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  1. Stranger Things: The Scene in the Upside Down (Wish there was more of the Upside Down) Trick R Treat: SchoolBus Massacre Scene Poltergeist: Coffin Scene The First Purge: Mannequin Scene The Horrors of Blumhouse 2: Scene in Truth or Dare where one character is cutting their tongue off and the other is cutting their throat. Halloween 4: Electrician Death Scene Universal Monsters: Invisible Man Scene
  2. Alright I have gotten enough sleep from what was a night where I almost passed out about like 7 times. And so I finally feel ready to give my thoughts and opinions on what I think about Halloween Horror Nights 2018. I'll start with the order I went in. Stranger Things (3 times): Despite at the very beginning not looking forward to this maze it grew on me overtime went on and now it's here. The maze has so many little effects and neat touches that sometimes you don't pick up on. It's really a beautiful maze and the costumedesign is all great. I really love what they did with the Upside Down as that was a great scene. And the maze just looks andfeels great. Unfortunately it does spendonly 1 scene in the Upside Down which I wish we spent more and the Scares really suffer in this maze like bad. But otherwise it's a fantastic maze. Scares: D- Sets: A+ Costume Design: A- Overall: A- The First Purge (2 Times): I remember the day seeing this film which was the day of the maze announcement and asking myself how they were gonna do it. I was really hoping to like this maze and enjoy it. As I saw more and more from EP and Media Articles I was worried and then I went in. Jesus christ. The Scares in this maze are completely awful which is weird for the Purge because usually the Purge actors in the past are more energetic. Not here. The Facade is justawful easily the worst facade of the year. The Set Design is very trashy and just looks terrible and the Black walls don't help either. Speaking of Black walls 50%of this maze is that. More Black walls than any of the Mazes this year. The Costume design is actually pretty great aside from Skeletor which looks absolutely terrible. The Maze doesn't also make use of the Film's great opportunities (Eye Contacts - Only 2 Scenes with them and on Mannequins, Loud Sounds or something for the Exploding Teddy Bears instead of having a Random Character from the film pop out from the left side, Strobes for the Apartment finale like the film). The onlygood scenes are the Mannequin Scene and Rave Party Scene which again the Rave Party Scene looks nothing like the film! It's just a mess and a really awful maze. Scares: F Sets: D- Costume Design: B+ Overall: D+ The Horrors of Blumhouse Chapter 2 (2 Times): Another maze I wasn't looking forward to from the start but I was very much hoping it would be better than Last year's. Which it totally is. Blumhouse 2 like @foodstampsFTW said on Twitter has no business being as great as it is. So thefacade is really cool (even though it's the same as last year) and I like how they made a Poster for the 3rd Section that'sOriginal ("The Girl") which actually looked so real it threw people off and theyactually thought it was a actual film. Truth or Dare is really good. The Lifelike poster for it is great and the section is just really fun and detailed. It's mostly in theMexican Mission and it's just really fun and I got the best scare of the night here(The guy who cuts his throat open). The Smile Masks look a little funky though. But still very good. Unfriended is shockingly the best section of the maze. It's really fun and detailed and just overall great. Thescares are really good here too. The only problem is that it's insanely short however. Still the best part of the maze.Then the maze falls flat with the 3rd section (Which I was looking the mostforward to) "The Girl". The Girl herself has this really weird looking mask that looks insanely cheesy. And it's a lot of black walls at the end of the maze and for this section. The Maze itself is a million times better than last year Blumhouse and is a fun great maze but the 3rd Section is pretty bad. Scares: A Sets: B+ Costume Design: B Overall: B+ Poltergeist (1 Time): I was very nervous on the upcoming days to EP for this maze because I just thought they would pull a Exorcist 2016 and have a bunch of Black walls. I was wrong. The Facade is absolutely gorgeous at night. The Set Design to this maze is gorgeous. I know there are more than a couple black walls (Mainly after the Skin Peel Scene is a long black hallway) but the maze itself is just beautiful and looks like the film. The Costume Design is also really fantastic. The Effects in this maze are astounding.They find a unique way to do all the scenes in the film. The Clown Scene is really well executed and identical to the film. The Maze's strongest suit is Scares.This is actually the Scariest maze this year. There are so many great scares inthis maze especially the Coffin scene which has like 6 different Scare actors there. And the giant skulls which look fantastic and are very scary. I was extremely happy with this maze and it's one of the best mazes this year! Scares: A+ Sets: A+ Costume Design: A+ Overall: A+ Trick 'r Treat (4 Times): I was very nervous as well when I heard this maze was going into Mummy Queue and was worried it would be a bunch of recycled crap. But it's not. The maze facade is probably my Favorite this year as it's absolutely gorgeously beautiful. The maze has just really beautiful Sets and some fantastic Costume Design. I thought the Scares would be weak but the Scares here are incredibly strong. It's a really fun maze to go through and I love the mini transitions with the Yellow text. My favorite would have to be the "The Schoolbus Massacre" Scene as it's justgorgeous and huge. The maze has some really huge sets actually and looksbeautiful. A lot of well executed scenes. I just loved this maze so much and thought it was my 2nd favorite maze this year. Scares: A+ Sets: A+ Costume: A+ Overall: A+ Terror Tram - Hollywood Harry's Dreadtime Storiez (1 Time): It's fun. It's a lot of recycled stuff but I find to be a massive improvement over lastyear and I just found it to be insanely fun actually for some weird reason. It had this really cool Cheesiness vibe to it and it really just stuck with me. It's okay but it's a lot of fun. Overall: C+ Halloween 4 The Return of Michael Myers (2 Times): I was expecting to feel Michael Myers Fatigue going through this maze but I ended up not feeling that. The facade is really great. The maze itself is really amazing actually which shocked me. The maze doesn't really tell the story of the film all too much and it doesn't really have much of a ending but aside from that Amazing maze. The Costume Design is great, it's the same old same old (But I loved how they did BandagedMichael a lot at the start). The Sets are really great as well. Although a lot of reused sets (Fences covering Black walls, White Curtains) it doesn't bug me because the maze has fun it's not like Purge. The Scares are fantastic however. It's a really intense maze that gets your heart going. The Electrician death scene is probably my Favorite scene in this maze. I also loved the Silver Shamrock section which is really fun. It's just a really amazing, intense, and fun maze that I loved goingthrough. I would rank it in between the Incredible 2016 Version and the Alright 2015 Version. Scares: A+ Sets: B+ Costume Design: A- Overall: A- Universal Monsters Music By Slash (2 Times): Holy Christ. This maze is pretty unbelievable and should be the #1 Rated Maze this year if not I won't be that happy. It's just really unbelievable. My friend actually came out Crying of happiness when we finished it. I adore this maze.The Facade with all the Blacklight is absolutely gorgeous. The Scares are phenomenal. Really great scares in here. The Sets are the most beautiful Hollywood has ever done. It's just a unbelievably beautiful maze. The Costume Design is also phenomenal. The Music is stellar too as well. The Maze has scenes that like are the greatest ever. Invisible Man Scene, "We Belong Dead/It's Alive" Scene,Mummy/Reinfield Scene, Dracula Scene, Beginning Frankenstein/Wolfman Scene,Vault Scene, and it just keeps going. The maze is my favorite this year and I thinkby the time the event is over it might just be the best Maze they have ever done. Scares: A+ Sets: A+ Costume Design: A+ Overall: A+ Scare Zones: 1. Holidayz in Hell: Really fantastic Zone. Insanely fun and detailed. Probably my favorite Zone from HHN and best Gaunlet. (A+) 2. Monster Masquerade: It's a fantastic continuation of UCM and has great music and some great costumes/sets/lighting. (A+) 3. Trick 'r Treat: A really great return to form for the Opening Scaremony Zone. It is very small however but it's insanely gorgeous and just fun to walk through (A-) 4. Hell's Harvest: Hell's Harvest is really fun actually. The Costumes are all great and the Sets are really great as well. Love the Bonesy Brothers. (B+) 5. Toxxic Tunnel: Lmao. (F) Jabbawockeez: Don't really care enough. 1. UCM 2. TrT 3. Polt 4. Stranger Things 5. Halloween 4 6. HoB 2 7. First Purge Overall: This is actually a really great year (Aside from Toxxic Tunnel and First Purge). It'sreally fun and while they is black walls there is plenty of great effects andgorgeous sets to make up for it. It's not as good as 2016 but a Massive improvement from 2017 and probably my 2nd Favorite Year of since I have been attending. But overall Solid Year. (B+)
  3. I want back to whole 1984 connection. And how Murdy said my connection is deep and that the Van Halen connection is right. So Terror in the Aisles released in 1984 and Van Halen released 1984 in 1984. There is a Song by David Bowie called 1984 off the Album Diamond Dogs. One song off the Album is called "Sweet Thing (Reprise)". Sweet Thing is the codename and the lyrics reveal the theme of the Maze. "If you want it, boys, get it here thing 'Cause hope, boys, is a cheap thing, cheap thing Is it nice in your snow storm Freezing your brain? Do you think that your face looks the same? Then let it be It's all I ever wanted It's a street with a deal And a taste It's got claws It's got me It's got you" Sweet Thing = The Thing
  4. I don't think the connection has to do with the Novel of IT but the movie. And again I seriously don't believe that 1984 is IT. Usually Codenames are not what every one says at first or what people are trying to force it to be. Not saying that you are forcing it you aren't but I just don't buy IT being 1984. And for the whole the Thing is a allegory for the Cold war. https://www.google.com/amp/s/ifuckinglovemovies.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/fear-cold-war-paranoia-and-aliens-in-john-carpenters-the-thing/amp/#ampshare=https://ifuckinglovemovies.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/fear-cold-war-paranoia-and-aliens-in-john-carpenters-the-thing/ This connection with The Thing seriously sounds like something Murdy would come up with. The Codename reveals of the theme of the Maze. The theme of 1984 is not connected with 2017 IT movie as far as I am aware. I just don't think IT is 1984.
  5. NOES has been confirned to not be coning to Hollywood and actually the codename seems to have been solved. The hint of "Terror in the Aisles" was that it was released in 1984. The only two hints seem to be Red herrings. Since there were no songs released by Johnny Cash in 1984 and the only film released in 1984 that has someone who was a Creative force that passed away within in the past 5 years was NOES with Wes Craven but that doesn't reveal a Codename plus Murdy denyed NOES. The Band Van Halen was formed in 1972 which Daniel Murdy went to school 1976 - 1980 which gives them time. Plus this is the only band that had time to go around and perform, they formed in Pasadena California and only one band formed in Socal that had a Best Selling Album in 1984 but they formed in 1980. They released a Best Selling Album in 1984 called 1984. The Codename is 1984 which itself is supposed to reveal the theme of the maze. Well the Book "1984"s main theme is Anti Government or how the Government is a serious danger to society. Well The Thing's Paranoia it deals with is a allegory for the Cold War. Or it's the that the main theme of the book is Paranoia with the Government and that the main theme of The Thing is Paranoia. Either way 1984 = The Thing.
  6. John J. Lloyd passed in 2014 and he was the Production Designer of The Thing. The Codename would be "John" with John Murdy and John Carpenter.
  7. Well that's quite the opposite for me. AHS Asylum is perhaps the most popular and well received Season by the Fans of AHS so it will attract the AHS Fans. Last year in Orlando Trick r Treat was a Scare Zone and proved that a Property doesn't have to be popular to be well received, it just has to be fun and good. And that was the highest rated scare zone of last year. So it will attract HHN Fans who have been waiting for it for awhile and Horror Fans who like the property. The Thing has been rumored for a long time and is extremely liked and popular amongst many people. Just like Shining people are gonna flop to the Event to see The Thing come to life. IT And Stranger Things are marketing gifts and most likely will be the marketing pull. Classic Monsters is very popular amongst horror fans. And Halloween has a new film and Michael will also most likely be a marketing pull. I mean look at Metro Sets nearly every maze in that venue has been a lesser known property than everything else (Crimson Peak, Krampus, Ash Vs Evil Dead, and now Trick r Treat). There's absolutely no reason why any of this properties will be replaced or pulled unless a Conjuring/Scream Esc Situation happens.
  8. First off let's talk about Asylum. Knotts did Paranormal Inc again this year despite last year's incident and Orlando did asylum so I don't think either of them care. Murdy was originally gonna do another Mashup after 2016 for 2017 and changed it to Roanoke and has stated multiple times it's so that he can do all of the content in one maze. That's why. If he was originally planning to do a Mashup with ASYLUM after the 2016 incident at Knotts do you think they will care to not do it for 2018? No not really. Murdy has stated that he has wanted to save a Maze slot for Asylum multiple times. Like a lot. And lastly look at this tweet. Now let's talk about Classic Monsters which is something that Murdy has wanted to do for a long time. So first off the whole "You think he would settle for Parisian?" claim is no. He put Halloween there in 2015 and put THE SHINING a property with massive sets in Mummy last year. It depands on if it works there. In addition... Murdy has mentioned Multiple times that making Classic Monsters scary for Audiences today would be a huge challenge so wouldn't it take a lot of time to figure it? Plus Blumhouse was just in Parisian Courtyard last year and that maze was pretty LONG. So it's good for Length. You also don't think after last years tweets near the end of Horror Nights about Murdy wanting to leave doesn't make him not want to do a grand last year? Like what made him come back? Look at all of this properties and how huge the Lineup is. Universal and Murdy don't care about if this property offended this person or this. After last year when there were nights that were DEAD and less sold out nights than 2016 and getting LOATHED by everyone and every other haunt out there running circles around HHN you seriously don't think they aren't gonna get AHS Asylum, or Stranger Things, and IT to come to the event? Those properties are HUGE and they will bring a lot of people and if they are executed right maybe people will like the event again. This lineup seems like a big grand finale for Murdy and as a apologize for last year's event (In addition to that Murdy has always stated before he leaves he wants to do a Classic Monsters maze).
  9. Legacy stated that he hasn't heard anything about originals yet. AHS Cult is expected and Halloween is too. Maybe Stranger Things and yeah Thing. But the rest of the IPs rumored are clearly the Unexpected. We aren't expecting TRT to come back as a Maze and we aren't expecting NOES. And we aren't expecting IT due to King and the sequel coming out next year. All of this IPs are rumored for this year. So yeah.
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