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  1. It's not an overstatement at all, nor is it "angry fanboy syndrome". Both films, of which the maze advertises, have been panned by critics and audiences. It is only natural that people would be put off by it simply because they do not like the properties being displayed. But just like you, I too am hoping this maze will surprise me. Considering how low most peoples expectations will be going in, that may actually be a blessing in disguise. It all falls on John Murdy's shoulders IMO because he will take the hit for any perceived lack of creativity or scare.
  2. Random Question: I have a Gold Annual Pass for Universal Studios Hollywood, so when I visit the park prior to HHN do I need to leave the park and re-enter for HHN or can I stay in the park? Also, with my Gold Pass I get free parking when I enter before 6:00pm so does that mean I can keep my car parked and leave at closing of HHN for no additional parking fees?
  3. Now that all 8 mazes have been leaked, and even the Jabbawockeez and scare zones were confirmed, is there anything else left to speculate on?
  4. Murdy just stated in a Twitter Q&A that a scarezone called "Hells Harvest" will have chainsaw guys. Sounds like it may be similar to "The Harvest" scarezone announced for Orlando, but maybe it'll be different. Also, Murdy confirmed dates in November for HHN.
  5. I just purchased my tickets for the WB Studio Horror Tour. I got opening night, Oct. 5th, for $59 and no tax. I'm going to wait on HHN tickets as I might get the multi-night pass. Also, according to the ticket, the parking is at WB Gate 8 located at 6510 Forest Lawn Dr. for a fee of $15.
  6. @zombieman I think you're right on, and great speculation regarding HHN Hollywood thus far. I feel like the waiting for announcements has been taking longer and longer these last few years. I hope it is not a trend. I am sure there are many people who need months to plan a vacation or trip such as HHN, so this current modus operandi feels inconsiderate. I wonder if it has anything to do with John Murdy and him living so far away? @Wamps I too am not a fan of Stranger Things (I just couldn't get into it). I am not sure how it could translate to a maze so I have no expectations other than it may either be really good or really bad. @DRLOTS I am also looking forward to the WB mazes. I am planning to go for the first time this year. I hope it is on par with HHN but based on last years reviews I don't have high expectations. I really am just looking forward to something new. I wonder if the prices will be close to HHN, because WB studio lot doesn't have rides or as many mazes or shows as HHN, so it seems hard to justify a similar price. @themazethinker I haven't taken anything @WESKER69 has said seriously since I first joined HNN forum. Some of the worst commenting I have seen on a forum.
  7. LOL A magic show with horror elements could actually be very entertaining if executed well.
  8. So I found out that Jabbawokeez does not have multiple teams, though they do have associated acts, so it appears they will not be going to HHN this year. I am sure HHN will have some entertainment act on stage, so let the speculation begin!
  9. So out of curiosity I checked the Jabbawockeez performance schedule and noticed on their official website that tickets were on sale for September and October in Las Vegas. Unless they have multiple, alternate dance groups, I wonder if this means they will not be at HHN Hollywood this year? If I remember correctly, in past years when they performed at HHN they didn't have a show in Las Vegas at the same time. I personally am hoping they won't be back only because I don't care for that type of entertainment. As a side note, Bill and Ted part 3 has been officially green lit which gives me a fool's hope that they may bring back the Bill and Ted show.
  10. I went to Knotts Scary Farm on opening weekend this year as well as HHN opening weekend. It was my first time at KSF and I expected the mazes to be less impressive than HHN but to be honest it was really awesome. They were really unique, such as one maze where a flash light is your only light, or another maze where you use a lazer gun. Also, some of the effects were inventive, such as walking between soft, pulsing walls at one point in a maze. I wish HHN had a few more "gimmicks" that broke up the monotony of some mazes. Oh, and possibly most importantly, the Elvira show beats Jabbawockeez by a mile. Heck, even the campy, raunchy comedy show was better. While Jabbawockeez seem talented for what they do, I was just not as entertained as I was for the KSF shows. Lastly, the attendance at KSF was really uneven. I saw one maze tucked away in the back of the park, almost hidden, that had no line while another maze near the entrance was huge. I had an express pass for KSF and noticed that there was sometimes a little wait for some really busy lines, but usually no more than 15 minutes.
  11. I went to opening day this year (2017) and last year (2016) and last year was much more crowded. I remember explicitly because I had GA tickets and came to early entry and still waited in line for one maze up to 3 hours. Even though this year I did the RIP tour, I saw the wait times never reach anywhere near 3 hours for any maze. Also, with only one extra maze added this year, and 8 other attractions (including Terror Tram and TWD maze), it would only reduce each maze by about 1/9 or a little more. So instead of say an average of 60 minutes per maze, you'd have about 53 minutes per maze. However, the lines felt more reduced compared to last year.
  12. Here are some photos taken from the RIP lounge and buffet, along with John Murdy and Slash whom I happened to pass by. https://imgur.com/a/jyMeK
  13. I did the RIP tour on Friday so I thought I'd give my feedback from my experience. The entry for RIP is nice and allowed us to enter a VIP lounge on a second floor near the park entrance that had water and a charging station for smart phones. Soon after I was escorted with other RIP guests with the same tour time to a restaurant called Jardin de Paris in a Parisian looking area. The buffet was pretty good and the selection of drinks was excellent. I will upload pictures and videos in the other HHN Hollywood thread for it. The time given for the buffet was about 1 hour, after which our guide escorted us to every maze. We didn't do Jabbawockeez (thank goodness) and he left the Terror Tram for last, at which time he said goodbye to us as we got onto the trams. I have to say that the RIP tour itself was horrible. Quite literally a waste of time. The guide didn't actually tell us anything other than what's been advertised. Too much time is wasted trying to coordinate with the whole group and trying to keep up with him at times was a hassle. You are basically just being babysat for the whole duration. I suppose if you didn't know where anything was and needed a guide to show you where to go, but when I first started going to HHN a couple years ago I don't ever remember having a problem finding my way around. Overall the fact that I had UNLIMITED front of line (as opposed to only once per maze) was awesome. Also, the buffet had great options. I really enjoyed some of the dessert and shrimp options, along with the tritip beef. The whole buffet and tour lasted about 4 1/2 hours. If I had it to do over again, I probably would have planned my "tour" time for when I planned to eat (which for me is ideally later in the evening). Then I would have relaxed and ate for as long as I'd want and just decline the "tour". You can pick up your RIP lanyards at 5:00pm and then go to all the mazes immediately. Even with the tour I was still able to do every maze at least twice, some more, and a few rides multiple times, so I really made use of the unlimited front of line benefit.
  14. An uploader on Youtube, " joel angel" has posted videos of the mazes. Here is what I believe is the starting scaryemony.
  15. I feel like Ash vs Evil Dead and Blumhouse will be like Krampus from the past year, meaning noticeably lower than the rest. Of course Walking Dead will be lowest, but I don't consider it a proper maze. I expect the highest wait to be The Shining, at least initially, though if it isn't received well it may dip. Consistant high waits will be at AHS and ToT. Insidious and Saw are up in the air. They have the potential to be near top high waits, but given that both movies (Jigsaw and Insidious 4) won't be out for most people to see, it could have less interest. On a side note, can you imagine the hype if IT was included with this years HHN, or for that matter the Conjuring as well? It might actually be the nearest to a perfect year. An IT house would have an entrance that looked like the Neibolt house. I don't know the order, but these are the scenes that should be included (Spoilers Ahead): basement scene scary woman picture scene library scene bloody bathroom scene meat room scene sewers scene w/ pennywise dancing final scene of pennywise being beaten
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