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  1. One of the other threads online decoded a series of hints and they are calling out both hellraiser and Haunting of Hill house as strong probabilities. Killer Klownz has also been strongly rumored. Shrug.
  2. The Bird Box: blindfolded maze, lots of wind and sound effects, clueless where you're going, tactile stuff......
  3. I would prefer the original. I have met Clive barker and talked to him about the power of his novels. And the original really is the golden child of series and peoples' familiarity with him.
  4. I love hellraiser but I just saw hellraiser judgement and my God it was bad...but so so gross...and I think it would make a badass maze with the paper eater puking up in the tube, etc. 6 flags did a Hellfest maze. Normally their mazes are good but that was my least favorite.
  5. Let's see, ST2 Halloween 2018 La llarona AHS (asylum and apocalypse) Escape room The nun Hill house How about a terror tram for the hills have eyes.... I posted a similar list to Orlando on accident lol. Hellraiser would make me.piss myself. A room with those hooked columns hanging all over and cynobites hiding behind them...
  6. Yay! I'll chime in so someone can tell me my list sucks too! Stranger things 2 Happy death day 2 Hill house Halloween 2018 (he's done every other one..) AHS Apocalypse The Nun La llarona (Wild card) Escape room because conceptually....why not Terror tram: Washington DC trump election day (ok ok I had to)
  7. Just one person? Lol. Well, if you're there post a message maybe we can meet.
  8. Well this is only my 3rd year on this forum I think so I haven't seen it. Anyway....I'm always interested in online comraderie. I'm watching unfriended right now. Yeah I don't get how to make this a maze. Interesting creepy movie though.
  9. Does anyone jere ever do a meetup at HHN? littlegreenghouls, I was kind of thinking there was a strong feeling AHS would be part of the lineup this year. But with the next season coming out much faster than usual my guess is that with this new season being a cross story of previous seasons, I bet it will be back at next year's HHN
  10. Probably but I was kinda hoping they scrapped it last minute and changed it lol. I just watched truth or dare. Terrible movie. Still gotta watch unfriended. I'll be there October 4th.
  11. I know we are done here but I just noticed the blumhouse maze isn't listed on the site any more.
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