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  1. Quick question, I'll be attending this Sunday and will be doing the RIP tour. BUT I really want to make sure I see this. How many performances have they been doing each night and at what times?
  2. True, he mentioned it on his vlog post after he and Jen did their tour.
  3. Just a heads up for anyone going to uni tonight, the power's currently out. Not sure what this may affect, if anything at all. But, I thought it was worth mentioning here.
  4. Yeah!were you offended? Did you want it shut down? *sigh* Seriously though, curious to hear thoughts and reviews.
  5. Anyone been watching the hhn Orlando snapchat all night? They've been posting a story of this girl who'vs on the lookout for diamond shapes throughout the park and this supposedly has something to do with the legendary truth
  6. Soooooooooooo...... Does anyone wanna start posting some pics here?
  7. It was the year with Lady Luck as the icon (2011?). There are videos on youtube if you google it. I didn't get a chance to go myself, but from the videos, it does look like a heck of a house. Lots of good use of black lighting, hiding scareactors, misdirection, etc.
  8. So, never thought of this. If I', doing the 'stay and scream' at IOA during the day and HHN at night, Instead of walking to the front gate of Uni, can I just go to the gate by Blue Man Group? I know they aren't letting people go from the Dr Seuss gate anymore, so I'm trying to work it out so that we don't have to go through the hundreds of people in the front.
  9. Hollywood got this but Orlando didn't. Too bad :/
  10. Excited to start seeing people's reviews of this. Really want to know if it's worth the extra cost and time.
  11. I'll be honest and say that I'm excited for this house. 1- I'm a huge fan of the show and 2- I missed my chance to see it in 2012 and haven't been back to HHN since. I know that most here are sick of it, but I'll be bright eyed when I get to see the 'Dead Inside' doors in person for the first time. To be fair, UO keeps doing this because of A- $$$$ B- Contracts (see letter A) and C- people like me who may not have seen the house or thoroughly enjoy the show. Reason C is also why there's now a perm. haunt in Hollywood. Did I hear that they could possibly do that in Orlando where Terminator is now? (sorry, slightly off topic, but I'd like to know)
  12. My wife and I are flying from Iowa. Our schedule only allowed us to go at the end of October. So, I figured, if we're only going 1 night and know it's gonna be packed, I wanted to guarantee that we saw EVERYTHING. So, we're doing RIP for the first time. I know it'll be worth what we paid.
  13. WHOAH!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute......you're telling me the person or people in charge of the Orlando's social media accounts actually updated something.....;) Tongue firmly planted in cheek, obviously. This is great news. It's nice to see some updates happening.
  14. Another example of how the design team (and marketing) started to mail it in after they put this year's design together. No immersive website (heck, no website with basic details for that matter) and now no good commercial that would promote a character that we all know they care for and have developed over multiple years for the sake of making sure the general public knows that Reagan, Michael and Leatherface will be at this year's event. (AKA $$$) I'm not stupid though, I get it. BUT C'MON! Thank goodness the actual event itself seems really good.
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