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  1. Thank you for your work Gambit! it's become an annual tradition to shuffle through your wallpapers in anticipation of the year's event!
  2. Hysteria is Ghostbusters, it's taken from one of the most famous quotes from the movie.
  3. There are ghosts hidden in every episode, just gotta look hard. I watched a season compilation of them and got real freaked out that I missed so many.
  4. My thought was that Jack and Chance had twins, 1 boy and 1 girl.
  5. I think a Slayer house for music would be awesome. Also a perfect send-off since they're breaking up (or so they say).
  6. Any guesses on characters for the Scareactor Dining? I'm guessing no Demogorgon, but that would be pretty dope!
  7. yes! I love when everything is up! Laptop and phone get new wallpapers and it pumps me the f up! Thank you!
  8. Just patiently waiting for ST to be added to the vhs stack...
  9. LFB = Lara Flynn Boyle; MIB II house confirmed! Or maybe L. Frank Baum.
  10. Wording is important for sure. Just because Halloween isn't going to be "a house," doesn't mean it won't be "a part of a house," a la HoB 2.
  11. As a huge fan of AHS, I'd be so relieved to not have to experience Cult. Season was junk and any promising aspects just fizzled. I was excited to see what the green smoke was... Nothing. Water vapor to scare people. 0 supernatural elements too.
  12. Grown men in Chucky costumes looks terrible (consult last year's Terror Tram for proof). Hated AHS: Cult and actually really liked every other season. I also think it would be better as a zone than house because the whole thing bored the life outta me.
  13. On a side note from my previous comment, I'd love a permanent Stranger Things attraction. How cool would an intentionally retro ET-style ride be? I'd love it.
  14. Seems like there's a huge buzz around wanting Stranger Things. I love the show as much as anyone else, but don't think the monsters are what make the show, it's obviously the kids and the nostalgia factor. I just don't see the appeal of ST as a maze. Just my opinion.
  15. Thank you so much for the full event wallpapers! I had one last year and it helped get me psyched every time I saw my desktop. THANK YOU!!!
  16. Probably have to request to join the group. It's the biggest on FB. Almost 15k people I believe!
  17. I made one for the HHN Group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1587817804563739/?ti=cl
  18. 1 of 5 homes would probably be 1 of the five scare zones.
  19. I don't understand the phrase "names of station."
  20. I got one, but was addressed to Beverly. No clue who that is. From what I've read on the Facebook page, it seems like a lot of people's names have been messed up.
  21. I've mentioned it several times, but in my opinion, the messages seem to lean towards potential of multiple icons. When they say "who said anything about AN ICON," that's tricky, but also leaves the door open to the potential for more like the caretaker, Cindy, Voodoo Queen, as well as Lady Death. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part, but that's how I keep reading these comments. I know how tricky they like to be with their messages.
  22. I'm a non drinker. I saw people laying in the bushes covered in their own puke in Orlando last year. People talking shit and cutting in line a lot too. I'm the minority, but I'd love to go to a dry event. Murdy seems like a great guy with a true passion, but from the tents, park layout, and lack of original content... LA's HHN looks pretty meh to me. Was also randomly curious about the Mummy ride in LA compared to Orlando. Shit. Looked. Terrible.
  23. That's what I thought about Vamp '55. haha
  24. Could original vampire maze be related to Vamp '55?
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