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  1. I was able to go the second week of HHN and had a great time. During that trip I was also able to do the escape room @hunnylvr talked about in previous posts. We did the asylum and it was SO much fun. I been to a bunch of escape rooms and this is by far my favorite. I think my husband got more scares here than he did at the parks. It was very innovative and well designed. The staff was also wonderful! I believe there is still a discount code available for hhn nightmares members. If anyone is interested their website is http://www.dare2escape.com/ They are not very far from the parks so we did ours during the day before we headed back for HHN. Also we did escape, but just barely.
  2. You can still sign up to sacrifice your soul, so literally it counted down to nothing.
  3. Harry Potter scarezone perhaps? If we guess right you have to tell us.... right? :-)
  4. Last year when I was standing in line to get in, I noticed a sign that was for onsite hotel guest which lead to a separate line to enter. I read an article somewhere (which I cant find now of course) that the people in this line got in a little early but that its not advertised. So not the express pass or the stay and scream lines. Granted I could have mistaken it for stay and scream.
  5. Is there a special line to get into hhn if you stay on sight? I was thinking about staying at cabana bay, especially if there is this advantage.
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