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  1. What podcasts did you listen to? Always interested in some new HHn podcast finds
  2. Not trying to make this a plug legit asking if anyone is interested. I know some people in here have listened to my podcast Nick and Jason’s Excellent Podcast. We will be making our trip finally this upcoming weekend. If anyone is interested find us with our podcast shirts on ( yes we are those guys haha ) and get a Koozie from us
  3. Yea not much different than expected. I see it being something kinda cool to watch once for the 15 minutes it lasts and that is about it
  4. You must have seen a pretty horrible recording if that is what you got out of it
  5. We are an entertainment podcast in general but we talk A LOT of HHN. It is called Nick and Jason’s Excellent Podcast. Thanks for the interest
  6. How do you get on the list to receive press releases? We have a podcast that the last episode was listened to by 77,000 people. I was hoping that would be enough to get us the press releases and maybe even eventually an invite to media day
  7. That’s awesome man.Thank you so much Glad you listen and you like it. . Love hearing that. We already planned on recording an episode tonight so with this announcement we definitely will be. Would love to hear your feedback.
  8. Off topic but if anyone on this forum is at the event this year and sees two guys wearing “Nick and Jason’s Excellent Podcast” shirts come up to us and say hi and tell us you are from the forum. We decided we are going to have special gifts for forum readers since we have been enjoying this forum for a few years now.
  9. Everyone seems to be acting like we are behind in announcements. Correct me if I am wrong please but aren’t we still ahead on announcements even compared to last year which was the earliest we had ever gotten announcements before ?
  10. From what I have gathered from my wife’s obsessive watching of HgTV it is when you can see the kitchen from your living room and they are all the rage right now lol
  11. Interesting. I haven’t checked the website in a while. Someone asked that exact question on Twitter to Aeilo and he said it is considered an IP house. I love the fact it is considered one of the IP’s cause to me it feels more like an original so basically in my head we get one more original this year than I was expecting Plus if it was considered and original it would make the split even more skewed and 6 originals 4 Ips. However if it is not set up like that on the website any more then my point is moot
  12. My issue with the speculation map is that the website seems to make it pretty clear it will be a 6 IP /4 original split this year. The map is showing a 5/5 split
  13. Stranger things 2 Halloween AHS Ghostbusters Gremlins
  14. Anyone in here heard anything about this Uni survey that supposedly accidentally went out early and had a list of all the IPs coming this year?
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