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  1. I agree.. If my info is wrong I'll be the first to deal with my 'Source' :)... but, It's pretty solid.
  2. Actually, no one really responded beyond the couple in this thread.. I just forgot I had posted this (work and life have been crazy lately).. Anyway.. I have it from what I would consider a pretty damn good source that 2 of the IP's will be 'IT' and 'Chucky'. I haven't followed HHN 29 news/rumors super close yet this year (beyond the official announcements) so I don't know how much those have been speculated on, but .. Well, there it is.. I can't give any details on the source because it would compromise multiple people (and jobs!).. I'm good with an IT house... just so-so on Chucky.. not looking for fame or fortune for supplying the info.. Just sharing what I know and hoping it's good news for someone..
  3. I actually have it from a pretty damn good source what 2 of the IP houses are.. Is it cool to post that here or is that not ?
  4. Obviously the preview dates are out, but has any heard anything about the release dates for registration for the previews? Been stalking Twitter and facebook for days now
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