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  1. Hi all, so what is the policy for no flash video walk-through's inside the houses? I wouldn't mind having a video for memories sake. I have seen a few folks going through the houses with full blown camera's. I think it would be a cool memory especially after so many years of going down.
  2. Didn't know they had a drink pass, lol. Only 3 bars, where did you see that? Hmm i saw at least 3.
  3. @zombieman lol good stuff right there! @GODFATHRxx on all 4 nights I was there, nearly zero lines at the bars. Finnegan's and Alcatraz bar had lines but they weren't too bad. I left my Square souvenir cup home after the first night and just got normal drinks at one of those two bars. I don't know what the universal reasoning was behind the route they went, we were also thinking that now they didn't need an actual bartender and could just hire anybody over 21 to serve the stuff but that's just a theory on how they're saving money. Garbage juice lol.
  4. Hi all, so reporting from the streets of hhn27, first no more shot girls/nurses selling packets of liquor while on line. I can imagine the pc police are responsible for this. Now all these poor shot girls are unemployed. Second, i always pick up one of the souvenir cups and get a Long Island Iced Tea. The cups this year are square and they only come with this terrible garbage juice and I can already see that people are not getting as much of it as they used to and the lines for alcohol at the bars are not as long as either. Now your best bet is to go to Finnegans for a real drink or there's another bar by the Alien Invasion scare Zone (Chez Alcatraz)
  5. Lol come on your here, we are at finnagans getting a drink.
  6. Lol, well anyone interested in meeting up inbox us. There is an official Meetup thread but it's messy digging for info.
  7. cloves + miss: S/D (parks during the day) Sept 21, 22, 23, 24
  8. Just booked my air down to Orlando for the first week of Horror Nights 27, Headed down with the wife this year. Any other folks looking to meet up? We well be there Sept 21, 22, 23, 24 start to finish. No express pass. Looking forward to the fun.
  9. So the prices and dates for the tickets is finally fully up. I had to load the page in ie chrome has issues (they maybe working on the style sheets) Looks like for the first time in 6 years, Thursday night in the second week will not be open or not part of the frequent fear tickets. Totally blows. http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/orlando/frequent-fear.php
  10. Damn that sucks! If they remove Saturday from the first two weeks (saw on uk ticket site which may not be correct) not sure what I am going to do. The Frequent fear includes sats on the first 2 weeks. Now that thursday is gone that makes the pass less attractive.
  11. Hey Nick thanks for the reply. I noticed that on the calendar right now there is a slight change. Usually the first 2 weeks the frequent fear passes cover saturday. This is usually when I head down there and go all 4 nights. But this year the calendar is showing no Sept 28th. Now I am not sure whether the first week in October will include sat. I had some vouchers I needed to use up today so wanted to pick at least my air. Hopefully they don't change the long running days on the passes (5 years running for me)
  12. Hi all, anyone have any info on the frequent fear passes for 2017? Just checked the site and they still haven't posted the dates. Starting to plan my trip and want to get a bit of head start.
  13. Thanks Oysterhead! Just booked air down there. Headed down for the first full week. That place has a great rate! Haven't seen that in the major travel sites yet. Thanks for the heads up. I might just pay for parking since I will probably do universal in the day. Go back relax for a few then head back for horror nights.
  14. Hi everyone, I have been attending HHN for five years now, and I love it. It has become a yearly event for me. This year I'll be making the trek down by myself. Friends/fam all can't go. I was wondering what people thought about the first or second week as a better and why? Also looking to meet up with some members or groups to enjoy the park with. Doing HHN thurs, fri, sat and sun. Universal in the day and water parks via hopper ticket.
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