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  1. I'm not one to post frequently, lurked for many years but after looking at the website again, it's changed and they're working on something...when you click on soul collectors tab it takes you to countdown clock and typical video teaser and now says this instead of the Enter button which led to the total soul collected... "Pardon our dust. And cobwebs. We’re sharpening our knives. In the dark. Prepare for our return."
  2. Hey I know this topic is basically dead but why not post to hopefully have question answered. But by any chance does anyone have any 1996 maps or shirt? I was born October of 96 so I'm in search of merch from this year thank you very much for any replies
  3. So like only 20 made and first come first serve or like just 20 designs to choose from...?
  4. Well I just bought my my Frequent Fear Plus w/ Express yesterday and my The Repository ticket as well. I think it's very worth the values except for the ultimate pass...an extra $200 just for the 4 Saturday's or so when I already can go Sunday-Friday? No thanks. Btw love the shirt tempted to create my own.
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