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  1. Having finally caught up on this year's B&T, I gotta say that I too was quite disappointed. I understand and appreciate the purpose of having a Bill and Ted style show at haunt events. It's good to relieve some tension of constantly being scared and get off your feet for a while. I'm not opposed to the concept of the show, but this year was lackluster at best. That being said, I'm positively baffled about the fanbase for this show. I just don't understand how of all the things at Horror Nights, there are people who come year after year just to see this show. That actress playing Hillary is trying her best to save it, and I quite enjoyed the Kylo Ren stuff, but the boat is still sinking. I would love to see some new talent be put on these scripts. Half of the references were out of the zeitgesit by the time opening night of HHN rolled around!
  2. As the event closes tonight, I just thought I'd drop a little note saying thank for all the wonderful, funny, insightful, and interesting conversation throughout this year! Here's to another year of speculation and mayhem!
  3. My wishlist would be as follows: -Trick r Treat. Krampus has ranked pretty high on many lists and works well as a comedy house. Trick R Treat would also bring some good ole fashioned Halloween spirit to the event, something I feel was somewhat missing this year. -Nightingales. These characters are so awesome and could easily fit into so many different eras and aesthetics. -I don't know if it will ever happen, but I'm sure HR would see a triumphant return amongst the fan community. -I think HP Lovecraft could and/or should happen soon. Honestly my very favorite idea for icons would be a dual Caretaker and Cindy year. Don't think it'll ever happen but I think it would be awesome. As far as predictions, everybody has pretty much nailed those already, although I would be surprised if Amityville actually comes. That seemed like kind of a click bait article (Sorry Chris!). Most of all, I would love to see a good balance of knockout houses and scarezones and a main event icon. If we can have that, I'll be prefectly content.
  4. As someone watching from home, I would definitely say that I feel like this year's house lineup is stronger than 25. There's some really knock out IPs and the original content is all interesting. That being said, I feel like we have two standout scarezones in Dead Man's and Vamp and the rest are kind eh. I also felt last year's shows really elevated the event too. I love Academy, and think it's creatively very well done, I just have trouble matching it to the HHN spirit and all. (Again, not there personally this year, this is all based on what footage I can get my hands on). Jack's show was so standout that it would be hard to follow up any way that you slice it tho. Not a huge Bill and Ted fan, so I can't really comment on drops in quality and such, but fan reaction definitely has been mostly negative. Not to mention all the various things happening with Chance as the icon, dropping the ball and picking it back up again. I feel like they're definitely waffling on having an icon again, and don't quite know what to do with her. It's hard to live up to a really stand out year like 25, and 26 definitely feels a little uneven in that regard. If this year had taken place right after 22-24 tho? We'd be praising it to high heavens as a return to form. And again, I'm not actually there this year, so feel free to let me know if any of this seems a little off. '
  5. Yeah, as far as instant accessibility and on-site "reporting" if you will, Twitter and Facebook are just easier to post to. I still think there's a decent amount of discussion here. I'm presuming most people are enjoying themselves at the event instead of posting!
  6. Here is the full queue video! Obviously I'm not there in person, but from seeing footage and such, I like a lot of the concepts that are in the house, but definitely would have loved a less....3-D take on it, if that makes any sense. You can have a colorful house and not use the 3-D gimmick. Although it is interesting that zombieman brings up that quite a few of the icon houses have been less than well received. With the few notable exceptions, they really do seem to get the short end of the budget and such. I wonder why that is.
  7. A friend told me it's a bad year to be a short scareactor (i.e. a Reagen or an elf in Krampus). They're taking quite a bit of abuse. The scareactors are so amazing, it's always such a shame to see them treated this way
  8. There are two of Sam's lollipops from Trick R Treat in Krampus. Dr. Jimmy posted them on his tumblr I believe, let me see if I can go dig those up. (this made me super happy, Trick R Treat is one of my absolute favorites). Edit: Here is one.
  9. As someone who also is just watching from the internet this year, I agree that some of the music choices in this zone seem weird. I remember hearing Dream is Collapsing and it really took me out of the "moment". Could be due to popularity, that songs was oft used for things when Inception was pretty new. It did seem strange though.
  10. That just might be the MOST fun fact.
  11. I love the House Shirt this year! And I actually think the IP stuff looks pretty cool, so that's neat. Granted I like the IPs this year, lol.
  12. Not gonna lie, I laughed at CHANCE of a thunderstorm. Bring extra socks, and stay safe out there! I can't wait to hear about all the shenanigans this year.
  13. Whoops! Sorry, I meant this! (That's what I get for doing homework while looking on Facebook)
  14. So I was over on Facebook when one of my dancer friends shared this If AoV does something like this for the show, I think it could be pretty awesome. Like many others, of course I wish Chance had a big show, but hey, this probably isn't the worst thing they could do.
  15. Oh my God, that is amazing! So glad I called it, and way too excited to see Bill and Ted take a shot (lololololololol) at it.
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