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  1. Has it been confirmed that it is a musician who is the special guest? If they are announcing UCM I’d assume it would be Jason Blum who is the special guest since there’s a rumor/talks that he is wanting to overlook the Universal Dark Universe monster movies.
  2. What if th Blumhouse theater is being used again, but as a facade for Halloween? They can easily use it and put at the front “Blumhouse presents: Halloween” or “A Blumhouse Halloween”. In other contruction videos it looks like there is going to be another facade inside, what if that’ll be the main Halloween facade once inside??
  3. Looks like FOL will be called “Express” and “Express Unlimited” this year. Express unlimited is starting at $199 for a Thursday , $259 for a Friday and it looks like most saturdays (peaks) will be $299
  4. That's dedication!! Will you be going alone? I'll be going October 7th as well And would love to say hi if you're there, YouTube fan haha. Maybe go through a maze as well.
  5. LOVE your review. I completely agree with is 100%. I would do a detailed one, but it would be similar and I am too lazy haha.
  6. This year is somewhat disappointing. Shinning let me down, which i hope can be better the second time i go. No good scares. A lot of large rooms with no doors or scares. Saw was good to look at, but had too many black walls. Didn't get to do Ash.... AHS was okay, felt way too repetitive and not as scary as I thought it would be. Insidious was GREAT like all the other years. Not the best insidious house they'e had, but it was very frightening and loved the fog and the scares. Titans of Terror was really good. I loved the scares and the transitions, but again a lot of black walls with nothing. Blumhouse was the biggest let down. The purge section was great, HDD was okay, but sinister was boring, that definiely let me down. Terror Tram , same as always. I didn't even bother going through Walking Dead. I will be going back with FOL because I've already purchased them before going haha. Kind of regret it now, but I love horror nights. I definitely want to go through SHINING again, because it was beautiful, but maybe I didn't get all the scares. My favorite maze has to be a TIE between INSIDOUS and TITANS OF TERROR. The event was overall, okay, definitely a disappointment. I guess I had my expectations set WAY TOO HIGH this year because of last year. I still enjoyed the event, and I wish the scare ones would have been better. SAW.... 8/10 AVED.....Didn't go through AHS.....8.5/10 SHINING..... 7.5/10 Insidious.... 9/10 Blumhouse.... 6/10 TOT...... 9/10 TWD..... 0/10 LOL overall event , HHN2017...... 7.5/10 Will be going again October 7th with FOL. Hopefully I get more scares. Lines this year are very low. This time last year it was a sold out night and the lines were very long. Last year I did early entry and only for on 4 out of 7 mazes . This year I did early entry and did 6 out of 8 mazes. Anyone going Next Saturday, October 7th?
  7. It was an amazing episode. So intense and creepy. I can definitely see this as a maze. The three sided clown mask is creepy!!
  8. I think the perfect transition would be hallways with different posters of the monsters/movies the next section of the maze would be. Imagine going through a hallway with movie posters of Insidious , conjuring, and all the new movies and the posters being trap doors where they pop out before going into the first scene of the modern horror section.
  9. Ouch, they just announced that it's Bill and Ted's last year at HHN Orlando.
  10. LMAO! I remember them haha idk what happened. I remember them causing a lot of drama in the community and threatening other youtubers. They had really cool videos, but idk why they just ended it. I miss a lot of the youtubers and the news ones are great too!
  11. JIGSAW is now officially coming to HHN!! They just announced it.
  12. Also, do you think we'll be having an announcement this week? Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the one month mark. It'd be great to announce something then.
  13. Yeah, thanks for being 'rude'. You don't have to sign anything at test screening , st least not at the ones I've gone to. Didn't have to sign anything for Annabelle: Creation or for IT. They probably added scenes of the outside of that house. The questionnaires , which were very extensive, and interviews regarding the film had a lot of "what if we add this..." but did not mention anything of house change. Unless they had not finished exterior shots , because the film was very choppy. Like for Annabelle, when I saw that movie there was no reference to the Nun besides the wheelchair scene. There was no scene of them looking at the Nun church photo as well as no post credit scene. I'm very excited to see IT since that interview and questionnaire was most extensive and detailed of the 3. Have I continued to claim that it is not chapter 4? I said so in the beginning , but also said they may have changed the house form the film. You keep going on about me claiming that it is not, which I happened to have said maybe it is hence the screenings they do , which possibly changed the house. We get it, you follow concrete evidence. We still need to find a solid connection to N and Insidious and writers Block. AND also, NDA is to avoid people talking about the plot lines , revealing anything important and casting . Mentioning the way a house looks would no where near me breaking the "policy". Not when I saw it. They could have possibly changed it or not included it . It did seem very choppy and there were minimal outside shots of exterior buildings, which Insidious is known for having.
  14. In a construction video of the JP maze (Insidious) the right window on the facade inside it looks like a silhouette of a traditional ghost. Idk if it was just a reflection or a prop or just a random sheet, but from the chapter 4 screening I do not recall seeing a traditional ghost , maybe they added it after.
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