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  1. They've been playing Marathon of Mayhem 2019 at 9p.
  2. Yes, Thrones was rumored to be happening for 29, but HBO pulled out when GB leaked.
  3. So much negativity. I'm stoked for the lagoon show personally.
  4. The ticket window that said "I'm back," or something similar.
  5. @Gambit thank you! Look forward to the full event compilation every year!
  6. Man, I've only been the past 3 years, but Poltergeist changed my life. Such a brilliant house!
  7. Saw Braun Strowman with Bray Wyatt last year. (also WWE)
  8. Thank you for your work Gambit! it's become an annual tradition to shuffle through your wallpapers in anticipation of the year's event!
  9. Hysteria is Ghostbusters, it's taken from one of the most famous quotes from the movie.
  10. There are ghosts hidden in every episode, just gotta look hard. I watched a season compilation of them and got real freaked out that I missed so many.
  11. My thought was that Jack and Chance had twins, 1 boy and 1 girl.
  12. I think a Slayer house for music would be awesome. Also a perfect send-off since they're breaking up (or so they say).
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