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  1. So I got cast and did my costume fitting everything was fine until I started thinking that my costume might be uncomfortable for me for long periods of time compared to a regular costume. Is there any way I can tell anyone during orientation or scare academy about this issue?
  2. I hope this happens instead of getting the mummy.
  3. i hope we get a classic universal monsters scare zone and no dub step i would prefer this. The song has such a beautiful tone but yet so creepy and ambient which would fit perfectly in the scare zone.
  4. i know right! they missed the opportunity to use the serial killers
  5. Hollywood harry maze resident evil (the games) conjuring Phantasm
  6. if it's a returning character then i say exterminator as the tram.
  7. I'm having problems with the picture do you know how to post a png on this website?
  8. this forum will talk about HHN music from the past and present
  9. The other puppet could be the crooked man from the conjuring 2
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