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  1. I thought the same thing. But he did confirm it will be for tv and promotion purposes. Just really has me surprised that the icons were together filming something again. And set in that setting. I don’t know if jack has them locked up, or what the case is. But the detail that he told me just seems too real to be fake. He isn’t even a big horror nights person anyways and told me all of this
  2. Scareactors got emails about online auditions today! Event FULL GO
  3. This is why I’m sooo unsure and don’t understand it because why would they extend it if they know they were going to cancel? They won’t want to go through the refunding process
  4. Just Finally hearing from sources in the park that HHN 30 will indeed not be happening this year. Apparently There’s an event expected to happen called “Universals Fall Festival”. Bringing characters and everyday faces from the parks such as costume characters to attraction workers in Halloween attire passing out candy with a “Halloween vibe to the park”. Will be taking place during the day/early evening From September 18- October 31st and be welcoming to guests of all ages. HHN Is set to return in 2021. Announcement supposed to come June 19, and the headline “Scare ya later!” Don’t know exactly how true this is, and again only hearing it from multiple people inside the parks. Hope it’s not true, but seems legit and like a planned out idea from universal. Still hoping for a HHN 30, but after hearing this multiple times the past couple days, doesn’t seem likely anymore. What do you guys think of this? Smart? Or completely whack? Guess time will tell in coming weeks. Fingers crossed.
  5. Here is exactly how I see the event going this year: 1. Yes the event will happen and yes it will be the 30th Anniversary. Will changes need to be made? Of course. But we can’t exactly tell how much of an extent the changes will have on the event until the parks reopen. 2. Social Distancing- I totally think that the capacity for the event will be at 75% of the normal amount. With that, I think there will be restrictions on passes and access to the event. Such as frequent fear and stuff. Also, many might not know but team members usually have full access to the event, last year team members were blocked out for 2 weeks at the end of October To help with capacity count. I can see universal restricting team member access from the event in it’s entirety. Maybe having like 3 hhn passes for team members To use during the event. Instead of full access. Plus preview night. 3. islands of adventure will be open- I think half of islands will be open to guests attending the event to help with social distancing. With this I think toon lagoon and Jurassic park will be closed off. also limited attractions operating over there such as Spider-Man, Forbidden Journey and maybe Hulk. I don’t believe we will see any frights in that park expect maybe a chainsaw group by port of entry. Connection of the parks similar to grinchmas. 4. The Theme- I think we will be seeing a heavy original content year. IP houses being erased from this years event to save some money and save for more of the general public that mainly come to the event for them anyways. Which is fitting for an anniversary year. I think the focus will be the icons and the story Line will have to do with Carey Ohio celebrating the past haunts. I do believe that this years commercial and media have already been filmed with original/icon content. As some of the icons have been seen by the sound stages earlier this year in production. 5. Shows and Houses- it’s hard to tell how they would put on a show at fear factor this year unless they mark the bleachers for spacing. If the Bill and Ted reunion tour was true as it was circulating backstage and amongst TM, I am curious to see if they’d save it or use it this year. Houses I think will be a stop and go type of thing. Meaning each individual or party goes in with a 10 second gap until the next group enters. Definitely making the lines longer but possibly getting rid of express passes for this years event to help with the waits. RIP tours still available. 30 will happen and it will be great. In the fall everyone will be there with a nice cold beer in their hands and appreciating the event being open. It’s a huge money maker for universal and they can’t wait to put the event on as much as we can’t wait to go. Yes it may be different, but different may be good! We may be getting an old horror nights vibe again. While celebrating the past and icons and stories we all love and know. This could be the year for the fans. Just my opinion and some speculation. Sorry for the length.
  6. I think if anything is changing this year it’s the IP houses. They may be removed and we could be getting an all original content year or returning IP houses. Of course this is just a thought but who knows. The event seems to be going on.
  7. The pictures of the icons in the video (usher, director, and crypt keeper) are all new images of them. The directors is definitely more up to date and looks new, same with the usher. I do remember back in January hearing team members saying they spotted the usher and storyteller back near where you enter for the grinchmas show. Maybe for footage like this being filmed?! It does seem fan made however, but it really is raising an eyebrow at the professionalism of the pictures popping up through the video..
  8. I know the speculation map and houses are the main talk at the moment, but has anyone heard any rumors about the scarezones this upcoming year?
  9. Yeah lots of gogo dancers. Similar to a horror nights Hollywood zone. Loud music, lots of lights, adult energy. Definitely don’t skip it! Another thing I found oddly strange was a couple killer klowns did photos in front of the house entrance last night in street, right in front of vanity ball. I don’t know if it’s just for preview, but I sure hope so. Caused lots of crowd congestion.
  10. My review from employee preview: house ranks (top being the best): classic monsters nightingales Us yeti graveyard games stranger things house of 1000 corpses ghostbusters depths of fear killer klowns scarezones (prior to full scale) vanity ball (wow) vikings rob zombie (very sexual zone) zombieland anarch-cade
  11. I don't know if the arch will be decorated this year or not... Assuming it will be, it'd be awesome to see these chance videos on a screen in the arch way like old times
  12. Alright I wasn't sure because I know last year they had one where they talked about each house and scarezone and It fell around September 7/8, and then I know they had one on opening night as well with jack and not as much information about the event.
  13. Hey everyone, I'm new here...Off topic of the commercial release, but when is the media event scheduled for? I haven't heard or seen anything regarding it.
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