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  1. I am all in on Chance, looooooooved her in the show last year, and she seems like she's got room to grow. Really excited that things have turned around and we're getting another icon after all. 25 may have ended up being the swinger for this, someone had to have noticed just how well-received last year was.
  2. Yeah, this is the big thing to keep in mind. Something else gets plussed when something else gets scrimped on, and thank fuck it's this house.
  3. Overall this house felt like it captured Season 5 perfectly: It's a filler house with no big set-pieces. Props to them, I guess...?
  4. Let's be honest here. Freddy and Jason as a whole are icons for the whole horror industry, just like how Jack and friends are icons for the event specifically. Universal wouldn't pull the ability to take pictures in the icon zone, and they wouldn't do it for Freddy and Jason. It's a pull of this year.
  5. So, it sounds like I missed the HR Bloodengutz room in this. May have been reeling too much from getting attacked by Nic Cage (circa Wicker Man ). Anyone got a clue what it was?
  6. They aren't calling it "The Carnage Returns" for no reason... Really glad I picked up Express passes this year, it sounds like tomorrow night's gonna be pretty crazy, even if it is the second week. I have to wonder how much of this is just because of the fact it's an anniversary year and how much it's because the event's become so damn popular.
  7. Hey, not asking this in the Insidious house thread because I don't want to reveal things for myself, but since I have wacky SJW-level hangups and this is hella spoilers for Chapter 1 and 2...
  8. Honestly I think the event's probably going to be lovely. I've heard good things about the enthusiasm in Howl-O-Scream when it comes to scare actors. I just dropped following the storyline at that point. Neat icon design, though!
  9. how do you bury an entire house intact
  10. Don't know if this is off-topic or not, but what should I expect from a Social Media Meet-up if I manage to get into it? I know in the past they've talked about concepts and how the year's come together, should I expect more of the same?
  11. So, 'bout that map... Are we so sure that the entrance is at the right place for RUN? I know traditionally the Disaster house usually enters from Beetlejuice, but the photos we've seen have shown the RUN sign where traditionally the exit has been. It seems weird to me that they'd be placing it there if the purpose of this house is to hearken back to the old maze, and I have a feeling they're going to screw around with the layout this year to get things closer to how they were in 2001.
  12. I am so freaking excited for RUN I may possibly die before the electricity-wielding opera singer inside kills me.
  13. I think I can see a potential boo hole there...
  14. Blah, site's eating my posts for some reason. Basically, the capitalization stuff looks like something you'd see off an old MySpace page. The event's gonna be good, just... jeez, marketing needs to step it up next year.
  15. HHN 25 - "Welcome To My Twisted Mind"
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