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  1. Ok but can someone seriously explain to me why they decided to cut AHS from this years lineup? And put in the First Purge and Blumhouse? *sigh*
  2. Nope, ive been checking. Isn’t orientation/scare academy next week? Either way i’ll be fine if I don’t get a callback since I just got hired at a new job so it works out
  3. Does anybody know if you get like a special lanyard or like a pass when you get the RIP tix? Like to do front of the line? And if you do, is it unlimited? Like do they need to check off those little boxes on the regular front of the line pass?
  4. So yeah orientation is tomorrow and i havent gotten a hired/not hired email, or done any form of paperwork. I've officially lost hope.
  5. Nope, the only one ive gotten was the announcement where they said that they were looking for more 6" and taller people to audition.
  6. Its been a while and I haven't gotten an email yet besides the one stating that they're looking for more 6'+ males to audition. Should i be worried or start to lose hope?
  7. So I just got my email and it says that i am either a finalist, or have been cast in, for this year's event. And it also says that they will be finalizing casting over the next couple of weeks. Should I feel excited, concerned or both?
  8. Ok cool thanks :), but yeah i found that on their website.
  9. https://twitter.com/darkblackrain15/status/866123175314178052 found on the Universal Hollywood website's copyright page.
  10. Does anyone know how to upload pictures to forums? I cant figure it out
  11. Ok so I was doing some research. I found out about a ruler from the past named Charlemagne, AKA Charles the Great, Charles the First. He was most notably known for being King of the Franks. FRANK is the name of a character in the movie Hellraiser. Codename Charles: Hellraiser? :/
  12. If I don't do early entry this year and choose the opening instead, will I be able to see everything? Minus the rides and TWD?
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