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  1. I think she is from The Haunting of Hill House
  2. Late announcements are what they used to do. We would all sit on this website speculating until the big midnight website reveal. A rumor would pop up saying it would be a certain day at midnight and we would all jump in the "chat" and speculate until the actual release. Having one big announcement in July or August is the best way to do it. Aren't you more excited not knowing what houses we will see? It builds the anticipation.
  3. Lol I’m not gate-keeping. At the time of posting this I was looking through my old photos and watching videos of HHN pre 2009. Was feeling nostalgic.
  4. Agreed. They do everything for the GP, and nothing for horror fans. House of 1000 Corpses was the one thing they did for us last year.
  5. I don’t think I’ll be skipping any year for a long time time. But with that being said, what would have me skip 30? The event would have to be super generic. Not even mention that it’s the 30th. Have no original houses. And all the houses they did use would have to be some dumb borderline horror movies that all the dumbass Facebook lol omg fans begged to see. You know, the fans that see a horror movie and run to the HHN Facebook page and post “ Omg I just saw (insert horror movie) and it should totally be a house this year lol.” Even then, I might have to go just once to see it.
  6. I feel like Marketing has screwed the event up. I wish the event still did fun things for the true fans, and had great websites.
  7. I loved the first house but I’m curious how they tell the story for this one. I feel like the WWII setting was better fitting. But hey, I could be wrong. I hope my assumptions are proven wrong.
  8. Have you seen the movie they made from the album? It’s super bizarre, but interesting. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking out it. I don’t think that clue has to do with it but interesting idea. Heres the trailer to that movie: https://youtu.be/PEQEgpyrQ3Q
  9. Yeah if they do it this year, it will definitely be the first announcement for hype. Its crazy how busy the park has gotten these past few years. I remember when the longest wait for a house was 90 min. Now it makes me cherish my express pass every time I go. ST and other IPs are what’s causing the crowds and I don’t see them having a year without a big IP again. Eventually I’m assuming they will open both parks for the event because it will be too unbearable in one park. Sorry for the crowd rant. Thinking of ST just makes me think of the crowds.
  10. All good except for Stranger Things. That’s meh, and Halloween ugh. No more Halloween please. Unless it’s based on the Rob Zombie remake back to 29 spec: last years Originals were fantastic. I always love the original houses but this past year they were so great. And the Facebook “omg lol” crowd actually seemed to like the originals which is very good for the event. Hopefully we will get some bangers next year
  11. All this talk about 30 is getting me hyped. But we better see the fab 4 each have their own house. Also let’s get some houses back from the 90s and early 2000’s. I don’t want a repeat with 25 and AWIL, what I mean is getting a house a year or 2 old and redoing it. Now to 29, I wouldn’t mind seeing Happy Deatb Day 2U being a House depending on the movie. I really enjoyed the first one. As far as the movie goes, I would have liked to see more gore and rated R instead of PG-13. Othee than that I haven’t really thought of what I would like to see
  12. FNAF?? Heres my house list. 1. Slaughter Sinema 2. Dead Exposure 3. Seeds Of Extinction 4. Poltergeist 5. Scary Tales 6. Carnival Graveyard 7. Blumhouse 8. Trick R Treat 9. Stranger Things 10. Halloween 4
  13. I feel like they have mostly listened to the general public the whole time. It just feels more prevalent now.
  14. You don’t want Happy death Day but you want April Fools Day? Lololol that’s funny
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