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  1. ive noticed the fol tickets increase in price on some days to 40 dollers more then when it was first up i paid 159 for fol on the same day now there 209
  2. https://twitter.com/hashtag/HollywoodHarry?src=hash they released 2 vids very similar at same time if feel bad for this guy whos actually called harry kapowitz poor bastard https://www.linkedin.com/in/hrkaplowitz
  3. id have thought with the event less then a month away and tix on sale for a few days now at least one date would have sold out of something especially with the feeds for twitter and fb screaming for tickets i have our fols sat here printed off ready for the 30th as its a quieter day on sunday in general and i dont want to miss the weho carnival of 5 hundred thousand people on the 31st and i thought the full leak was ELI ROTH presents KLOWNTASM as the terror tram for 2016 hhn hollywood will be interesting to see if anything has even sold out by 16th sept
  4. ANYWAY i thought there where a limeted amount of FOL TICKETS for each night IF that is SO Either hhn hollywood hasnt had a rush of buyers for there tickets Or they have an unlimited amount As not one night has yet sold out of them
  5. irony is lost on some ppl the main course of that thread is we have shitty wockeez again id prefer blueman group if they have to do something like that or even better bill and ted
  6. if not send the image to vistaprint make a better one and turn up wearing it at the event for 15 dollars actually thinking about it you could make a better one , that at the bottom said no more +_++_+ jabawockeez you know how many agree blue man group doing a hhn special could be quite good and defo better than the dancing wockeez
  7. well just bought my bulk lot for the people that still wanted to visit it. ill be there the 30th this year on fol tix cya there not badly priced quite resonable really
  8. water hoses i agree the best hose as for the best house im running with ahs ive got a feeling they can do so much using all 3 seasons theve decided to use and im guessing they will go all out with the new series upcoming
  9. nope you didnt spot a troll im seroius, the 2007 on the terror tram was and unedited mistake ive visited hhn year after year with tours from here (im in hull uk by the way) and unfortunatly due to speed typing i made an error at approx 4 am uk time not hard to do a lot of the tours i do are based around events across the globe trip advisor name the-reviewer-royal and i love taking pics of the events as i will still be doing this year at hhn as for the tickets we do a bulk sale in advance of travelling some people save with us for there flights and tours purely on the fact we no california and give a more personal touch we take a block sum in advance booking out the tickets as the event goes live for sale usually discounted in fairness due to connections. now yes i still insist the lineup was better in 2007 scarezones add a lot to hhn and over the years theres been some amazing ones but are you serouisly telling me that this year is going to be the best with a singular scarezone thats been overkilled to death (its like watching terminator salvation) murdy was always into horror and i have a pic here somewhere with me with him, then we have the death of the vip pass to say this is the year for the fans would be daft without the vip/rip pass (which orlando always has by the way) and this year there will be another show hopefully bill and ted not the jaba i saw last time i was there now unlike you lot the people from here pay there basic ticket price or rip option there hotel the hollywood hotel cost £1227 discounted deal this is a 2 week deal there flights economy norwegian air cost £ approx 600 pp fluctuates and they all watch this website and hhn im guessing as our october to november trip is based solely around halloween events (honestly in the uk halloween doesnt exisit anymore like out there to many idiots putting shit in candy ended that in the uk when people are spending that much to travel to see an event in this case 4 events in our itinery this year included knotts, universal day and night, wehos carnival 31st (ill be the 6,4 grim reaper with a welsh accent should stand out), and the queen mary, plus a lot of smaller day tours in bettween and a few days for there own exploration.## i should really in future spell check and edit my post but im stuck in my ways and most probably wont lol as for the post picking up on my error thank you for pointing it out but a simple did you get your dates wrong would have surficed this year we are using norwegian air for our customers as they offer the cheapest fastest flight using the latest boeing dreamliner version 9 our clients average spend over a 2 week period in la in 5000 dollars we do take them from the 26-28 to vegas and they usually spend a lot more so no not a troll accept the fact that without vip at least the night is not a good accept the fact that purge does not have the cult following of any of the big 4 id prefer the best scarezones from over the years combined if its a show for the fans if this was a choice bettween purge zones and chucky zones those little chuckys would kick the purger ass all over and yes i think the purge is a little close to turkeys situation right now where the government is exicuting people for standing up to government in a so called purge of its unwanteds (read the news). seems a little crass for universal not to see that. and why you flame an opinion must mean your right for those that flamed nonsense
  10. its shocking that 2007 had a better lineup in my opinion than what we currantly have 9 years on you think they would have relised this im starting to suspect there whittling out hhn at hollywood in favour of orlando as orlando still has rip etc all of which has been stripped from the hollywood lineup of packages and tickets and back in 2007 yes there was a purge tram and yes it was boring compared to the rest, now 5 zones of the same thing over and over thats desensitizing not scary. oh look another purger and another (murdy shouts in background shit what can we do with all these old purge costumes now the franchise is dead on the last film) answer hhn 26 i might have been a little harsh but the truth is the truth for the cost of the tickets vs what we got as far back as 2007 you would expect them to progress not go backwards even 2 or 3 scarezones but not just a constant reticate of the purge reincarnated year after year i think murdy has lost the bite he used to have hes got old and his kids will affect his judgement he is no longer the kid with a wish to just terrify everyone young and old hes now the old guy thats starting to use words like COOL and SAFE out of context. ill be suprised if next year doesnt feature 1 giant maze and one giant scarezone all based on the purge. before the costumes go into the archives where they belong and shoul have been for a long time as for scary is anyone here really scared by the purge (answer not many i guess) its more of one of those films where you think well thats a good way of getting rid of the druggies not so much a scary film as a glimpse into the currant life in citys like turkey
  11. wether based on the new film or not purge is a cop-out one of the latest in a long line of worn out unscary films, not even should it have the audacity to be up there with the likes of freddy and michael and krampus murdy the word creative is in your job title for a reason using the purge again on such a large scale isnt a creative choice its a cheap fast choice and a lame one could be the death of hhn if the lameness continues i run a travel company ive already had 27 people individually call to ask if they can change venues from hhn as they lost interest when the annoucment went live today. so as a business we lose money due to laziness to the horror fans the purge is not scary never was never will be you might as well have done a scarezone on hitchcocks birds or maybe just put all the old mazes back in from 10 years ago when the park had that flair to impress youve killed the scarezones youve killed the rip now it seems all thats left is for you to leave and give the job to someone younger who can make a better judgement on whats scary . but then from what ive heard that wont be long as hhn sales have dropped rapidly over the past few years yet universal cant understand why im guessing they will this year biggest drop off ever maybe see you all next year when theres a new creative director with some new vision for the future
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