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  1. Super late here but I'm all set for Scare Academy the 25th! Got cast a week ago via phone call.
  2. What maze letter are you in? I'm in maze D for example Find the Maze host wearing skeleton gloves in The Shining!
  3. When one auditions, they look very closely for people who have great balance. Which is why they do the group scares and tell everyone to let hell break loose. As for chainsaws, you'd have to be a veteran so they can trust you with being in the brigade and also have prior experience would be needed to operate the darn thing properly.
  4. You can apply for Maze Host at Universalstudioshollywood.com/jobs. Interviews are being held right now so I would jump on it asap. I also want to mention that Maze Hosts get placed in whatever maze the hiring manager puts them in. I had the option of choice because I'm a maze host veteran.
  5. Correct! Maze Hosts get rotated amongst those positions but I'm always placed inside the maze because I'm like a bad guest auror or whatever. I catch every drunk guest, video camera flashers, face screamers, hitters, touchers, idiot boyfriend who throws gf at actors, you name it lol I was in Terror Tram Purge back in 2015 and TCM last year.
  6. It called out to me lol I was about to go back to waterworld and do TOT but then I heard voices telling me to come play with them it'll be all play and no work that's for sure!
  7. Just got rehired to be Maze Host for my 3rd year! I even got to pick what maze I want to work in lol If you get casted to scare in The Shining and see a small maze host wearing skeleton gloves... You're in good hands lol
  8. I was there too... I had an audition booked Saturday at 1pm but eventually I didn't show up because I didn't want to keep getting my hopes down after not making it in the first audition. I guess I'm meant to be a maze host hahah
  9. I was maze host for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm not very sure, I never got to be a scareactor unfortunately
  10. Has anyone ever thought about AHS having 2 mazes this year? I know it's a WILD speculation but John did say that the other seasons would do fine on its own as a maze. So... Any thoughts? It's crazy to think that Orlando is getting 3 seasons and Hollywood is only doing one. Even if it doesn't happen this year, could we see this happen for 2018??? Just wanted to engage some conversation.
  11. I was thinking about doing that ( I'm too late now since all times are booked ) I know last year when I didn't make it, I jumped on the pick up auditions and they didn't say anything about me not making it before, so I think you have a shot if you pass the next audition
  12. The black hooded robed employees that you see inside the maze watching over the scareactors. We get called siths and Harry Potters.
  13. You'd have to wait till the end of July/beginning of August to apply on USH Jobs for the fall theme park jobs
  14. Came in today at 11:20 and didn't make it unfortunately but no matter, looks like I'm doing Maze Host again for the 3rd time!
  15. UPDATE 747 area tent is up as well. Missed it when I was in awe of AHS's tent size.
  16. I have my ways... Heh. Heh. Heh... The FDTD area has been cleared of all the dirt!
  17. Waterworld queue is set to close for maze construction next week!
  18. It looks like the metro set plot is getting ready for construction. No tent is up but there's construction material there.
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