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  1. https://wdwnt.com/2020/07/photos-new-halloween-horror-nights-comic-book-tee-arrives-at-the-tribute-store-in-universal-studios-florida/ Hey Gambit! If a decent image of this shirt design becomes available...hopefully you'll be able to make a killer wallpaper with it!
  2. Awesome! Love them Gambit! Thanks for all your hard and awesome work!
  3. Hello Gambit! You made me some killer wallpapers last year with Chance. Unfortunately though I'm having issues downloading your wallpapers as well. It's telling me your photobucket is private? Hopefully I can figure it out! I'd love to have a few for my phone. Keep up the great work buddy!
  4. Hello Gambit, I am just loving everything you have done!! You do such great work and so has everyone else who has contributed to this post! I was wondering if you could make or even had this years HHN Chance poster in a HQ image? I would love it on my phone but can not find a decent image of it. I understand if you can't but it was worth a shot! Thank you so much!! I was also wondering if you could make me an icon for my profile? I am not too good with that stuff, if you have anything with Bloody Mary, Lady Luck or Chance that would be awesome!! There is the pic I wondered if you had a HQ image of?
  5. Thank you so much Gambit! They all look amazing! I really appreciate your help! Can't wait to try them out!
  6. I love your wallpapers! I was wondering if you could make me a few for my cell phone? I have an Iphone 6s Plus. The images I have tried to use are too big and the pic of Chance I have on my lock screen gets covered up by my date and time. I have tried to crop it myself with no luck. I want the pic of her standing up but with a little more flair and somthing to extend it so I can put it on my lock screen and a wallpaper to mach for my home screen. I hope you can help! Thanks a lot!
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