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  1. The audition notice came out early and I'm 8 days behind. I scheduled my appointment on Friday. I passed the audition last year but I never got a casting email.
  2. I think casting is finished by now because for those who have not gotten a casting email yet, would have also gotten a paperwork session email for this week and orientation is next week.
  3. I'm still waiting for my casting email. I was a Maze Host last year and if I don't get a casting email next week, then I'll apply for a Maze Host again.
  4. You can audition again but the Casting Directors will not let you pass since you already auditioned this year and as for availability, I thought it didn't matter if the availability was low because last year I saw a lot of empty Scare Actor roles and not enough people got cast in pool.
  5. I had so much fun at the audition. I passed and got my golden ticket.
  6. Last year, I saw a lot of empty Scare Actor roles and not enough people were getting cast in Pool so I think you coming in till 7pm would be fine and as for tips on auditions, auditions are random and that's just my opinion on auditions.
  7. Wow! That picture is scary just like it scared me when I saw the movie. This picture is my first time seeing what the scare actor looked like wearing the costume.
  8. When I went in The Shining maze, I never saw the old lady in room 237 come out and I don't even know what her costume looked like. I even watched 3 different videos of The Shining maze on YouTube and the old lady is not in any of the videos.
  9. I got a survey by email and I don't know how I got it. Maybe I got it because this was my first time ordering a ticket myself and before, someone else would always be ordering a ticket for me. Either that or it could be possible it's just random.
  10. One of my favorite reviews I have read. I loved the part when you mentioned you were pushing your mom on a wheelchair and a Freddy came and started pushing her.
  11. That's a very detailed review. You, bringing a box of donuts in the mazes is funny. The guests in Hollywood are not allowed to bring food in the mazes.
  12. If I was in your position, I would ask my day job supervisor 2 months or a month ahead before the audition asking that I would like to work at Halloween Horror Nights and if it's okay if I can take a 2 month break during September-October. If your day job supervisor really needs you, then hopefully he/she could let you work part time.
  13. I know 4 people who got cast on the last 2 weeks of the event last year so you shouldn't give up. You could get cast any day and the casting is random.
  14. Stepping aside would not make a difference because the next guest would push me and there was no back in the line inside the maze.
  15. It's really interesting reading other people's experience. LOL your reviews for Jabbawockeez, Sinister, and Saw was funny.
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