing statement. Scarecrow had a very strong finale. one that clearly felt like the ending spot. Trying not to imagine the houses too much--I've learned that when you try to create an image in your head about what the houses will be like, it leaves you somewhat disappointed just because what they come up with will very likely be different. Same thing kinda happened with the Star Wars prequels.
  6. So to shift the subject, I’m hoping that we see more “definitive” finales this year. As hyped as I am for Nightingales, I kinda wish they were saving the rain effects for the finale, since rain means the end of the games and therefore the departure of the Nightingales.
  7. While it’s being *counted* as an IP, I can easily pretend Monsters is an original.
  8. Wish they would just not bother with mentioning the ‘80s. Like Hawkeye said, “Don’t give me hope.” Anyway, there’s lots of opportunities to sell IP-based food this year. Don’t think they would do all of them, but still fun to think about: Stranger Things speaks for itself. For Ghostbusters they could sell Stay Puft s’mores. For KK (less likely) they could sell cotton candy blood drinks that the Klowns drank from. Even for HoTC (FAR less likely) they could sell fried chicken...”it just tastes so damn good!” And with Zombieland, there’s Twinkies I suppose. BTW, is there a possibility that they’re looking to continue the “scarezone to house” promotion trend? ZL would make a prime candidate.
  9. If you look at the last five years, odd years tend to be much slower announcement wise. Coincidence, but still—we seem to be following that coincidence here.
  10. Yeah, they talk about FFPs being abolished every year. I know some (@Legacy) have advocated for abolishing them because it might thin the crowds a bit.
  11. 24 was his first year, right? Does anyone know what his houses from 25-27 were? From this article it sounds like his maze for 27 was DW.
  12. I think a cool alternate idea for DE2 would have been something like this: "In 1987, Emily Duncan* is visiting Munich while honeymooning across eat Europe. Unfortunately, in retaliation for the demands of the teardown of the Berlin Wall, a Soviet spy unleashes a biohazard in the West German city that turns most of the population into bloodthirsty zombies. Emily captures the horrific last moments of her honeymoon and life on camera, and you are with her every step of the way*." *née McPherson *and yes, I phrased that the same way as the description for the original. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't know whether this would have been offensive subject matter, since this wasn't an actual event that happened. But it might've legit given the event an '80s theme that they really had the opportunity to embrace but didn't as much as they should've. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While we're at it, a good story for CGY could've been: "A few years after an international standoff* led to a nuclear apocalypse, bands of survivors have cropped up. The most vicious and feared, the Ragtags, have taken up residence in an amusement salvage yard, and will kill all those who trespass." *implying but not directly mentioning the standoff of '83
  13. That would've gone great last year ('80s theme) but I don't think they're going to touch that.
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